Tony Neal and 50 Cent

Respect the DJ: 50 Cent Crashes the Core DJ’s MixShow Live in Las Vegas

Last weekend AllHipHop had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, NV for the Core DJ’s Mixshow Live where hundreds of DJ’s from around the country gathered for panels, workshops, artist showcases and performances. Of the many highlights during the week, undoubtably the most talked about appearance was by 50 Cent, who spoke to the crowd about the importance of the DJ giving a record life and the importance of the DJ being able to spot the crowd’s response to records.

“DJ’s know how to transition from song to song in the club, they know how to pace themselves enough to give the crowd an opportunity to respond to it. That comes with experience, a lot of artists will run and jump to the next thing, to get the crowd response as soon as possible, but you don’t have to do that all the time, sometimes you can just take your time.” – 50 Cent

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In the midst of dissing Monster headphones, 50 shed light on a few key points about the role of the DJ and the role the DJ had in his career.  Coming from the bottom of the music industry to the top, 50 explained how relationships with DJ’s made is career what it is today.

“Without y’all none of this is possible.  I’m from the bottom, so when you give a new artist a new opportunity, anything can happen. They can take it as far as their mind or soul will allow them to take it.  For me, I’m not gonna stop.” – 50 Cent

Take a look at the video below as 50 Cent co-signs the Core DJ’s MixShow Live and talks with the DJ’s and artists at the retreat:

  • andone

    thats wats up, shout out to AHH for the ft. these events deserve more coverage, this is a good look for hip-hop… DJ’s are both key and instrumental to the culture, great way to remind the fans!

  • 2012Industry1

    I hope this means that the DJ will go back to being the DJ and not the SUPERSTAR! That’s a part of the problem with Hip Hop! If you not kissing a DJ’s Ass, they not trying to break anything. Back in the day, a DJ could not like you, but if you had a hot record and the crowd response is crazy, they on it! That’s when it was about the music. If 50 wants people to think he’s relevant again, he should just put out dope music. It’s not hard…he’s done it before.