Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur Becomes First Woman on Terrorist List

(AllHipHopNews) The FBI has announced that Joanne Chesimard, best known as Assata Shakur, is the first woman on its list of living terrorists. In addition to the designation, the reward for the capture Shakur has been doubled to $2 million dollars.

In a press conference today (May 2), New Jersey State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes asserted that, “She (Shakur) continues to flaunt her freedom in the face of this horrific crime.”

A member of the Black Liberation Army, Shakur nee Chesimard was convicted in 1977 of the 1973 murder of state trooper Werner Foerster during a routine traffic stop.

The New Jersey State Police maintain that it was Chesimard who shot the trooper twice in the head, killing him. According to the FBI, the Black Liberation Army was responsible for killing over a dozen police officers in the 1970s and 80s; hence the terrorist designation.

Assata Shakur escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1979 and has been living in Cuba since 1984 with political asylum.

According to Special Agent Aaron Ford, Assata Shakur maintains anti-U.S. views in speeches advocating “revolution and terrorism” and may have connections to other international terrorist organizations.

“She is a domestic terrorist who murdered a law enforcement officer execution style,” he said. “And while we can’t right the wrongs of the past, we can and will continue to pursue justice no matter how long it takes.”

Supporters of Assata Shakur maintain that she was an activist and a victim of an over-zealous justice and media system.

Assata Shakur maintains strong support from hip-hop artists and culture. The “Hands Off Assata” Campaign was organized by dream hampton. Common recorded, “A Song for Assata,” on his gold Like Water for Chocolate album. Digable Planets, Public Enemy, X-Clan, and Paris have all recorded songs about her.

Source: Yahoo! News

  • Perico777

    Shakur*** fuckin spell check

  • InTheNightKitchen

    Oh boy!

  • Perico777

    i bet jay-z paid miss. Shakur a visit when he was in cuba

    • $28825362

      I bet that nigga didn’t.

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  • Perico777

    Cheers to this women he probably was a racist cop that’s why he got killed, it’s 2013 and there’s still plenty of racist cops jus imagine back then…

  • DollasTX


    • really?

      • DollasTX

        why women say it to themselves, like having it said to them behind closed doors, and say it themselves around their peers but when a MAN says it … its TABOO

        dont think A.SHAKUR ever looked in the mirror and said: “im’ma badddddddd bytch” , to herself before?!?!?!?

        i meant it as a compliment … sheesh smh

    • Celz

      She would slap you for sayin that

      • DollasTX

        not if she didnt wanna get slapped back – she wouldnt

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  • Eli Pinilla

    She better hope cuba never extradites…or its over

    • hoeyuno

      If I was her I would just lay low. if she pops up time to time to taunt US authorities she’s only gonna make ppls work harder in trying to extradite her….. out of sight out of mind.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Exactly…she needs to chill before she makes these fools snatch her ass up

  • Montezuma1

    As soon as Castro dies the Cubans will hand her over like the Sudanese did Carlos the Jackal.

    • Or the Sudanese did bin Laden to Slick Willy? oops, guess they missed that one. and the twin towers, now, to boot.

  • Montezuma1

    What’s the argument? Is she innocent or was it self-defense? Racial politics aside what is going to be her defense because she’ll be in America before the end of Obama’s term.

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  • Squirrel!

    Good girl (boy), get the squirrel.

    It’s just a mere distraction to keep you off the trail of more important matters. It’s nothing more, nothing less.

    This is just the pre-emptive answer to your, ‘Why now, after 40 years?’….

  • lox

    I kno where she at down there.. Give my a few M’s and i got u

    • Guest


      • lox

        Gary u gay

  • ZUBU

    The Sista is 65 years old now, I doubt she is an active terrorist. Also good luck flying into Cuba to capture or kill her, I know we have tons of intell in all parts of the world yet not certain if getting her is worth the beef we will have with Cuba if we do.

  • She looks like such a nice lady

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    you people are retarded……..I don’t care if she is black……..she’s a murderer.

    • Then present some facts. You know the FBI is lying when they stoop low as to say an old lady is a terrorist. Assanta fought them with words that they just can seem to win. Get back with me with some facts. I have plenty ready for what every you throw back.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        this is a fact black people, I’m black, will defend her just because she is black. here is another she was convicted of murder. now please give me some FACTS that prove she is innocent. her lawyer couldn’t do that but maybe some random blogger on ahh can.

      • Avery Jackson

        She was Convicted by an all white Jury in New Jersey in Trenton the same all white Jury That Sent Ruben Hurricane Carter to Prison the same all white Jury that Sent all Black Political Prisoners to Prison in The US what more facts due you need or do I have to give you the 500 yr history of African’s in America and the fight for Freedom be glad to give it to you if you like !

    • ONE

      Your mother should have swallowed you bitch

    • Slaughtr

      America is a murderer so what you gonna do about it.


    the police kill a black man every 48hrs…And that’ s not opinion, that’ s fact…In the words of Malcom X, “the chickens coming home to roost”….

    • Brian Ryner

      black teenagers kill blacks even quicker. dont blame the system.

      • system responsible for gun culture of America, media, etc. System responsible for criminal culture in rap, you don’t think some 17 yr old Black kid is at the record labels making decisions, do you? Areas w/ highest rate of poverty have highest rate of crime. How the system not relevent. You people LOVE to point out “Black on Black” crime, like whites don’t kill other whites. foh


        Why do black teens kill each other? Gangs…Why do we have gangs? Drugs…Who bring the drugs in America? CIA….”What little do you really know”….

      • Slaughtr

        The system created the condition so yea blame the system for it.

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        Nothing to do with the conversation.

  • Hands off Assata!

  • Mob BanCster

    The feds be on one. They always in everybody’s business, talkin bout “it’s the law”. Nigga, leave me alone!!!

    • Pangea Blockhead

      yeah getting all upset about killing police officers! smh dumbass.

      • Mob BanCster

        LOL, I really laughed out loud at your comment because you shoulda asked me how I felt about people getting killed, in general. Naw, I don’t condone that type of shit but the police are people just like us, I don’t agree wit muhfukkaz snatchin’ up people and throwin’ em in cages, talkin bout it’s the law, it’s a man-made government, no divine authority comes from workin for the government/law, so in all actuality police have no authority, and I hope people will realize that …

      • Pangea Blockhead

        I hope you did laugh at my comment. Divine authority won’t save you from crime. We forget that WE are the government. WE the people are supposed to be in control of what the law means, instead of complaining about what your idea of the law could be- Lets try to play the game straight, and do some productive change with our vocal opinions, rather than point fingers hoping for someone to tell us what to do.

      • Bro, You are right know explaining what a democracy is meant to be. Instead people take advantage of the fact that average Joe has already forgotten about the fact that the people own this government not Wall Street, not the banks or the Millitary Industrial Complex. We the people own the government and the country. And it’s time to remind the politicians once in a while.

      • Mob BanCster

        Government sucks. In any type of government, over time, someones gonna be corrupt and they will abuse their authority

      • EL_BARK

        Ashton surely u cant be serious. The theroy of democracy might sound good as a theroy. But how exactly do you go about reminding the gov, that the people are in charge???
        I hope you dont think that boting them out is a way…. & if you do i say yiu have a short memory…
        The presidential election of 2000.
        Taaaaaaa shall i say more?

      • Mob BanCster

        You’re speaking to the wrong dude if you think that you’re going to school me. I’m deep in spiritual-guidance which guides me to make effective moves in order to change the world. I’m even the self-proclaimed “World Leader”. Maybe you’ve seen some of my other accounts’ comments on this site: Best Comment, Advanced Dialogue and there was a few more. I’ve always been a serious guy. I come on these sites to spread positivity and make a positive impact on people’s live.

        And WE are not the government, that’s a metaphor with no power, even though it sounds good.

  • Guest

    Triple OG

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  • disqus_7mhFdOZyQi

    Tupac’s Aunt

    • Slaughtr

      No relation just a last name

      • disqus_7mhFdOZyQi

        Seriously? Do your research. She’s Mutula Shakur’s sister. He was Tupacs stepfather.


        Thank u

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        They’re still technically not related…

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  • The FBI is full of SHHHHH. Every one know that FBI had/has a cointel-pro program that target black leader whom were fighting police brutality. They would even shot there own cops just to have some one to blame it on.

  • Kokomo Joe

    Fry her ass.

    • Slaughtr

      no fry you bitch

  • firehawk17

    FBI and the government is the puppeteer that maneuvers the puppet of justice to have the general population believe we are the sheriff of the free world and we are here to clean house..Further from the truth, this government has agenda’s and the puppet is a serial killer.. While this country affords us freedoms other places do not we have to ask at what cost? we are wasteful, and greedy… there are men so rich they can literally give a million dollars to every person in this country and still not miss it.. could you image how low crime would be? imagine the record breaking profits corporations/businesses would see. This false bravado of the pursuit of about stop letting drugs into this country, but we all know too much money that doesn’t have to be counted in the GDP to be made.. unaccounted for money.. Government doesn’t take lightly to defiance.. How dare Assata defy them, says the puppet.. one of the lone places in the world America can’t rush in and go get people.. its like an extremely attractive woman who never been told no.. when she hears it for the first time she’ll be damned she’s gonna get her way.. well the puppet master is seeking justice.. if they got to assata she wouldn’t come back alive.. thats why they placed the label of terrorist on her.. cause they must be close.. and when the hammer comes down its gonna smack the ass of that bullet, down goes assata.. im sure this stage play is quite predictable.. guess she sent the 3 guys to boston too lol.. well guess we’ll watch this show play out…

  • Aaron Ford. Most likely a filthy Jew. I wonder why Jay-Z went to Cuba?

  • AJP

    So just from my observation recent weeks have seen Jay-Z drops Open Letter talking about Cuba, US officials and media begin openly discussing ending the trade embargo, and suddenly Assata pops up on this terrorist list within a matter of weeks…interesting.

    Also interesting that despite her notoriety as Assata Shakur, most of the mainstream reporting I’ve seen is downplaying that name in favor of her birth name. Wonder if the last name “Shakur” has anything to do with that. Funny how media works.

  • Lets glorify a murderer, don’t worry they can snatch her at anytime.

  • ulostatlife

    It’s said that during Hov’s trip him and Beyonce spoke with Assata’s peoples in Cuba and that got a rise of the FBI and now they want to send a message to any would be terrorists seeking asylum out in Cuba…Our government is a police state and they will go to any length to restrict your freedoms in the name of “protecting you”. They lose sleep at the thought of another American revolution in this day and age and they will do anything to squash it…

    • EL_BARK

      So jay spoke with assata peoplle ???
      Please do tell what credible news source reported this???

      Are you privy to cia briefing or something cause i doubt if jay did, the average joe or reporter would have known. Ijs

      • Weedras

        I doubt she would risk even getting close to them knowing how the CIA work..

  • Jason comes out the closet but Assata is on the terrorist lists.?..when is obama gonna be on this list???

    • anemia716

      the Black Liberation Army is considered a terrorist group, being gay is not. so what’s your point?

  • Slaughtr


  • Dwayne Nvo


  • Weedras

    They want to get this woman so badly while they have the terrorist who blew up the plane filled with Cuban citizens in the Eastern Caribbean chilling in Florida… FOH with that sh!t… They only pushing this because 1. She’s black. and 2. Cuba gave her asylum and is protecting her… while there are countless ppl who have done more heinous acts around the world that the US have living here under their protection..

    • eddieknucks


  • Weedras

    FBI was responsible for assassinating many influential black people why listen to anything they say now..

  • Terrorist? If anybody believe that then you know what the name says.^

  • Jay

    It is coming to the point where anyone who isn’t a puppet of mainstream they are a terrorist. Cops are killed all the time its not a big deal evean if she done it.

  • eddieknucks

    They probably will get her. The u.s. gonna try to use her as a good will gesture on Cuba’s part to lift the embargo. Pressure an oppressed people to cough her up. The feds want her to shut her up. If they get her she will be silenced. After all that happened to black folks back then. Blacks by the thousands murdered by law enforcement with no consequence. Let it go unkkka Sam.

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  • i was just thinking about how not enough people know what she looks like! thanks for the pic . hopefully more people will recognize her now!!
    & it will only help to inform most people possible about that huge reward !
    very helpful site & love how they look out for hiphop community & help fight against the system that tries to destroy hiphop

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