Signs The World is Coming to an End: Teen Girl Arrested After Failed Science Experiment

A Florida teen girl has been arrested, expelled and is going to be tried as an adult after a science experiment she attempted at school lead to a small explosion.

By all accounts, Kiera Wilmot was a good student but her sense of curiosity may lead to her demise.

On 7 a.m. on Monday, the 16 year-old mixed some common household chemicals in a small 8 oz water bottle on the grounds of Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida. The reaction caused a small explosion that caused the top to pop up and produced some smoke. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.
Wilmot told police that she was merely conducting a science experiment. Though her teachers knew nothing of the specific project, her principal seems to agree.
“She made a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t think she meant to ever hurt anyone,” principal Ron Pritchard told the station. “She wanted to see what would happen [when the chemicals mixed] and was shocked by what it did. Her mother is shocked, too.”
After the explosion Wilmot was taken into custody by a school resources officer and charged with possession/discharge of a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device. She will be tried as an adult.

Support for Wilmot is growing. Some have posted information on how to contact her school’s principal and the Polk County Superintendent whose strict policy is around to ruin a young girl’s life.

Polk County School released the following statement:

“Anytime a student makes a bad choice it is disappointing to us. Unfortunately, the incident that occurred at Bartow High School yesterday was a serious breach of conduct. In order to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment, we simply must uphold our code of conduct rules. We urge our parents to join us in conveying the message that there are consequences to actions. We will not compromise the safety and security of our students and staff.”

If you would like to help free Kiera Wilmot hit up the folks below:

Bartow High School Principal Ronald Pritchard

Address: 1270 S Broadway Ave  Bartow, FL 33830  / EMAIL:   PHONE:(863)- 534-7400  Fax: (863)534-0077
Polk County Superintendent: Dr. John Stewart

Address: 1915 South Floral Avenue, Bartow, FL 33831 Phone: (863) 534-0521 Fax: (863) 519-8231
Polk Regional Juvenile Detention Ctr
ADDRESS: 2155 Bob Phillips Road, Bartow, FL 33830
TEL: 863-534-7090
FAX: 863-534-7024

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46 Responses to “Signs The World is Coming to an End: Teen Girl Arrested After Failed Science Experiment”

  1. remy730

    black √
    no chance in hell √
    Well, at least we’re past the shoot on site phase. Other black kids have been killed for less out there.

  2. RMfag

    Sounds like stupid high school zhit to me.
    And let me guess, she’s a A+ student, priciples honor roll and the whole nine yards.
    But the one time they take the school maintenance and discipline in consideration is to arrest a girl who most likely will be doing zhit with her life.

    • RMfag

      The moma should pull her out and put her into a school thats worth zhit. Im guessing the school is most likely run down, public and has bullying issues right?

  3. brotha_man

    you know florida feels like they got to get us back for trayvon martin….this girl should not be tried as an adult.

    Money talk and bullshit walk a thousand miles
    you aint got a paid lawyer then dont go to trial
    crackers owe each other favors they’ll swap you out
    “you give us him. we’ll give you him” know what im talking bout – Plies

  4. MrNoName2K

    Bunch o bullshit..It was a damn innocent science experiment that went wrong. No one even got hurt (Thank God). Something like that can ruin her life for good before it even begins. Never know, she may become a scientist and the life she saves might be yours. My 2 cents…Quit being BITCHES and let the girl go. Im in and ima get everyone around me on this onto this. Real shit..

    • dayleedumped

      i had the same situation… i got expelled from high school for selling a a bbgun on campus… everybody thuoght i was dumb.. but it was a honest dumb mistake.. right now im on the verge of becoming a doctor.. so yeah shit everybody deserves a second chance

      • Negro Peligro

        Playing with bleach is not the same as bringing a BB Gun. LOL. Glad you made it out though

      • hoeyuno

        Haha the same shit happened to me in grade 9. I sold a bb gun to a buddy at school. He went to the school down the road and shot some kid just missing his eye. The police arrested him and I don’t think they were at the police station yet and he tells them I sold it to him. Anyways we both got suspended and I got kicked outta that school a couple months later..

      • MrNoName2K

        agreed, there definitely shouldve been some kind of outline of what kinds of chemicals and what not shouldve been allowed.. they definitely aren’t guiltless

      • hoeyuno

        But nobody got hurt. This girl does not deserve to be takin outta school and put in a system that could fucc up her life. Police are trained to make judgment calls and somebody made poor judgement. This is when you need the sharptons and the jesse jacksons to come do there thing…

      • hoeyuno

        I think there holding her in custody. somebody has to do something.. it’s just sad.

      • EDOGZ818

        I know…but if they had, wouldn’t it be a liability for the teacher & school?

        Ultimately, it was a lack of supervision on the teachers part.

        Ever make a little volcano in school?

        It happens in science class, so the fact that the teacher let it get that far, is a reflection on their position & school.

        As the saying goes, there are no bad students, only bad teachers.

  5. hoeyuno

    That’s fucked up. Shoulda just suspended the girl for a couple days. Especially if she’s a good student otherwise..

  6. Apollo Showtime

    No one got hurt? No damage was done? She’s a good student? And send her to jailed for a failed science experiment? How many people went to jail for failed space shuttle explosions that KILLED astronaughts? Or what about when Game got a butterfly tattoed on his face and dyed his hair red? What about Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone? FOH.

  7. Shawn Moe

    You got these cats who have stole Billions not Millions from the American people and have never did a day in they life. Here’s a bright, educated student going to jail and being tried as an adult for a science experiment im speechless and im with you little momma hold ya head sheesh.

  8. WhatupJ

    Seems like a overreaction and bullshit to be honest. Putting this girl in jail and having a record for something dumb like this? Which they agree was a mistake and not a thought tout planned decision to hurt anyone. The balls on the school to claim she had possession of a weapon. Its like calling people who have pens having weapons. Ridiculous overreaction thats going to blow up in their face (hopefully) and get this young woman past this without screwing with her life/record. Cant go crazy because of school shootings, this wasnt that so dont treat her worse just because of insane assholes like the columbine shooters. I just dont understand how you can agree it was a failed science experiment, and come to the conclusion she had a weapon. Its one or the other, it cant be both. They make themselves liars just by their insanely dumb stance and statement. This is the worst shit going on in this school? They really gotta mess with this girls life, nothing better they can do with their time? Shes going to have to get a lawyer for this which is absurb. BOTTOM Line: NO ONE GOT HURT, NO WEAPON, YET THEY SAY SHE HAD A WEAPON. GIve her a warning and keep it moving like a classy organization would. They even admit shes a good student with good grades, im telling you, they give idiots who run school security any power and they abuse it yet never prevent or look out for real violent shit like beatings or god forbid shootings. I went to a good high school and a kid had a shotgun in his locker for weeks, and we knew about it and so did the school but they didnt do anything till he took it to a football game looking to pop someone. This schools definition for what is a weapon is to widespread and delusional or not based in reality.

  9. Abrasive Angel

    Of course they will throw her in jail because she is black. If she was white she would’ve got suspended and that be the end of it but they always have to make an example by using black folk.

  10. E2Da

    Tried as an adult?! This is ridiculous. Fuxk Bartow and fuxk Polk County. The only time I ever got caught up was as a juvenile and I had to be in Polk County Juvenile Jail for a year. I’m from the Bay area in Florida, but Polk County is where I witnessed the most racism of my life. Her being a black student definitely played a role in this. She was curious and she might have known it would explode, but she meant no harm. They are treating her too harshly.

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