OPINION: Mannie Fresh Says There Will Be No Labels In 20 Years

The music industry has certainly changed dramatically in the last 15 or so years. Actually, the record label machines have not changed very much, but the circumstances surrounding it have. Basically, artists are finding ways of usurping the majors more and more these days. In the 90s artists like Master P and Cash Money were so hot in the streets, they commanded millions when they joined forces with the majors. These days, those dollars have dried up, but hip-hop continues to leverage the power of the underground without the majors. Mannie Fresh, the beat maestro that provided the foundation for Cash Money, has reasoned that in a couple decades there will be no need for labels at all.

Check out the video.

What do you think?

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24 Responses to “OPINION: Mannie Fresh Says There Will Be No Labels In 20 Years”

  1. RMfag

    Welp thats a darn shame……
    If they stopped screwing over, mismanaging, stealing, grounding the artists’ fame, talent and money; they wouldn’t have to worry about not putting a label together.

    Do right and get right

      • KarmasABeyotch

        RIGHT! So he’s the voice of wisdom in the game???? HA!

      • Kevin Smith

        The nigga has been in the game for 25 plus yrs and has seen levels of success the other niggas dream of…..sooooo yea he does have a degree of wisdom on the game.

  2. Communist Russia.

    The labels are bases for the manipulation of the message the artists get warped pimped by the labels. They know people listen to artists so they control the message. If artist had complete artistic freedom the industry would sound and look different Just ask rap 20 years ago before the Gangster Rap Initiative was initiated.

    • Guest

      he is right – the era of classic songs, that’s played on the radio for 60 years, like Motown, classic rock, even musicians – the era of the classic time enduring album OR song is a gone era – everything now is un-memoriable – I agree with that.

  3. RichFromBX

    this movement should be welcomed – an artist can sell across the globe now without a deal so at this point labels are an unneeded expense…selling 10,000 units on your own through digital outlets will probably net you more than selling 1,000,000 and at the very least you control everything so success or failure is up to the artist – no excuses.

      • RichFromBX

        actually yes I do and it’s actually less saturated than the overall market of people trying to get a deal – the key still is to be able to market and promote that will never change but at the end of the day what ever message is presented it’s your message and your image…not something created by some people in an office that don’t really know you…

        you can’t look at mixtape sites as an indicator of the digital market because anyone with a USB mic and instrumentals can make a mixtape…when you start drilling down to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and the like it’s still a big pool with plenty of room to swim…you buy some ads on Facebook linking to either your music page or one of the online retailer and you’re going to sell some units and potentially, if you’re any good, create demand for you to perform…


    They say a sukka is born every minute. ……and for every sukka born a label will be waiting to exploit they ass any way possible

  5. hoeyuno

    The days of just being affiliated to a major artist or label and going platinum are finished. The 90’s were a wet dream for major labels. Even the beginning of shady dudes like obie trice and bizarre could go platinum just cause they were eminem affiliated. These days you need to grind hard and sell yourself on the net like a motha fuka….

    • Bumpy Johnson

      hiphop will return to the underground once its not that much of a money generator only the people who got love for it are going to do it.

  6. Mike Swiff

    If HIP HOP continues with the type of music it has out now it will not be around for 20 more years being that the music is struggling now! You won’t to have to worry about labels becasue there wont be any artist. Commerical fake Rappers that all rap about the same thing (nothing)..When creativity comes back in the game and more FEMALES then the music will advance until then Hip Hop is at a DEATH MARCH!

    • Slaughtr

      Mike you said it well but of course every motherfka think with this bullshyt they putting out Hip Hop has staying power. I don’t think so with the jibberish same music constantly recycling dried up ass drug deal raps and i’ll busta nigga head garbage.Creativity has been lost.I really don’t support none of these new cats I haven’t been moved yet and probably will never be. HIP HOP WILL NOT FCKN LIVE ON IF THE YOUNG CATS COMING UP KEEP BITING OFF BS THE PLAN TO WASH UP THIS GENRE OF MUSIC HAS BEGUN WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK TO HALL AND OATS DAYS REAL SOON. Everybody has an opinion but some of yall need hip hop class again and drink some history to clean that shyt out your mouth.

  7. greenhouse records

    Hip Hop will/has gone back undaground like blues and jazz. there will always be a rap element in pop music tho.

  8. greenhouse records

    there will always be a need for labels when it comes to awareness, marketing and promoting on a nationional scale. And you need major money to accomplish that feat.

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