Hip-Hop Rumors: Check Out Lil WAyne’s New Female Rapper!

Lil Wayne has done something nobody else has. He’s taken a female rapper like Nicki Minaj and blown her up! Now, he’s got a new chick…but she’s white!

Her name is Chanel West Coast. LOL! But, I ain’t clowning her too much, because I may need to be her friend one day. She got a bit of spit game even thought its not my style. I’m still in love with early Nicki and Remy Ma.

But, here is the confirmation at 2:20 in the video below….she did an interview saying she’s on.

She said, “Wayne gave me the stamp of approval.” She’s also managed by Wayne’s people too. Hmmmmmmm…now bend over.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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75 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Check Out Lil WAyne’s New Female Rapper!”

  1. Chris

    This sudden influx of untalented white folk into the game is disturbing. SMH. I forgot to mention, this sht here is doo-doo. Straight dingle-berries.

    • Negro Peligro

      Yeah WHITE folk ain’t the problem. Its the UNTALENTED part. The black hardcore factor ain’t selling no more. I been calling it for over a year. Honestly most of them white dudes is spitting regular blue collar stuff. Nobody want to hear a white dude brag about they Bentley. That’s where I think they made they lane. Just blue collar rap. Not poor not rich just normal shit.

  2. brotha_man

    Hiphop has offically died on the date of may 5 2013, time of death 0530. *plays “gangsta lean” in background*

  3. ladynamor

    (I watched it and….LMAO…Comical) But, Why not? I mean, can it get any worse? Whats really bad is how the media sites are the catalyst for this crap, while trying to pretend they are not.

    “I ain’t clowning her too much, because I may need to be her friend one day.”
    I mean, you really pay attention to, or trust what this dude says about anything? Look how he rationalizes. All about a piece of ass and favors. He writes with his d!ck and his wallet. (He may have his d!ck in his wallet)

  4. China Moore

    No Rob and Big fans here? ok, one person in the comments….ok y’all, The Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory? Recent is; Ridiculousness? I am surprised? I caught her name, looked it up,…I am too proud of her. She is so fun, like Rob’s Sister. lol. ROTF

  5. MrNoName2K

    now this is straight ridiculousness..

    *footnote* she can definitely get that work with that ugly ass laugh

  6. RMfag

    Chanel West Coast?! You mean that lame broad from that waterdown skateboarding Tosh.0 reject on MTV?!! Oh hellz no…..

  7. firehawk17

    yo im not saying she is talented..but she is white, young, kinda cute..nice voice and can flow a bit she’s gonna pop…. this is why wayne gonna retire.. if drake write some dope songs or hooks she’ll blow.. just because she’s white cute girl with a nice voice and decent flow..

      • RMfag

        Dont we as a race culturally walk-in everyone else’s territory?

      • RMfag

        Dont we as a race jump on and take over in general?

      • Q.

        I don’t know which race you are, but…

        …How can one take over what they started to begin with?

      • RMfag

        We as in blacks.
        You say we started many things but how do you we didnt steal them and put our own twist on it?

      • Q.

        “You say we started many things but how do you we didnt steal them and put our own twist on it?”

        ^Read aloud, then re-try in English.

      • RMfag


        How do you know that we as blacks haven’t stole other races culture’s like the cultural walk-ins you described.
        How do you know we didn’t just add a twist to something before stealing it completely?

      • Q.

        Like what, for example? What do you think Black people have stolen?

  8. trixnkix637

    I’ve listened to her. Not my style but you’re wrong if you think she won’t blow, especially with the YMCMB banner behind her

    • poxijubijabi

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  9. Mob BanCster

    Hell Naw…I seen that episode of Fantasy Factory where she had that song called “Eat My Cookie” or somethin’ like that. SMH. I ain’t a fan of sexual rap. Men need wives, Women need husbands, not random people throwin’ sex in yo face…

      • Mob BanCster

        Man, get otta here wit that GAY shit! First, you was a gay nigga, then
        you start actin’ like you was straight, then you tryda act like you had
        some sense, now you poppin’ puzsy! You ol’ transgender fruitcake, stop
        all that shit man, it ain’t even funny…Just Stop nigga

      • RMfag

        Look bruh, just because you gay doesnt mean everyone has to be. We straight over here! I only likes puzzy.
        Speaking of puzzy, cutey do you have a puzzy-popping playlist that I can play and pop my puzzy to?

      • Mob BanCster

        GTFOH wit that, You make people uncomfortable wit all that weird shit, keep it to yourself, kause ain’t nobody down wit that gay shit but chu!

      • RMfag

        Youre the only one who’s talking about it. None of us here are into what youre trying to spread. We get that youre gay but why be extra?! We straight over here! I only likes puzzy.

      • Mob BanCster

        Man goan somewhere, you’re not even sensible 80% of the time

      • RMfag

        Maybe Im not sensible because im not into dudes like you are. Gays always say someone doesnt make sense if dudes dont want to fuk them.

        I respect you as a person but Im just not into that.

  10. DJ7

    Em was the set up / infiltrator….& you chumps (not all but check out the repsonses & take a wild guess who) fell for it….it may have taken a lil’ longer to take over than it did Rock N Roll but the invasion is in full motion & ain’t nothing gonna slow it down unless ….aw f’ it ain’t nothing slowing this down

    • Mob BanCster

      Shit, I don’t be carin’ who come in the rap game because anybody can rap, the only thing that matters is if you’re good or not. Shit, a lot of black folks don’t even make it because they’re wack so it’s not like white people are the first to be wack, therefore ruining the genre

      • RMfag

        What he is talking about is hip hop being white washed to the point only whites can be signed. We’re not talking about talent.
        The talent part comes at a later point.

        My projections
        2015: Talented Whites come through
        2016: Latinos as a whole(while cutting themselves off from black people). Rap is now completely re-entered the mainstream.

        2019: Asians try to get on…..
        2027: First black person makes contribution rap and hip hop music, an originally white-asian-latino created and controlled genre of music.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        your statement is backwards not everyone can rap and these days it does not matter if your good or not, your public image or internet presence is what pushes artist today not the quality of what they put out.

      • Mob BanCster

        You tryin’ too hard to kill my comment, homie. When I said “anybody can rap” I was saying that anyone is allowed to. And to me, it DOES matter if the artist is good or not, I haven’t cared about the industry and the general public’s opinion in a long time.

    • Dmac Uno

      It will end when we go back to Rapping about the struggle and not the reward…it will end when rappers stop using nigga as a crutch or in mixed company.

  11. ccwaterbound32

    she prolly got tossed to the whole crew… plus she sounds just like iggy azalia’s wack ass. white people will love her so i aint mad at slim and baby for gettin money…PIMP THAT WHITE BITCH!!!

      • ccwaterbound32

        to each their own…all she is tits and ass she don’t even respect herself to do a REAL show she goes on stage half nekkid lettin folks grip her cheeks and put they fingers up her snatch… shoutout to CMB for pimpin another dumb ass white bitch…

      • RMfag

        Which one are you talking about? Iggy or Chanel?

      • ccwaterbound32

        the first one is about iggy and when i said shoutout to cmb for pimpin another dumb ass white bitch i was talking about the goofy broad in the video above chanel whatever….

  12. Eric Emajor Jackson

    Make these white girls be themselves, records sale better when they do…it aint enough brainwashing in the world to make us like this shit…no disrespect but its a lot of women of all colors trynna get on that has been workin hard….where is their help and push??

  13. Harriet__Tubman

    Isnt that the chic from Rob Dyrdek’s show Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory??? Damn why do all these girls wanna be turned out and in the spotlight ?

  14. Matt Swan

    This girl is straight up garbage!! She tried to spit on that show Ridicioulsness and she fell flat then with her fugged up laugh. And how did wayne make Nikki? People knew of her fake booty havin self before she signed with them clowns. I guess whatever it takes to make a buck.

  15. Adopefemalemc

    Thank you Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, corporate media. Now Black girls wanna be white & White girls wanna be Black. lol..they spend their dough to look like us & we spend ours to look like them.

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