Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Starts Mess With Diddy, Rick Ross And Dr. Dre!


I know this rumor will probably get ME in trouble, but I did start it! 50 Cent started this one! First of all, very simply, he posted a picture of Diddy and Ross, seemingly in a compromising space. Basically, kissing. Yuck. So, we can all agree this picture is probably bad or just fake. But, still 50 messing with dudes like that? LOL!

diddy_rossIn all fairness, cats had similar stuff to say about 50 Cent and The Game when they made peace back in the day.

On the flip side, 50 Cent took a pair of Dr. Dre Beats headsets and tossed them at the Mixshow Summit thing that was recently in Las Vegas. He threw them on the floor – straight like that! I wonder whose they were because those things are expensive!

Damn, FIDDY! Anyway, Dre sold his stake anyway so its more of a shot to Monster.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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96 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Starts Mess With Diddy, Rick Ross And Dr. Dre!”

  1. RickyRo

    It could’ve been worse… Fiddy could’ve been kissin Young Buck trying to market a new G-Unit joint…

  2. Montezuma1

    Dre is a beoytch and 50 resents getting pimped by Dre and Em. UMG, Interscope, Aftermath, Shady all eat before 50. He won’t diss Em because of Em’s loyal base who basically made 50 a star to begin with. Em’s hiatus hurt 50’s momentum and he’s never recovered so he knows Em’s importance to his marketability. Who can forget when 50 came out and was interviewed by Sway on MTV and said the only thin he was scared of was Em and Dre? lol. Real talk 50 need to stop all the BS. He’s nearly in Stevie J status. Lied about 10% Vitamin water deal when it was 1%. Lied about a 200 million movie deal when all he puts out is straight to DVD trash. He don’t even do that anymore. Can’t sell any records and thought he was gonna pimp Mayweather to get in boxing but they’re too much alike. His fighter just lost. Where now 50? You’re irrelevant and nowhere near as paid as you like to pretend. Grow the fukk up and act like a man. You’re damn near 40. Act it.

    • andone

      the first half or ur post was on point for the most part, but 50 doesnt need stop doing anything and thats the best part about being his own boss outside of music…

      i knew somebody was gonna talk slick but damn u didnt waste no time lm@o, the sad part about it tho is that illseed jus talkin reckless and ppl blindly co-signing it SMH…

      all the other things u brining up have nothing to do wit this but since u brought them up lets speak on it…

      vitamin water brought in big $$$ who cares wat the % was homie made his back 10 fold+

      cheeta vision got an huge advance and made good on the investment even with going straight to dvd, thats an epic win whether u (or AHH) want to admit it or not

      the money team was real till floyd backed out for watever reason and that still didnt stop 50 from taking the risk and not being afraid of failure, also fyi SMSpro is winning more than they’re losing… either way it is a sport after all

      also if 50 dropped tomorrow he’d still push #s and if he didnt it wouldnt really matter dude has come a long way already so dont expect for that to be the end of him if he does flop

      lastly SMSaudio was jus ranked top 5 for noise cancellation and SK was jus named #1 energy shot for 2012 homie doesnt have to fake nothing

      all them boys weak and 50 pullin their cards, if anything 50 is jus keepin it real and puttin ppl in the know about all these wankstas… hip hop cant keep goin unchecked im jus glad that somebody isnt scared to speak up..

      so wit that being said, R.I.P PIMP C!

      • dee

        illseed talkin reckless cause thisis50 killin allhiphop now

      • Montezuma1

        I don’t know where you get your info from but I guarantee you Eminem’s manager won’t be committing suicide anytime soon due to financial problems. The stats are like paid promotion much like the Forbes list. Personally, I’d like to see 50 stop with the juvenile antics. All he attacks are other blacks. It’s shameful. I can’t support that. He might as well be Stephen from Django and Em Calvin Candie. Who does a movie with Deniro and Pacinco that flops then does another with DeNiro that doesn’t get released? A ni99a with wack juice that’s who and none of his hijinx will change that. A 40yr old Sambo. That’s what he’s come to. His album should’ve been called “Get Rich and lose your dignity Tryin.”

      • andone

        i didnt provide any stats all i did was state facts… im not interested in 50’s money to the point where i need to verify wat he claims to be worth all i know is that homie is about his… i cant speak for chris lighty or paul rosenberg either i could really care less for that matter, bcuz it has nothing to do wit this if ur insinuating that 50 was lighty’s only client or only business partner… also if u have an opinion about his character then thats all it is, an opinion nothing more nothing less so spare me the metaphors… @ the end of the day theres nothing u can say to take away from his credibility or achievements, not only that but hes the last person we should be mad @ as far rappers wit “dignity” are concerned… whether u were mislead by illseed or not that fact of the matter is 50 is winning without compromising his integrity, u should be happy and show a lil more respect for the kid… thats all im sayin!!!

    • ILLAmusic

      It’s funny to me how many people wanna tear someone else down..so it was a smaller percentage, ok..what was your percentage again? 0% right. so are you really in a position to speak on this? And as far as records, he’s sold 30 million +…stop ridin illseed’s dick with these lets hate on 50 stories

      • Montezuma1

        Excuse me all 50 did was tear people down. The chicken have come home to roost. Face it your hero is a fraud. Rochdale isn’t SouthSide. He got shot 3 times not 9. Made 40mil not 400 but hey who cares about truth when people like you are anxious to ride cokk. Not even gonna touch on how he really got his deal. He started from the bottom alright. If I wanted to air him out I’d be on here all day because there’s that much material. I don’t ride dikks like you rap indoctrinated idiots. I got a pole between my legs not a hole. Get it? Got it? Good.

    • Mak1490

      50 made 150 mil in 2008, what are you talking about dude. Fif never said how much he made, he always maintained he can’t discuss it. He been on forbes since 2003 at times when Diddy and Jay wasn’t even on there, he actually has much more than what they’re claiming he has

      • dee

        u gotta think diddy been making millions since the 90’s , jay millions was spit 3 ways him, dame , biggs i dont think he has more then them cause they been around longer but they all have more then they claim

      • Montezuma1

        That’s why Chris Lighty was broke. Because his star client was making so much money. Yeah okay. That’s why 50 played the prop in Mayweather’s circus for YEARS on Mayweather’s dime because he’s so well off. Because ni99as with 150 mil don’t have anything else better to do than hang around other rich people as they make money. Yup. You got me there.

      • Montezuma1

        id Fif knock your teeth out with his dikk? You gotta a lotta love for the dude. Why do you care one way or the other? That man crush you got ain’t the business.

      • Michael Thompson II

        I didn’t say it was homie. I know those weren’t beats my nigga.

  3. Pedro Matos Jr.

    Wow what a shock the attention whore strikes again this dissin on twitter or facebook or whatever is f*ckin lame .

  4. Moe Hennessey

    Ya broke ass niggaz talking shit about 50 nigga u add ur whole family ur future family and ur great fathers wont have his money stop hatin and appreciate a nigga who really started from the BOTTOM ~

    • RickyRo

      50 is most definitely got that $$$. Not to mention; dude’s madd entertaining (hilarious) and without a shadow of a doubt has etched his name into hip-hop history. Yet it remains to be seen how he cements his legacy as an artist. Money hasn’t always proven to be the determining factor for greatness. The game has seen many dudes “start at the bottom” go to the top, and then hit ROCK bottom all over again. It’ll be interesting to see how he grows artistically, cause we all know he got his hustle right, but this is HIP-HOP, and most well known hustlas (most, not all) always go for broke, trying to get it ALL…

    • infinit221

      True, can’t knock his drive and hustle. And its no doubt that edge comes from the streets. But his music though? He’s had ONE solo song that I thought was good in the last 7 years, and that’s that financial freedom joint. His music is not competitive with the rest

  5. junj03

    illseed those are MONSTER headsets, stop putting fake headlines to get hits. dont be like the other bloggers. i hate that ish.

  6. Richard Savage

    Man 50 is that dude. He dont care who you are and he is never politically correct. I respect that

  7. King Cold

    i love how AHH tries to make 50 look bad. Yall know damn well hes on the forbes list every year. has a grip of ventures here and internationally so stop postin’ false reports on his cash. As far as music goes financial freedom wasnt hot? we up aint hot? my life wasnt a hit? but future, birdman and weezy poppin right? smh. Hip Hop aint nuthin no more

    • Drew Emmerson

      He is on the Forbes list of Entertainers – not ‘THE Forbes List’ – please be clear – they are NOT similar in scope. It’s like the special olympics of wealth.

      • YahMamma

        Not even. So anyone with an opinion needs to be on the other persons financial level ? Suck several dicks.

      • Noles

        You don’t make a lot of sense kid. You just bashed 50 for being on the Forbes list, he has more money than you. So if he’s a chump for being on that list, under Drew Emmerson’s theory, what does that make you?

        If 250 million is “special olympics” , sign me up!!!

      • Drew Emmerson

        You should really seek help if your logic/reasoning works that way – seriously.

      • Noles

        It was your logic – seriously,

        Sorry I grew up in the Pac, Biggie, Wu Tang era, and you grew up on Lil Wayne… I guess if I was you, I wouldn’t have much of an understanding of thing’s that happened in the 1990’s either. It’s OK.

  8. DiscoverDior.com

    Because he been shot 9 times, make 50 cent feels like he is intouchable….2pac thought the same thing, and 2pac is dead…..People love when 50 speaks his mind, but 50 really need to get off Rick Rosses dick….Yeah yeah yeah he exposed Rick Ross for having a REAL job before hip-hop, but 50 seems jealous of Ross..He really need to let it go you have tons of money, grow up already.

    • Drew Emmerson

      “2pac thought the same thing, and 2pac is dead” Yay! although he shot one of his nuts off cause he was a fake thug. Shoulda called him 1Pac.

      • trlvman357

        I bet you wouldn’t have called him that shit! It’s easy to talk tough about a nigga when he dead. NO POINTS GIVEN!

      • Drew Emmerson

        Like what ? To his face ? I’m 6″3, 260+ , plus a blade – I talk ANY way I want – sorry you have to run around checking your self little homie. If Pac was so brolic he wouldn’t stayed getting beat up and shot

      • andone

        biggie was about ur size and that didnt stop pac… pac took his L’s like a G theres nothing u can say to take away from that!

      • Drew Emmerson

        The Q was whether I’d be afraid to speak my mind – I am not.

      • Noles

        Only time I remember Pac getting shot was by weasels setting him up, and dudes scared to fight driving by his ride, shooting at him..then driving away all scared…. No one cares about how much your fat ass weighs.

      • Drew Emmerson

        Then appanrely you get all your info from whatever you decide to make up. Look it up. SHOT HIS OWN NUT OFF. FACT.

      • Noles

        Not sure what “appanrely” means…2Pac wasn’t shot while driving passenger side in a car? He wasn’t jumped in NY and shot? Those are facts. Go find a dictionary.

        Why are you obsessed with another man’s nuts?

      • BosstonMA$$

        O.K. DREW…lol 6’3″ with a blade don’t beat 4’1″ with a strap.

      • RickyRo

        Love him or hate him; Pac did his thing, at his own expense. Unfortunately he knew ‘that expense” would end up costing him his own life.


  9. WhatupJ

    Those bitches are 200 dollars, 50 mad he cant make headphones as popular. And the dre headphones are weak in the sound department, people just like them cause the look.

  10. King Solomon

    It’s funny how niggas talk about 50 being broke. If he only had $100,000, he could still put some hoes on backpage and triple his worth in days. You niggas got the game backwards. lol.

    • Guest


  11. pennaitor

    Behind the scene Diddy finished his career. Diddy helped Rozay stayed up and up against the almighty 50 cent. %0 knew if not for Diddy. Rozay would have become like jah rhule.,….

  12. jaydiz

    50 stay winning and rich, haters stay hating nothing changes. As he said he laughing all the way to the bank. y’all in denial.

  13. Montezuma1

    No one calls 50 a hater for pointing out inconsistencies in other rapper’s bios. Calling them wankstas and the like. Or when he makes fun of how broke other rappers are or how poorly their sales are. 50 called TI a snitch and TI had nothing to do with him. This guy has something to say about EVERYBODY yet when it’s his turn you’re hater. He’s not a hater though, he’s “winning.” 50 has done NOTHING but hate from the start. You ni99as love it and the definition of winning to you is his place on the Forbes list and the lies about his deals that’s why it must be exposed. Your hero is a FRAUD. I couldn’t care less what he has, I don’t like his moves. They’re like a chick. He need to just do him. If I’m a hater for feeling that way so be it.

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