Funeral Services Planned for Chris ‘Mac Daddy’ Kelly

(AllHipHop News) After a week of mourning and speculation that Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly died of a drug overdose, funeral services have officially been planned for the former childhood star from the rap duo Kris Kross.

While cocaine and heroin are likely to be the deadly combination that took the life of Chris Kelly, police have not revealed the toxicology results yet.

In addition, Kelly’s mother told police that Kelly had become sick after using the deadly combination of drugs often called “speed-balling.”

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The Murray Brothers Funeral Home in Atlanta, Georgia will hold a public viewing for Kelly in the afternoon and evening on Wednesday (May 8).

The funeral services will take place on Thursday (May 9) at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church.

Chris Kelly’s passing comes just weeks after he re-united with fellow Kris Kross member Chris Smith for the So-So Def 20th Anniversary All-Star concert.

The group was said to be joining a possible So-So Def reunion tour in the coming months.

Chis Kelly was just 34 year-old.


    Rip Chris
    Man that reunion tour would have been flame damn shame what drugs can do . Smoke greens n eat mushrooms only no liquor or other drugs

    • RMfag

      How about living a clean life?


        Natural all natural from Mother Earth no x like homosexuals enjoy or meth no drano for me kid!

      • RMfag

        I dont do drugs tho.
        Just imagine me on a drug trip……

      • hoeyuno

        You Mr.Fag have crossed the line…

      • RMfag

        But the guy advocating for weed and mushroom use isnt?

      • hoeyuno

        I was joking..Shiiit if there was a line I think you woulda got that speech two weeks ago

      • RMfag

        I have, many times.


        But u don’t , do ya do but don’t preach clean when you contaminate your anus with foreign objects

      • RMfag

        A penis and olive oil is natural from where Im standing.

    • hoeyuno

      The harm mushrooms do to your brain your not doing any better then heroine or cocaine. Cheaper yes. But healthwise that’s splitting hairs . Ijs


        Never knew that now I will research that . Good look on the tip x mushrooms

      • hoeyuno

        I googled that shit to outta curiosity and it seems there’s more ppls trying to prove that they dont harm you. basically your getting high off poison right.. I always thought that how it makes you high is by your brain swelling from the poison. and I’m pretty sure that use to be somewhat common knowledge. after googling th though I realized you can find any answer your looking for. if you want to hear there harmless you’ll find that answer. if you want to prove that they’ll turn you into a space cadet that’s there to…

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  • RMfag

    And people need to give it a week after he is buried or give it a rest in general.

    Dead for two days and the only thing anyone cares about is what he was snorting on.

  • RIP


    R.I.P. Real Recognize Real

  • hoeyuno


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  • digitallife

    If someone is close to O.D.’ing put them on their side not face down or on their back. It is possible to suffocate from drug induced vomiting. Rest in peace man, wish his mom had taken him to a hospital instead of home. That’s going to weigh heavy on her the rest of her days.

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