DEAD: Tupac’s Former Body Guard Frank Alexander

(AllHipHop News) Frank Alexander is a part of one of the darkest periods in Hip-Hop history and now the man that once protected Tupac is dead.

Alexander was found dead in California and details remain sketchy. There have been early, non-official reports that he died from a self-inflicted gun wound.

On the record, Alexander said that he believed Suge Knight was involved in the death of Tupac.

In 2007, Alexander interviewed with AllHipHop.com and discussed his documentary called “Tupac Assasination.”

He did not implicate Suge in that interview but he did indicate that the night Pac died was abnormal.

“It was strange that I ended up being the only security for him and Suge. Normally Suge’s security was the head of the security firm. It was twenty three of us total, so there should have been more security,” Alexander told AllHipHop.com.

  • RIP dude seemed like he really was Pac’s homie even though he was a paid employee

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  • R.I.P. Franky

    • ANDREherringbig

      the king of art

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  • Franks death while tragic was nothing more that accidental. This will come out when the investigation is complete. Frank was a good man and a great neighbor. Let this man rest in peace. No inuendo or unnecessary suggestion to the latter.

    • Details?

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u the most random troll in the world u bitch ass crackers!

      • gaetarick

        Can’t you read, they were neighbors. He obviously looked up info/update on the man’s death. He said nothing racial nor negative. Now for the immature and non-original come back …

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        nigga suck a 1,000 dicks!

      • gaetarick

        there it is …

      • Not a troll at all, I call it as I see it. I an not smearing Franks name, he was a good friend. With Frank he did not see color. Just the man. He was a very straight forward man.

      • ANDREherringbig

        art is me

      • ANDREherringbig

        the name is art

    • your wrong, it was said that he accidentley discharged a firearm but that was un-official.. according to police it was suicide. A bit strange. your a neighbor so who told you it was accidental??

      • Based on what I saw, and what I was told. I am not going to smear Franks name. I was there and I do not think he knew the gun was loaded based on his actions of the past. It is still a tragic thing that happened.

    • LakeCity

      Accidental huh? And how long has this man been handling a weapon? C’mon,really!

    • Investigations by the brotherhood of the bell will end being whatever they want it to be. If they need to change that later on, they will too.

    • fivetenlioness

      you are correct Leonard, those who know the family have the correct information……..

  • This cat was young why would he off himself. No you know somebody did it to him.

    • andone

      r.i.p chris lighty???

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  • ONE

    Rest in freedom


    RIP Big Frank…

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  • Sam

    Reblogged this on Makaveli's Prince.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    No… He seemed like such a nice person 🙁

  • water_ur_seeds

    rip… wonder whats up with that situation… him and johnny j ended up dead in ‘self inflicted’ ways…

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  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Its simple, they waited….the smoke cleared….they made him kill hie self….who are “they?” I dont kno

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  • firehawk17

    i will say this is deeper than rap… Frank had a hit on him as soon as he started opening his mouth, and im sure knew too much.. he had to go their eyes..whoever they is.. but it is strange johnny j and him both committed suicide..


      I had forgot bout Johnny j

  • Montezuma1

    Did any of you even consider this may have nothing to do with rap or Tupac? Stop putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5. lol

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  • The_real

    TUPAC was JUST a RAPPER. Nothing more. No one with any bit of importance is worried or confused about what happened to him

    • LakeCity

      Wrong! If Pac was “just a rapper” & NOT important then why does the FBI have files on Tupac which they WILL NOT release due to the National Security of the country? I would think that justifies Pac being of a tad bit of importance! Just Sayin’!

      • hoeyuno

        The FBI keeps tabs on most mainstream rappers. I’m not saying your wrong or right. ever since PE and NWA started making anti police records the law has been on there asses…ijs

      • NWA was a fraud group put up by the Jews to promote black ignorance.

      • MrNoName2K


      • ANDREherringbig


    • jay

      100% chance you are under 25


      N u are a waste of air who bumps Tyga while hold jolly ranchers
      At the play ground

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  • MrNoName2K

    R.I.P Frank…man had mad weight on his shoulders from the day Tupac took his last breath til the day he took his last.

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  • hoeyuno

    Rip.. I don’t think it’s far fetched suge had something to do with pacs death. I mean suge aint exactly the loyalist motha fucka. and suge owned everything of pacs. pacs homes ans cars were all in suges name.. the boi Pac died with less then 100 gs in his account.

    • Rob

      That is far feteched to beleive Suge had anything to do with Pacs death. U watch too many movies. U would have to beleive Suge said I want you to shoot in the car 10-15 times while I’m sitting next to Pac, then to make it look beleivable all my closest friends will die over a crip and blood war after the killing and then have crips be Bad Boys security to make it look even more believable that he didn’t do it. Suge knight went the extra mile huh.

      • hoeyuno

        I watch too many movies eh!! No. I was responding to the post about suges ex security guard who thinks suge had something to do with pacs murder…. so you tell me how the whole thing happened then without sounding like its outta a movie.

    • greenhouse records

      it was 200gs. It thats alot of money when you consider how many people he was taking care of and he legal troubles.

      • DetAtl

        His contract was for a 3 cd deal (all eyez on me was a dbl
        cd counts as 2) contract was for $3.5 mil signing bonus and contract was 18
        points at Gold and platinum status so that means with over 10 million of just
        this album would mean $18 mill this does not include any other death row album
        as you know he total cd sales are at about 75 mill now. Long story short there is a
        reason a judge awarded his mother was $17 million. Death row **SUGE cheated him

  • BibatheDiva

    I knew as sooon as I saw this headline that it would be suicide… Sad story.

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  • Abrasive Angel

    If anyone has seen the Tupac Assassination dvd then you would know that this brotha did not kill himself because he explained along with the other bodyguards what happened that night so feeling guilt and weight on his shoulders was not the issue. He was in the 2nd car with the Outlawz and seen what happened. It wasn’t his fault.

  • laughin

    I just wish you motherfuckers would spell shit right on this site from articles to comments you hoes cant spell. And you KNOW they killed Frank, Tupac’s name is kinda hot in the news right now and soon people are going to want answers again. Cant keep sweeping this under the rug.

  • OSBKE3000

    comn .. suicide?? its always a “self inflicted gun shot wound” .. hmm

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  • my Uncle Frank did not kill himself he was murdered this was a man who loved God and all believers know the biggest sin was suicide .My Uncle would never ruin his chances to get in heaven …that’s all he talked about he was a son of God so trust n believe the truth will prevail ………..I still cant believe he gone and the way he died my life has changed forever fans and family frank did not and would not commit suicide it was against every thing he believed in smh Uncle Frankie will be missed 🙁 I just don’t understand …….not in our bloodline we are fighters always have and always will if anything my Uncle went down fighting and im sure autopsy will show that No matter what the media say the Family of Frank will never believe he took a gun and shot himself we will NEVER BELEIVE THAT

    • I Believe you niece this is one of my best friends from chicago in the manor we grew up together since we were 12yrs old. I TALKED TO HIM EVERY OTHER WEEK JUST TALKED TO HIM LAST THURSDAY. I LOVE THAT BROTHER.

    • Iris, Frank did not intentionally shoot himself. I do not think that he knew the gun was loaded. He did this infront of his wife and she was initally mad because she thought we was goofing around. Until she saw that blood. She did not even hear the gun go off. She immediately called the police and she got our neighbor (who is a cop) to come over and check Frank, She is still very distraught over this. So no I do not believe that Frank shot himself intentionally. But he was not murdered by anyone else. Do not believe anything to the contrary.

      • ANDREherringbig

        my art

      • Mike Vaughn

        deep mr. leonard

    • ANDREherringbig

      my name


    • Mike Vaughn

      You gotta get at me I ain’t gonna post here much… I just posted the same as you. I was about to ordain him and anothr uncle was on a chicago 3 way. have him call me. Tell frizzie daughter she never met me but I was on call to her wit him. It changed my life. 305 767 6217… I was helppin him wit publishing stuff and was waiting on a pic form clearance and he was real busy he said… still got that email…. he wanted our ministry shirts and I want all to know this ain’t over…chicago style in Jesus name. get’em LORD

  • We know what it is. The Jews killed Pac and Biggie and money hungry scoundrels (PUffy and Suge) did their part to maintain money, although the Jews swindled Suge out of his label. The bottom line that you all should know is, the Jew will make sure that they own everything (not a little, but ALL) in the end.

    Do you guys realize what the mob wars of the 20th century were all about? It was not about making money, it was about controlling money and people on that underground level. The Jews put the Italians out front to look like the mobsters while the true godfathers of crime (Lanksy and Hy Larner) played the back, never got shot, never went to jail and never lost their money. The Jews taught the Italians the ways to mob, this is why every where you see the Italian, you see the Jew calling the shots. Italians wanted money, Jews want the world.

    Only Jews have the connections to kill two well known rappers in two different states, kill witnesses in other state, no one get’s caught and no one really investigates it. You know niggas don’t have that power because whites are not going to lie for blacks even if they were paid! Other rappers who were even on the scene or in the cars act like they did not see anything so they must have been told to shut up or else. They know what it is. Some call it the illuminati but it just the Jews.

    • ANDREherringbig

      the king of art .a h

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  • fivetenlioness

    Leonard Phillips is correct, Frank shot himself accidentally.

  • cml3g

    wooow RIP brother. know he glad to see pac. i wonder what happen. he didnt appear to be involved in no BS so why would they murder him…oh and for the record PUFFY PUT THAT HIT ON PAC ND SUGEhe missed suge –suge realized it was him cause the driver locked eyes with him before the shots went off..and of course suge retaliated. FYI detective greg kading investigated the bigie murder and so happen to solve the tupac murder as well.he got a confession from ORLANDO ANDERSONS uncle kefee dee. rip to them all

    • realposter

      kefee dee was a liar… he blamed puff to throw off the investigation..

  • La Rock

    Nowhere in the article those it say say SUICIDE …it was self-inflicted …”accidental” …morons …

    • actually most of the times self inflicted mean “suicide”!!!!!

  • Richard Savage

    Damn yall think Suge was involved? I mean damn could he really be movin like its ’95? Anyway RIP Big Frank. I read his book. Great pickup. It seems like all the known people around that time is either dead, in prison, or just dont matter to the general public except Puffy and Suge (to an extent)

    • ANDREherringbig


  • M.A.R

    RIP Frank….I personally think he was murdered and made to look like he killed himself. This was a planned and calculated murder.

    • ANDREherringbig



      He was exposing they ass, n they silence all ” trouble makers”

  • Rest in Peace Uncle Frank I’m going to miss you . Forever in my Heart. For the record PEOPLE my Uncle had nothing to do with the Death of PAC!!!

  • M.A.R

    After all these years and now he’s dead. Something is not right. I guess Frank was the last one on the hit list. RIP FRANK.

  • Dead wrong

    Pac pissed off some ‘heirarchy’ types. Its surrreal for him to be a world reknown artist and get blasted on the strip in Vegas … with no convictions almost 20 years later. Cough* puffy

    • $6300017

      Read John Potash’s book, “The FBI War against Tupac” for your answer as to why and who killed him

  • Anthonyd Smith

    It looks real suspicious, though. He didn’t look sick, and all of a sudden he decides to just up and pick up a strap and let the brains blow? It will be case closed. Ironically, this is Suge in the picture with me. Hope I don’t get lit up going to McDonald’s drive thru or some shit.

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  • Marsha Waller

    I’m bummed to hear about this. After reading “I Got Your Back”, I had the chance to speak with Frank about the real Tupac and how he was not at all how the media portrayed him. Frank was a cool dude, real down to earth. I hate to hear he’s gone.

    • Mike Vaughn

      All we can do is keep his work alive and remember all he was about. he was my brother even though he snored like crazy , a bear. he had a heart of gold and I know what pac felt also snoop. He was very sincere brother…..He was a fighter not a punk….305 767 6217

  • Mike Vaughn

    Dig it , this is suspect… Big Frizze was planning a new book and trips and more. I am asking detective phil gomez and Coroner to look into this closely. I know I went to Hammer and others about the earlier threats to Snoop and Frank. I don’t put anything pass a street wanna be nigg. Same reason I warned pac before he signed to D>R>…Frank was gonna stay at my house again and was about to get ordained. Any of his family who had called me can get at me. E:miamimikedevine@yahoo.com

  • Mike Vaughn

    I am taking media interviews on this matter to make it known….