Like Son, Like Father: Floyd Mayweather and Robert Gurrero’s Fathers Almost Fight

(AllHipHop News) At yesterday’s (May 1st) final main event press conference for Floyd Mayweather and Robert Gurrero’s May 4th fight, Mayweather and Gurrero exchanged jabs. Not the boxers but their fathers and those jabs came in the form of a continuation of their exchange of insults over the past few months.

While Floyd Mayweather Sr was in the media room, per his son’s request, Ruben Gurrero hurled insults from the podium at the eight-time and five division world champion’s father/trainer. The generally loquacious Mayweahter Sr responded on the same podium while his son was doing an interview with SHOWTIME. The fathers nearly got into a physical altercation after Floyd Sr’s comments yet were restrained and separated.

“Money” Mayweather Jr requested his father be in the media room instead of on the dais to avoid putting any people or money in danger:

Just to avoid any conflict.  That’s why I let my father sit down low, in the audience, because I don’t want any conflict.  I’m trying to avoid anyone getting hurt.  If I’m up here and Robert’s up here, and my dad and his dad get to fighting, and they fall on him or fall on me, somebody’s finger gets broke or something happens, somebody gets cut, then we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain.

Mayweather Sr did not feel he should have been in the media area, but believes their rivalry will not continue past the May 4th fight.  “The thing about it,” says Floyd Mayweather Sr  “when his son gets his butt whupped, you know he’s not going to want to get his whupped too.”

Ruben Gurrero says he’s ready for any future physical altercation:

He opened his mouth first.  He opened the can of worms.  If he’s going to talk, I’ll do it for real.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Robert Gurrero’s fight will take place Saturday, May 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by SHOWTIME PPV® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

  • therealest1

    Apples not falling far from the tree shit.

    • RMfag

      Some tasty-ass apples.

  • mxtralive

    Tryin hard to sell this fight…

  • CHI545

    no ones tryin to see these old bums throw down…

    • RMfag

      Outside the bedroom…..

    • Stop lyin’!

      You know damn well if the two dad’s fight, the title fight will be explosive!

  • RMfag

    Id suck them both off. Then their sons. Then I would finger my puzzy while watching the dads smashing and busting seed in their millionare sons’ boipuzzies.
    Downvote if youd watch. Come at me if you disagree.

    • RMfag

      Downvote if youd fap to that.

  • $18592567

    Floyd gonna knock this bum out quickly. Andre Berto ain’t on Floyd level mannn…

    • scullyson

      Right Thats why Floyd is taking the high road on this one besides the fact that he has showed remarkable restraint and maturity since he did that little bid. Props to him for that no doubt..

    • xodimifejuj

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      • RMfag

        Can I knock your classmate and aunt out for telling you?

  • AK

    this is gonna be one of floyds more entertaining fights even tho its going all 12 rounds guerrero is gonna go for the ko if he rocks floyd that would be something but i got floyd 11-1 decision

    • I don’t think they would ever rule a fight 11-1. Lol they too political for that.

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  • Dad’s should fight on the under card…#IJS

  • ZUBU

    Funny both of their dads were former pro fighters. May Sr. was a major contender with an impressive record, and his brother Roger May was a world champion. Robert Guerrero’s dad Ruby (lol) had a pro record of 0-7 with 6 knockouts. I guess he wants to up his record to (0-8 with 7 knockouts). LMAO… Trust, I understand it’s all about promoting the fight and generating more PPV’s. I bet my paper on Money May and I will do so every time until someone whips him; of course when or if he finally loses, I will lose money cause I will be betting on Money May!

    • Guest

      Floyd should never be forgivin for ducking Pac-e-ow – all the greats never ducked anyone – that’s real professional boxing – ducking should not be forgivin.

      • BOO BOE

        can you please tell me how, why does every other person who had direct info to this info say other wise

      • churchboy2

        Pac refused and then agreed to May’s terms – and May still wouldn’t fight.
        Next question.

      • brotha_man

        True he went on espn and said he would agree to any of the terms including drug test

      • BOO BOE

        before or after he got over his fears of needles, its both their faughts but more of pacs than people want to believe..

      • BOO BOE

        and he was offered 40 mil, before saying he would take any money offer(basically).. offered 40 mil his biggest boxing check ever and refused, wanting 50/50 and knowing damn wellhe’s not a 50/50 split with may weather

      • churchboy2

        Mayweather is the much bigger draw on this side of the planet – but like most Americans you don’t think that the other side of the planet exists or matters.

        When you take off the America-centric goggles you will see clearly that Pac is 50/50.

      • BOO BOE

        the Philippines of course thats where he lives. and you like all people think mayweather is only big in america like yo’ve just stated point blank period pac is not worth more than 15 mil against may weather, don’t let the media machine tell you any different, you are talking about a c+ fighter and those people don’t buy pay perview on that other side of the planet, tell them they have to pay 70 dollars and they will wait for the news

      • churchboy2

        Sigh… Americans… it must be nice living in your “we-are-the-best-and-most-important-in-everything” bubble.

        This is me leaving this convo so as not to burst your bubble. Enjoy.

      • BOO BOE

        im not american just because i live in america you sound smarter than that, you are leaving the convo because you have to submit to what i just said and do not have anything to go against the facts of what i said enjoy.

      • churchboy2

        Believe what you want…

      • BOO BOE

        i believe what i know

      • BOO BOE

        no one has ever been guranteed more than 32 mill in boxing. and manny turns down 40. this is how you should know manny is not a 5050. he can’t get that money from any other fight unless he fights floyd, and floyd just guaranteed 32 mil without manny. this is common sense brother

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  • The Black Fist