Lil Boosie

Hip-Hop Rumor: Lil Boosie Coming Home?

There are some rumors that I hear and have info and there are others where I look for additional info. So, my email is Please email me what you know about Lil Boosie coming home this summer. Yeah, I heard the man is coming back to his momma, despite those that hold those “Keep Boosie In Jail” signs. I don’t know much more than that. I do know Boosie was in a serious bind and accused of putting a hit on somebody. So, this could be bogus.

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No…I meant to say IS in a serious bind.

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On a positive note:

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • $18592567

    Boosie bout to bring it back to that gutter shit!!!

    • Sean Taylor

      yeah he bout to do dat.

      you must be so excited.

      • lox

        u must b mad..

      • $18592567

        How can you tell?

  • Mob BanCster

    Boosie Fans be tryna kill niggaz if they say they don’t like his music or him as an artist. But look, I fukkz wit Lil Boosie’s music from time to time but that ratchet street shit is just as detrimental as anything else out there, but besides that, that nigga seem like good people on a family level

    • dee

      u listening to his music wrong i didnt care for boosie for awhile i thought he was just another south rapper but when u listen to his music he talks about his up bringing alot and he a story teller he got a song called bank roll off his last cd first thing i thought was he going to be on some stuntin sh*t but when u listen to it he talking about how he hustle to make money washing cars and sh*t as if it was wayne he just gone stunt on his own people like always that song and a few other songs made me look at him different

      • Mob BanCster

        That’s why I said he seem like good people on a family level. Boosie is my nigga but what I was sayin also was that I’m not into all the murder shit and recklessness in his rhymes sometimes.

      • dee

        i kind of agree with u but when u say murder and recklessness you gotta think where it came from , nwa,geto boys,wu tang,2pac, biggie,mobb deep,snoop,etc and we label these guy as legends in the game and most of us have banged the sh*t out of they albums and they was giving a message me personally i rather hear that then this fuckery thats out here now

      • don king

        yeah u right, they also had alot of violence in their music. but it was more balanced back in the day! now all u hear is murder, stunt, kill, ball, die, money, bullets, hoes, cars…. LAME! not sayin boosie really fits this stereotype! but 2 people who never took a serious listen, he looks just like that with all the jewls, the other stuntin shit n now this jail storys. i listen 2 boosie from times 2 times 4 the country-streetlife-vibe, i like how u can hear the pain in his voice. free boosie

      • dee

        yeah and thats the difference between him and alot of artists u can hear the pain u can tell he not just rapping

      • Mob BanCster

        I pass on all the bullshit, rather it be mainstream or underground, I don’t need other artist to satisfy my craving for music, especially when I don’t like the way they think and what they choose to say. I just make my own shit

      • dee

        well thats a different story

      • Mob BanCster

        I had wrote a better answer for you but somehow it didn’t send. I was mad too. I just said that I understand where all the shit comes from but as I grow older I realized that the bullshit needs to stop. Boosie is my nigga, he seem like a real dude who has so much to say but I don’t agree with some of his ways.

  • ajsea

    I know some ppl would be real excited if this shit true

  • RMfag

    Id suck him off.

  • lox

    ahh on sum bullshyt w this censor shyt

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  • Madstacks520

    Free Boosie!!!

  • I think Boosie is in jail for smuggling contraband into the prison…but he beat all his other charges!

  • semiauto

    Dey gone let him come home for he can get kill

    • ….nigga please

    • Sean Taylor

      Speak English mf.

  • Alaina Williams