Pepsi Co. Drops Lil’ Wayne For Offensive Lyrics

(AllHipHop News) Today Pepsi Co and Mountain Dew dropped Lil’ Wayne from his deal after the YMCMB president and CEO referenced civil rights victim Emmett Till in a song.

After a week where Emmett Till’s family rejected Lil’ Wayne’s apology, Wayne was ultimately dropped for having rapped the lyrics, “Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels / Beat that pu**y up like Emmett Till.”

Also on the song “Karate Chop” was Atlanta rapper Future, who has had a string of hits over the past month, but who was also on controversial Rocko song featuring Rick Ross, “U.O.E.N.O.”

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This has been a trying week for Pepsi Co and Mountain Dew as the company was forced to remove a racially charged commercial featuring Tyler, the Creator’s voice as a goat.

In a brief statement by Pepsi Co. today, the company stated that Lil’ Wayne’s, “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”

The news comes just weeks after Rick Ross was dropped by Reebok for making a reference to using a date rape drug to rape women.

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75 Responses to “Pepsi Co. Drops Lil’ Wayne For Offensive Lyrics”

  1. Dominican Dee

    So why dont these companies endorse Dead Prez, Juru the damager, Taleb Kwali, Common Sense, Jean Grae, Immortal Technique, The Roots or KRS 1??? Answer; NOBODY gives a duck unless the lyrics are offensive!

  2. Chris

    If you’re wrong and you know you’re wrong, humble yourself, do the right thing and apologize. There’s no shame in that. SMH.

  3. Matt Swan

    About damn time. He could apologize to all these ball players, but comes with a half assed one for a pioneer in the civil rights movement. F*ck wayne!!!

    • Chris

      Ummmm…Emmett Till wasn’t a pioneer of the civil rights movement. He was just an unfortunate young Brotha’ in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • Matt Swan

        Thanks for the clarification, BUT I still stand behind what I said in reference to wayne’s chickenish A**

  4. uncleruckus

    I don’t see nothing wrong about a nigga talking bad about another nigga maybe a grape or orange soda will pick him up now

  5. Adopefemalemc

    thas what I’m talkn bout, bet these rappers learn when it hurt they pocket; they don’t care that they hurtin & misleadin they community, only when it cost them some dough. Let ’em learn

  6. Banksy

    These companies are starting to make these rappers check in lol. That arrogant rapper shit is not going fly anymore.

  7. Madstacks520

    Well maybe this is what it’s gonna take to get decent music out of everybody in the game they need to drop Nikki too just cuz in the past if Wayne has an issue with a certin person/company than everybody at YM is banned form working or doing bizness with them so they just blew that deal on to the next one

  8. Herb_Bane

    Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for such a weak line. “beat it up like emmet till”? maaan thats just lazy.. lol

    • Southcidal

      Nah man, its not about submitting. Pepsi has every right to do what they want to do with their company.

  9. Franky Babylon

    Anyone with even a decent upbringing has been told the importance of apologizing when you are wrong. Sometimes its hard to humble yourself to do it, but it should be done because it only gets easier. Apologizing doesnt make you weak, and if others think it does they are fools. Apologizing makes you and others around you who learn from it stronger; this is a lesson I learned from my Mother as she raised a man. Only a small minded BOY or GIRL fails to accept responsibility when they have wronged someone.

    The Till family came to Wayne with respect and treated him like a man and asked for a apology. He chose to act like a child and ignore them until they got gangsta and came for his pockets. He then issues a weak statement with out accepting responsibility and apologizing. Therefore Im glad he lost his money and he still needs his ass whooped. If I was a famous rapper I would make all types of metaphors and references to his father rabbit dying and see if he feels it cool then.

    Now finally Im tired of these Companys acting like these artist never said anything controversial. Prior to working with these artist they know the artist has a whole catalog of material referencing violence, sex and drugs. So the Reebok brand isnt about date raping women, but it is about selling kilos of cocaine and killing niggas. So Mt Dew isnt about disrespecting a civil rights icon, but it is about sippin syrup, selling and taking drugs, killing people and lets not forget kissing men in the mouth who you call daddy but is not related to you.

    • hoeyuno

      Cosign everything. so Pepsi and reebok were fine when they were just talking about killing ppl, getting there sick sucked and selling keys of cocaine right. who makes this imaginary line of what’s acceptable??

  10. Dead wrong

    I’m no wayne fan but doesn’t the Till family realize that it wasn’t personal? Wayne’s success is based on dropping meaningless metaphors and cultural references only for the sake of rhyming. I believe him when he says he was sorry. He probably was on 7up mixed with codeine when he wrote that silly shyt in 3 seconds and never thought twice about it. I bet he had to be reminded of saying that.

  11. BosstonMA$$

    Wayne and Ross both idiots, but these corporations are bad for the world. Period.

    Maybe rap will go back to not being commercialized and we can get some real lyricists back to the fore front.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      thats exactly what i said will happen last year…i can see it..its gonna die where it started…or rest in peace at least

  12. uncleruckus

    boo hoo hoo nigga please everybody knows lil wayne don’t drink pepsi and mountain dew he drinks codine with grape soda . leave the name brand drinks for the white man oh them lucky bastards

  13. brotha_man

    the funny thing is corporate america plays these dudes and they dont even know (rick ross voice). Pay a rapper a large sum to build the brand, the company knowing that the rapper will eventually f_ up. take the endorsement away. the rapper gets negative press and the company looks good by dropping the rapping * hands u, with the i didnt know he was a bad person look* free publicity give a little dough to a rapper, walk away on the news scott free.


  14. EQ

    you can bitch and complain (protest) about any rapper (lyrics) with an whats the point here? at the end of the day wayne is winning and he’s going to say whatever he wants….

    • Kervin Pierce

      You do not understand the magnitude of his comments. This dude never backs down, so why now? I believe dude made a career ending move. Let’s watch the backlash an see how it plays out.

      • EQ

        career ending move???lol..all these haters are keeping him relevant with all this bullshit controversy..

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, it won’t happen over night, but like Rick Fawlse…his days are numbered!

    • Jordan Pauley

      At the end of the day? This brotha just lost a huuuuuuuge endorsement. And not only did the bucks go vamoooos, but so did the exposure this deal brought…. Which undoubtedly helps expand the reach of his music ventures. Yeah, he has a winning record… But this amounts to getting booted out of the playoffs. “Better luck next year!”

  15. plsDontreply

    rappers who sell out for commercialsim and money deserve to be dropped from existence. Get back to saying something with your music and watch these companies and corporate entities begin to quiver…

  16. CBurruz

    First of all I did not know Pepsi was in the company of this ‘Lil Wayne’ POS! I and several friends will never partake of their product again!!!

  17. Deebo

    And that’s capitalism folks. Rappers embrace it wholeheartedly. Now they see the other side of the coin.

  18. hoeyuno

    These companies endorsed there rappers after saying fucked up shit for years.. this is bullshit. I’m not a fan of wayne or Ross but they are mainstream frontmen of the music I love. hip hop or rap music has always pushed freedom of speech to its limits and is one of raps greatest qualities. These companies chose to endorse these two knowing damn well there songs are usually on some ignorant shit. Ross made his career rapping about being the biggest coke bawse in Miami. weezy talks about getting his dick sucked in 9 outta 10 songs. you guys knew who you hired to parade your shit around. in the future rappers are gonna have fucked up contracts witgh these endorsers which will put restrictions on what they can and cannot say and peoples that’s not Hip Hop!!!

  19. WhatupJ

    I dont understand these companies. They are endorsing rappers, they gotta expect somewhat offensive lyrics. Stupid crap by these companies.

  20. BOO BOE

    pepsi don’t give a two fucks about emit till , just as reebok doesn’t care about no molly’s, this is about my association with this nigga and what type of press will this bring. its about what majority refers sensitive but wayne needs his ass whipped for this one cause i honestly think he didn’t understand really what he said

  21. cherubian

    He needed to be dropped and any other company that sponsors him. Our youth have enough negative role models. Lets find some strong professional African Americans for our youth to emulate.

  22. Mike Yeager

    What do these companys expect when they get tied up with the scum they do in order to gain a few customers.

  23. Helenofreims

    It was, insult ask yourself shall damage popularity beverages or
    Lil Wayne career neither legislation need. To improve society for
    “Hip hop” don’t attempt speak upon matters deficient upon “Emmett Till murder is no “joke” rural areas. USA” you laugh not intimidated by pulling the “triggers” on certain few cultural misunderstandings is matter of choice! Proves the neglect upon, Black society don’t fault “Lil Wayne” okay for comics to mimic segregation let’s move along! Conservative “Black southern front, whom deny same problems gangs and narcotics don’t blame externals Lil Wayne respect Black society!

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