May Day Preview: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26 KO) 146 lbs vs Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KO) 147 lbs

Tonight The Money Team (TMT) ringleader, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, puts his 43-0 record on the line against southpaw Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the WBC Title.

Its been about a year since Mayweather’s last fight against Cotto, and a lot has changed since then.  Floyd has served jail time for a domestic dispute turned violent, he had beef with former friend and TMT member 50 Cent, he patched up his relationship with his father and he left HBO for Showtime in a $250 million deal.

While Floyd has a had a little bit of trouble with lefty’s like Jose Luis Castillo,  Zab Judah and DeMarcus “Chop-Chop” Corley, Floyd has always remained victorious and despite a few close calls, Floyd defense has remained impenetrable.

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This fight is a fight that Guerrero has wanted for some time as he has called out Floyd on multiple occasions to fight over the past few years.   After showing that he could fight in the welterweight class, many boxing analysts say this will be a test for Floyd as the rust from jail and father time are factors creeping up on his undefeated record.

From solitary confinement, back to the gym, Floyd has become the highest paid sports athlete of all time, but he is 36 years of age now, and Guerrero thinks Floyd’s legs are getting tired and the money and entourages are getting to his head.  This is undoubtably a fight of polar opposites, as Guerrero’s small town and humble demeanor goes up against sport’s biggest superstar. It’s May Day, its Cinco de Mayo, get your popcorn ready, this will be a show.

Take a look at the Showtime All Access video of Mayweather vs Guerrero below and check out the list of fights that are scheduled for tonight’s Showtime lineup below:

Pay-Per-View Bouts

Welterweights, 12 Rounds (WBC Title)
Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26 KO) 146 lbs vs Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KO) 147 lbs

Featherweights, 12 Rounds (WBC Title)
Daniel Ponce De Leon (44-4, 35 KO) 126 lbs vs Abner Mares (25-0-1, 13 KO) 126 lbs

Super Bantamweights, 10 Rounds
Leo Santa Cruz (23-0-1, 13 KO) 122 lbs vs Alexander Munoz (36-4, 28 KO) 121 lbs

Middleweights, 10 Rounds
J’Leon Love (15-0, 8 KO) 160 lbs vs Gabriel Rosado (21-6, 13 KO) 160 lbs

Preliminary Bouts

Light Heavyweights, 8 Rounds
Badou Jack (13-0, 9 KO) 170 lbs vs Michael Gbenga (13-7, 13 KO) 170 lbs

Super Middleweights, 6 Rounds
Luis Arias (4-0, 3 KO) 165 lbs vs DonYil Livingston (8-2-1, 4 KO) 164 lbs

Super Middleweights, 4 Rounds
Ronald Gavril (3-0, 0 KO) 168 lbs vs Roberto Yong (5-6-2, 4 KO) 166 lbs

Light Heavyweights, 4 Rounds
Lanell Bellows (3-0-1, 3 KO) 169 lbs vs Matthew Garretson (2-0, 1 KO) 169 lbs

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  • Montezuma1

    Rust from 30 days in jail?!!! C’mon son. The powers that be will rob Floyd sooner or later. He has too much leverage being the only draw in boxing. Look for a controversial loss setting up a bigger payday for the rematch and making another fighter a household name. All the greats have lost. That’s what made them great. The ability to overcome and redeem the loss. This new generation has no concept of what constitutes greatness. It’s not being undefeated but gaining strength from your setbacks. Using every loss, disappointment and failure as a stepping stone is the true path to greatness.

    • Guest

    • andone

      the same could have been said for 50(minus the women beating thing) but instead u ignored all that yesterday and posted a hateful comment about him anyways … “selective haters” is wat we call ppl like u!

      • Montezuma1

        Selective hater? Whatever. Hate for speaking the truth? Hater is the new word for speaker of truth. I’ll take it.

      • andone

        yes a “selective hater” is wat u are… u had no problem bashing 50(for no good reason) but then u immediately turn around to praise a man who has had his own share of flaws too… u could have easily gave 50 the same props, in fact u even said that “they are the same” in the post im referring to… im pullin ur card bruh u jus got exposed by the TRUTH… own up to it!!!

    • Guest

      Montezuma – I dis-agree with you on maywheather – all the greats never ducked anybody, they took on all the top contenders -That’s what made them great – mayweahther ducked Pacieo – that’s what to be remembered about him – you can’t name a great that ducked anybody – that’s why your wrong.

      • ^Gary Noble?

        Mayweather never ducked anyone!

        Rocky Marciano = 50-0 ( 3 were his brother? ) and he started the “Bum Of The Month Club.”

      • Guest

        edog? – he DID duck pacieo, – doesn’t matter what you think or believe – I don’t converse with your stupidity – find someone else to play with.

      • Shut your step & fetchit, Stephan from Django, Gary, *No relation to Reggie, Noble @$$ TFu!

        Pac was damn near killed in the ring, and only a cornball like yourself would let a new jack try & play you in the game you built.

        *That might have went over your house negro mentality….but here is the basics….Floyd was the established Champ, Manny didn’t rate the share he was demanding.

        Floyd is the linear champ because he beat the man that destroyed Pacman, so take two steps back & fugg your own face!

      • Guest

        edog – talk to me like that in my presence – or don’t talk to me at all – and we can arrange meeting in presence – state your real name if you gonna talk like that and stop hiding behind “edog” you Coward.

      • TALK_BOSS

        Everybody kno edog real name…..he aint hiding and he far from a coward…..smh where u been guest?

      • Like that chump really want it!

        Flip side, it’s much easier to find EDOGZ818, than my government, but let him dream….the nightmare starts when he does find me though 🙂

      • Celz

        Why your account say Guest Gary?

      • He’s hiding like the house Negro B’ish that he really is.

      • LOL~N

        Would you prefer Anthony McDaniels the III?

        You must be new to the boards, but dig, I have no interest in defending myself in court, against your accusations that I knocked you & your teeth out,

        Chill with that internet thug ‘chet before you end up very badly hurt, believing your own hype.

        You ‘ole Stephan from D’Jango, house Nucca @$$ Nucca!

      • scullyson

        When I first peeped home boys comment I was like nah he must be off his rocker but it’s whateva man. Floyd got cats salty as uh munf***. Word up…Including the kid up top..controversial loss ????..LOL !!! Yeah ok

    • BOO BOE

      manny needs floyd,not floyd needing manny and every fighter almost wants to fight him. think over that

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