Lil Reese

Police Arrest Lil Reese As He Sleeps In Car; Rapper Held On $100K Bond

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Lil Reese was arrested on a variety of charges earlier today (April 28).

Police found the rapper, who is associated with Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment and is signed to Def Jam, as he was sleeping in a car near a park on the Southside of Chicago.

Lil Reese was arrested for an incident that has resulted in charges that include criminal trespass to a residence with persons present, mob action and battery, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Police refused to provide any more details about the incident involving Lil Reese, born Tavares Taylor.

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The nature of the charges are serious, as he is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Lil Reese has a criminal record that includes burglary charges and minor driving infractions that occurred during a traffic stop earlier this month.

Police are still investigating if Lil Reese and Chief Keef are connected to the slaying of 18-year-old rapper Lil Jojo.

  • Richard Evans

    put this thug away for life!

    • Stop hating bitch… you dumb white bitch….

      • best_believe

        You talk about hate!!?? But listen to how you sound bro!

    • Dwayne Nvo


  • Guest

    He was put under arrest while taking a rest ha. Lame I kno but y not

    • RMfag


  • Madstacks520

    I guess hotel rooms weren’t in the budget smh and on that 1 down 299 togo lmao


      Sleeping in a damn car ?! Wtf

      • Dointer

        Probably too drunk to drive….Done it plenty of times…Once with vomit all over my dash… Not advised.

      • naaaw niigga… when u too drunk to drive u get in yo car and go to sleep right where u at… dat nigga drove in front of the park.. ask any nigga that slept in his car on a regular basis where they usually parked at…. THE PARK


        I understand what you are saying , but to be doing it in satans
        Lair aka chi dump( from crook county il) is not wise I rather take
        My chance driving

      • Dead wrong

        Exactly. It’s a much better option. The worst time was at an IHOP when some lame called the cops on me and they rolled up to investigate me sleeping in my own car. Even he approved of my decision to wait until I was sober. I’ve been hearing lately though that new laws in certain states even classify being drunk in a parked whip as a crime, smh.

      • noseheldhigh

        You good as long as the keys aren’t in the ignition

      • Mitchell Patterson

        ikr… the worst is passing out at the light. When the hook tapped on my window I thought they was in my house! LOL

  • YungKizz

    thats sad

  • Claim they dont be lacking the GDs could’ve creeped up on him, he really will be sleeping. #RIPSHIT

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i was bout to say the same..thats major lackin.

    • Dointer

      Yeah man, true definition of caught slippin..The boys of Lil JoJo’s would have loved to catch him doin this……..

  • RMfag

    Lame story. Who can I suck off in this situation?

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Definition Of Mob Action–Unlawful Assembly

    A person commits the offense of mob action when he

    [1] acting together with one or more persons and without authority of law [ (knowingly)

    (intentionally) (recklessly) ] disturbs the public peace by the use of force or violence.

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  • trixnkix637

    this sounds like it’s related to that video of Reese going dumb on that female who sonned him in front of his boys at a party.

    • 063 normal n stewart

      no shit that’s what the trespassing and battery was u dumb

      • trixnkix637

        No really?? Thanks for investigating that for me 4 months after I posted my comment you Trukfit wearing imbecile. Tell you what, go find out who shot Trayvon Martin for your next case. And when you do, slap yourself until I tell you stop. Your mother should’ve swallowed you like she did your brothers & sisters.

      • 063 normal n stewart

        everybody knew why he was arrested 4 months ago dipshit suck a dick bitch

      • trixnkix637

        Damn are you intentionally this slow or did your daddy drop you on your head on the way out the door & out your life? Bitch. Drink. Bleach.

      • 063 normal n stewart

        my brother actually did drink bleach when he was little that’s weird and how am I slow your slow you were not up with current events 4 months ago

      • trixnkix637

        bruh I wrote that comment 4 months ago when it happened. Man, let’s just part, shits retarded on both sides.

  • Free Lil Reese!


      You didn’t think hopefully it was sarcasm

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  • Ghetto Suburbia

    I guess they caught him in traffic. Lmao! I fucks with Lil Reese tho.

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  • Good work! Thanks for post.

  • Dointer

    How did the Police know he was sleepin in his car ?? They musta been watching, maybe they had word of JoJos homies wantin blood and did the safe thing by taking him off the streets.

  • Ron L.

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    In the Chi, we even rootin for a garbage team

  • chevy_weight_champ

    man them pigs dug deep 2 find a charge 2 hit that nicca with lol, I aint never even heard of that shit!!


    The irony of a nigga standing on normal st but far from it

  • Observant123

    Damn, these kids be getting into some shit…smh

  • Dave Williams

    your making legit money but still doing dumb stuff . smh (you youngins will never learn )

  • MrNoName2K

    niggas get a little change and forget about the past lol. That shit always catch up with you one way or the other..

  • Mike Swiff

    This Bitch beats up females…smh these are the “New Thugs” huh? (HIP HOP IS GAY)

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