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Hip-Hop Rumors: Ross And Reebok Reunite! Will Ross Get His Deal Back?

They gonna be mad for real if this one comes true!

There is sufficient internet chatter about this for me to write about it. Word on the street is that its not out of the question that Rick Ross will get his deal back. The talk started with Swizz Beatz through a post from Miss Info.

Wow, after that comment that the Reebok CEO made earlier, this reunion photo from Swizz was quite unexpected. But it’s funny because earlier today, another big-name artist told me that they had heard rumors about Reebok re-signing Ross. I scoffed at the idea but low and behold… it’s seeming much more possible, right? Now at the same time, Lil Wayne’s apology letter may have come out with some strong encouragement from Pepsi/Mountain Dew on the eve of Wayne’s next round of DeWeezy campaigns. Get the pattern here?

After the way Meek went at Reebok, I don’t know!

Here is the “reunion” of Swizz and Ross….

rick ross swizz beatz reebok

SOURCE: Miss Info

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • RMfag

    Will Ross Get His Deal Back?
    Its better to ask if he saw his feet in the last few years……

    The answer to both is no.
    Upvote if youd suck him off.

  • BigHomie337

    So did people really start wearing Reeboks again because of Ross? I doubt it but I can be wrong.

    • BOO BOE

      those icey blue joints were looking fresh no lie! but i said nann

  • andone

    three things come to mind on this rumor…

    1) the pic could be old

    2)if its true then it could have been planned jus to drop him for the beef to die down then resign… but that doesnt seem very logical imo

    3) it be funny if its not true and rozay still running around wearing those questions lm@o

    either way i stopped messin wit reebok a long time ago, strictly nike right now!


      N Adidas before the current cone back strictly shells

    • & “And 1’s”


      • andone

        lol actually ive owned a few pairs back in the day myself, but even tho my username does have to do will ballin it has very little to do wit the brand… its my way of sayin act foul and get dealt wit…

        i used rock reebok heavy too had them classics in every color way in both leather and suede… jus got tired of buyin the same shoes over and over again from pumas to chucks to jays… nike droppin some really nice joints right now!

      • Indeed, but for value, the Starter & And1’s hold it down….but Nike = best style hands down.

        Still, I’ll rock some &1 & starter fake Jordans for $20 all day!

        @ #TeamNoShameInMyGame

      • andone

        hahahaaa ur wild for that one… got jipped on some retros and vowed to never rock fake jays again… dont get me wrong tho i still bargain shop too, jus not on the black market… for example MILKCRATE is havin a cinco de mayo sale up to 90% off… the only thing is that its instore only and im not on the eastcoast but thats the way i come up on a lot of my gear, fv(k payin retail lm@o!

      • I caught some outdated uptowns for $20…..I bought every pair in my size!

      • andone

        i aint mad @ that, i stay checkin for a deal whether its the swap meet the mall or online… cuz @ the end of the day, the clothes dont make the man… do you and be comfortable wit it, thats wats really good… but if ur interested im tellin u that MILKCRATE sale is practically a steal, check em out!

      • Good look!

        Right now, I’m set with a few pair of B new’s on stash.

        Still, nothing wrong with flossing while 1/2 costing!

      • Reggie Miller, cheap beer and knockoff J’s…see that’s why I fk’s with you E, it don’t get no realer than that…I’ma start callin your ass the Antiballa…LMMFAO

      • LOL~N @ Anti-Baller

        1/4 Zip of Reggie > 1 L of Kush
        Case of Keystone > Pint Of Patron

        It’s the economy!

        My peepz saw my Starter fake J’s (*Stays he called them ) & asked for a pair, because I caught them on sale for $15?

        I blessed him & he told some one else who asked that he caught them on sale for $100 & offered to get them a pair!

        Black people are very powerfully economically, as a whole we spend a lot…..on trying to look like we have more than we actually do.

        Rich people stay rich, by living like they are poor, while poor people stay poor, by living like they are rich.

        >>Balling Uncontrollably on Food stamps

      • Haaa, couldn’t have said it better myself fam!

  • All an act. Ross is a fake rapper acting like a rapper.

    • Negro Peligro

      What? LOL.

  • Rick Ross and athletic gear?????

  • Eny Daboss

    blah blah most these homos on here dat be hatin on rozay are livin on food stamps or trying to steal their baby mamas wic … ross doing his thing … and still gettin money

    • infinit221

      I think most real niccas done figured that out. The amount of people that bump his music and keep him talked about in the streets don’t go 1 for 1 with the internet hate. Shit I was just on a flight the other day and seen a few people with some MMG gear on. Ross ain’t got to worry about folks that never bought his music anyway…

    • RMfag

      #failtroll is a fail

    • ALWAYS someone actin like they know the financial situations of complete strangers based solely on said strangers’ opinions of artists who have no idea any of em even exist, includin the person defendin them and their pockets (You on the payroll nigga?? If not then what his paper got to do with you?) …and it’s always them same buffoons actin like gettin some bread automatically excuses any and all fuckery.or the ability to be called out on that fuckery. I swear they shoulda never gave you simple surface-thinkin niggas internet…

      • Eny Daboss

        bitch if its like dat why you postin wat you know about it ???? huh so fuq outta here.. u on welfare or wat cause ppl that hate are always taking the bus or still livin wit their moms cause they didnt start their life yet

      • Thanks for provin my point and not even realizin it…LOL On some real shit though…if your education level is so shitty that it got you typin like that, then it can only be assumed that YOU’RE probably the one catchin the bus from Mom Duke’s crib to make your food stamp appointment…had to read your comment like four times just to decipher that digital chickenscratch…

      • Eny Daboss

        nah i bitch im not u trust i dont hate on ppl i got to much shit to do…its like u kno wats going on in these boys contract or deal so plz since u dont kno shit stfu

      • Man ENGLISH please, how you expect to be taken seriously if you can’t even form a coherent sentence?? Get you some Hooked on Phonics, ABCMouse, Sylvan, SOMETHIN fam…damn. You’re talkin about I don’t know them cats’ contracts or deals (which I never once said I did), yet you’re sittin on here actin like you know everyone else’s financial situations just cuz they don’t like who YOU like (as if your taste or lack thereof are supposed to matter to anyone else)…oh the irony…

      • Eny Daboss

        were u mad at my comment? lol its like u livin that foods stamps life poor shit

      • Mad? Not at all homeboy, if I was the mad one it’d be me callin you all types of bitches and tellin you to stfu, but as anyone readin this can see that shoe’s clearly on your foot not mine. It’s just real difficult to believe you’re doin anything even remotely meaningful with your life when you have the writing skills of a kindergartener and show with every comment that you’re completely incapable of an INTELLIGENT debate. I’m done draggin this out though, ain’t no cool points in e-arguin with short bus niggas no way. Go find you some business to be about lil dude.

      • Eny Daboss

        malcom go sit somewhere wit your book and preach that bullshit to the birds nobody wanna hear this shit…

      • Correction…nobody with an IQ the same number as their age wants to hear it…you probably never read a book your entire life, grown ass man still strugglin with Hop On Pop and shit…

  • therealest1

    RMfag will definitely look forward to sucking William Roberts off if he gets his deal back.

    • RMfag

      Id do it without.

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    i wouldnt doubt he get his deal back….”Body the Illuminati”

    • Negro Peligro

      Oh you see how that niggas head is turned towards africa depending on how you point your laptop. Illuminati taking over.

      • I thought I was the only one who caught that.

        >> Moves laptop to make his head face London.

  • AK

    rawse need to diss them reebok whack as hell no one has rocked those since iverson said who needs practice

  • Dave Williams

    yeah bring him back Nike and adidas is kickin our butt lol
    (anything for the money smh)

    • menace

      Adidas is owned by Reebok since ’06

      • Weedras

        Its actually Adidas who purchased Reebok in 2006… one of the reasons why Adidas now makes NBA jerseys as opposed to Reebok…

  • Negro Peligro


    • chevy_weight_champ

      exactli my nig!!

    • biafra

      You speak for yourself. it’s reebok not rick ross reebok.

  • D_Ably

    Its gotta be bad when a faceless corporation feels like they have to throw you a lifeline lmao

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