Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West’s Album Is Finished!

The word on the street is that one of the best to ever do it will do it again! They say Kanye West’s album is finished! I bet the only people happier than fans is Kim K and their baby that’s in the oven. Still, I await the album and hope its classic like most of Ye’s material. So, just today, Peter Rosenburg from Hot 97’s Morning Show revealed the goods on Yeezy.

“I just heard that Def Jam had a listening last week and everyone at the label listened tothe album and loved it. I heard it’s dark but really good. I was told it’s dark. Dark Twisted Fantasy was dark too, I love when Kanye goes to that place.”

ME TOO, BECAUSE I’M REALLY SICKENINGLY, DISGUSTINGLY UNHAPPY! LETS GO DARK! I welcome any music that supports those feelings. Anyway, there have been a zillion rumors about the title and the details on the album. Some of them are below, along with the audio.

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What do you think about the prospect of anne dropping a new, dark album?

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • bigdoe6

    Who cares.

    • Negro Peligro

      Its better than the 20,000 US WEEKLY relationship bull crap. Remember when illseed would let you know about the tight collabos.

      • RMfag

        Wyclef doing 33 song mixtape, go click on the article.

    • necyzyqoxaw

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      • RMfag

        Who cares

  • RMfag

    I like the joint he did with the WIz “Double Dipping”

  • niggaiamhiphop

    good shit ‘Ye…always fucked with his music. I wasn’t digging that dark vibe to his music at first…but it’s some of his dopest music. Just hope he brings that original side of him back too on an album soon. Thanks for an actual hiphop rumor Illseed. I almost forgot what it looked like.

  • RMfag

    The hottest joint was with Ray J “Her penis is big enough for the both of us”

  • RMfag

    He did a song with Psy “Peg style” when Psy stuck it in his booty.

    Kanye stated that BBCs make him holler and loose like a bish

  • BulldogCG

    Personally always checking for a Kanye Album. Say what you want, but there are few rappers that can stand next to his catalogue. Conceptually he always bringing a complete project. I personally like how he challenges stereotypes and forces people to question their “reality”, need more artist like him. We got plenty of walking sterotypes, time to show the diversity of the people and thought. Be who you want to be.

    • bisolabliss

      getdafucouttahere wit all that gibberish…his first 2 albums were it and after that it was a wrap

      • andone

        i see u gettin the top comment got u gassed… fall back wit all that hate kanye bout to kill the game… again!!!

      • BulldogCG

        I guess thats how you feel, not me, but his work does go over the head of a lot of people, especially his later work, highly symoblic and layered with double meaning.

  • EQ

    very few heavyweights in this game, he’s one of them…

  • Dead wrong

    No auto tuner … please.

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  • Campbell

    Who edits this stuff!?!?!?

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  • cincytown

    dude why do you write these gays ass comments on here nobody cares about what you do how you feel about what sexually you doing that shit for attention its disgusting

    • RMfag

      IKR bruh, we getting rid of him soon. Just wait.
      Tired of it too.

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