Jay-Z Talks Corruption, Taylor Swift and More on Full Version of “100$ Bill”

(AllHipHop News) “Took that Taylor Swift to a 100 f*cken million, b*tch!”-Jay-Z

After last night’s (May 1st) world premiere of The Great Gatsby in New York City, NPR streams the film’s Jay-Z executive produced soundtrack in its entirety.

With clips from the film interspersed throughout the song, Jay-Z speaks on political corruption, the ills of fame and takes credit for Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” video reaching over 100 million views on YouTube.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack is available here. Stream “100$ Bill” below:

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  • This is thrashhhhhh! This is more southern rap except for that second verse which is beyond bonkers!!!!!

    • So the 2nd verse is “bonkers” (nice word), but the song is “trash”..how is that possible?

      • Impossible is nothing!

      • You really don’t make a lot of sense. How can one verse be “bonkers” but the song is “trash”? I never said “impossible”, I asked how is that possible.. as in able to be done, lol.

      • I was giving a commentary as i heard the song. (was just high giving the song a review. Thats how its possible, lol)

  • All Hip Hop? really? You want me to answer a question to listen? Now I know why I never come on here any more. Off to a non spam site!

    • RMfag

      All of them are spam.
      Dat revenue.

      • You are wrong. Some sites have video ads, that you can skip after a few seconds. Most have header ads, banner ads, or even text ads….

        This is annoying, and tells me this site (which has been in beta mode for 10 years) may be on it’s last legs. I mean, I hope not..but the signs point to it. I can think of better ways to get “dat revenue” without pissing people off into never coming back again.

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  • $44277470

    Like I want to listen to any music that’s even remotely related to cheesy Jay-Z. Luhrman, how could you do this to us? I can’t see Gatsby now, sorry. And he disses Taylor Swift because Kanye make her $100 million? Yes, all those teenagers bought her albums because Kanye acted like a low bottom drunk interrupting a 17 year old at the VMAs. With that logic, Jay-Z will make her another $100 million. I see Kanye and jay z smoking cigars and drinking brandy, talking about the millions they made for that teenager. Egos much?