Hip-Hop Rumors: What’s Going On With Eminem, Big Sean, and Royce Da 5’9″?

So, can anybody let me know exactly what’s going on here? I know I’ve rumored that Eminem is on the comeback. But, its also time that Big Sean return to the front too, because his Detroit Mixtape was crazy. What’s funny is that for a minute there it was speculated that Big Sean didn’t exactly have the respect of his peers in the D. Maybe that was the underground. But, whatever that was before, it seems to be 100% eradicated. Has there been any formal confirmation of what these dudes were working on?

Whatever it is, it looks pretty freakin’ epic.

Shout out to Denaun Porter!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • RMfag

    Id suck off Eminem, especially since he ate Sacha Cohen’s booty out. But Mac Miller will always be my #1.

  • >>Waiting for this music to leak.

  • dehova

    There’s a picture of these guys, not together I hasten to add, and that’s news worthy? How they doth mock we.

  • andone

    if AHH wanted to really big up detroit then they would have ft. a thread about black milks album that dropped a couple weeks back… these dudes are already paid, yall need to show love and respect to the under dogs too AHH… why no mention???

  • mr porter got dem beats!!!! big sean is pretty overrated tho…

    • JerZeBoy

      I agree Big Sean is over rated imo


      Big Sean aint talkin bout nothin #SuckaMc


      Eminem pretty trash as well, If it aint moving the crowd then its whack B!

      • Em the greatest of all time.

      • Josh Sykes

        You sound stupid. Take your gucci mane loving ass elsewhere, em one of the greats

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  • TruthSerum

    Nothing going on, just Eminem recording with another artist he would have mocked 10 years ago to stay relevant. Been doing this for a few years now. I’ll give this one a pass though seeing how the kid is the biggest new star from his city, but if he really cared about detroit hip hop he’d be taking this picture with Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson or 100 other cats not named Big Sean. As sad as it is, ICP shows more love to upcoming talent now then he does, they had DB & Elzhi at one of their festival things ; meanwhile, Em is probably recording another “Lighters” with Big Sean

    • eddieknucks

      Real spit. Most talk shit bout them clowns but they put on for local acts. Shit kid rock does more for the city then any of them and that’s a shame Cuz he from L.P.

      • Josh Sykes

        Not true

  • $21384666

    Zeek sean is just awful

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  • they all seem discourage of being in a pic with Sean lmao


    y shoutout people if they wont remember u this is a hustle u dont like it and want a shout out do something about it dont be scared like mannie fresh say u gotta play without the machine and make it happen instead of being control in my words as im powerphase


    I never look forward to hearing the rhymes of non of the above mentioned MCs they are all whack in my opinion. buts that just me tho.


    For Detroit to have the rich history that it has in multiple aspects. This city has truly been misrepresented by the hip hop artist that hail from this city. Detroit should always had and should forever maintain a shining star artist in the hip hop game. I know you will say what about Eminem but come on do you really think he reflects the story of the City of Detroit? Detroit has long list of C and D list rap artist but where is that Detroit artist with the complete package to be the Detroit ambassador?

    • Josh Sykes

      Eminem represents the city beautifully. I know this personally being from the westside of Detroit and he has always given back to the city and represented

  • atlantahiphopshop

    Not feeling any of this

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  • itsmewario

    Big Sean look like he gotta take a massive shit

  • Golgo 13

    big sean is wack

  • bisolabliss

    I’ve got 2 words to add to this discuss…GUILTY SIMPSON!!!

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