Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Renewed Fame And Drugs Kill Kriss Kross’ Chris Kelly??

Ahhhhhh….lets just get to this rumor. God Bless The Dead, but the rumors are going haywire. Some people couldn’t wait a day without letting loose everything that was going around about Chris Kelly’s death. The sad reality is that there were already rumors that he was doing some drugs. I alluded to that the other day as the news of his death broke. But, what is crystalizing is that that damned So So Def Reunion in February took poor Chris back to his old ways in bigger ways. Seems like he made a bit of money off of that show. He also got quite a lot of notoriety off it too. Rumors say this lead to him speed balling, where you mix heroin and coke to get super high. Coke is an upper and Heroin is a downer. The combo…you feel good in that high. This ain’t your popped a Molly…I’m sweatin drug. Anyway, God bless. I guess he lived how he wanted and he made history.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    Oh, so molly is an ok drug now i’m guessin…

    • He should have grabbed an elbow of Reggie, two 100 packs of Dutchees & three cases of cheap beer & called it a month!

      • RMfag

        I dont know what any of that is.

      • Sean Taylor

        Yeah we know because you sucking too many di*ks. Let me guess you wouldve sucked Chris off too?

      • RMfag

        I actually I have never heard of it. Maybe the guys that I sucked off used it but I dont need drugs to get off. Sucking dicc and rubbing balls is more than enough for me.
        I havent sucked off anyone irrelevant since 93′ off.

      • BossBeaux

        Lol @ Reggies dont dol him dirty like that at least make it a Kush bow or something but i feel where your coming from!

      • The Reggie won’t….but them cheap beers will!

      • Celz

        Lmao my nicca said the Reggie Bush lmao.. In Cali if you smokin Reggie Bush you are prolly homeless lmao

      • LOL~N

        That ‘chet was as funny as it is probably true!

        I bet the homeless don’t have a problem letting a ninjah shine… looking out & selling a dime for nine!

    • RMfag

      Molly is more dangerous. It has the same stuff but with more stuff put in it.

  • Communist Russia.

    Speedballing is a suicide mission its a whole A list of celebs who died on that shit. What drives a person to be that high. U wonder what kinda pressure was in his life to make him take those two together. Thats like Russian Roulette with 3 bullets in the chamber. God thats scary.

    • hoeyuno

      I spent many years in a drug ridden neighbourhood.. and the ppls you see walking so fucked up that you can see them coming from 3 blocks away, talking to no one and swinging there arms all fucked up.. they are the speedball ppls. they stay up for a few days then crash for a couple.

  • Dadon850

    A few years ago a father was arrested for helping his teenage son speedball. He was doing it and he said his son wanted to experience what it was like to go to the “brink of death”. He injected his son and the kid died. They charged the father with murder. Speedballing is some crazy sh!t.

  • RMfag

    The niga died yesterday, rigor has yet to set in and all people can talk about is what he was using when he “re-blew up”.
    Bottom line: he had cancer, got little notoriety from the performance and died at 34.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      & ur an idiot homo that goes around on these sites trying to suck dudes off but yet u spitting knowledge? FOH clown!

      • RMfag

        Its called sophistication asshat. So keep that gay ish from me and fuk off. We straight over here! I only likes puzzy.

  • hoeyuno

    RIP big homie.. depression does not discriminate. white,black,red,yellow,rich,poor……

  • BosstonMA$$

    Sad that he died, only a matter of time if he was speedballin. Only people with real bad drug problems do that type a sh1t.

    Hope that wasn’t the case.

  • casanova

    in the town we call dat balluchi mix

  • Herb_Bane

    Ain’t mollys just coke and heroin anyway mixed wit some other stuff?

    • chihova

      huh? no

    • Celz

      Molly is MDMA.. Basically it is supposed to be a more pure form of Ecstasy.. Ex is mixed with other drugs to change the high slightly so you end up needing a freakin website to figure out what each pill does.. (Yes there is really a website database of every Ex pill) So Molly is supposed to be purer and the “real deal”..

      • Herb_Bane

        Thank you. An educated answer.

    • Coke & Heroin = speed balls. No one with any money or a brain is “popping mollys” it’s just speed. Rots your teeth, guts & brain… good luck with that kids. Stick to the weed.

    • Apollo Showtime

      You are a stupid person in general.

      • Herb_Bane

        Sounds like the defensive arguments of a Molly head.. FOH u corn ball..

    • yea thats wat X is basically …or meth & H , crack & H,
      molly is pure MDMA tho

  • Open Eyez

    Bullshit detected! Proof plz.

  • I’ve never come across anyone personally, or even just following the news over the years who forcefully was made to quit something. A person will only stop if they want to stop. You can go to rehab, go to jail…it doesn’t matter.

    Also, I wouldn’t call it a “rumor” when people that were close to him confirmed, that would make it legit news with a source.

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  • BulldogCG

    I dont like how he sneak make poppin a molly seem okay.

    • u can tell this lame writes about stuff he knows nuthn about & has to look it all up somewhere to do his article like:
      speed balling, mix heroin and coke . Coke is an upper, Heroin is a downer. a Molly…I’m sweatin drug.
      he writes it like he isnt only one who doesnt know that stuff

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  • i heard it was mix of reading illseed articles & drugs? no?

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  • Jr Walker

    Only if niggas would listen to Biggie ” never get high off your own supply “

    • Pouria Pars

      don’t think it was his own supply..


    Bad reporting . I reported his death before y’all did , get ya game up . False info n bs . It’s like lesser of 2 evils as far as hip hop sites go . N this one is turning to shit