Mister Cee

Hip-Hop Rumor: What Will Mister Cee Say On Monday Morning?

All people keep asking me is will Mister Cee come out of the closet on Monday in this upcoming exclusive interview with his own company, Hot 97. Now, Hot 97 has been extremely supportive of Cee. In fact, they joke about it like “Dude, get a room.” But, this interview will be interesting for a couple of reasons. First of all, last time he had an incident like this, he eventually pled guilty in the case. But, that was only after several denials. After that, everybody kept it moving. This new situation is quite the quandary, but definitely going to lead to massive ratings for Hot 97.

What do you think Mister Cee will say?

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7:45 am…Hot 97! Whoa!
They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TY

    welp since it’s quite obvious he’s gay. He’ll deny it tho. niggaz need to keep it 100 w/theyselves and stop the DL shit. SMDH

    • RMfag

      I think he’s bi.

  • Robert Taylor

    theres waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much gayness going around these days. Just look at allhiphops home page. Lil wayne comment and asap rocky comment on gay nba player. Mister cee gaynees. antoine sayin hea aint gay no more. today is way too gay.

    • RMfag

      Antoine isnt gay today, so its not THAT much gay news.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    i bet he just says he can’t really talk about it and some bs about the truth will be revealed. there is no way he will be honest about it.

    • hoeyuno

      Who knows he might break down In tears and tell us that he’s responsible for the “…..I’d suck your daddies dick” line.

      • RMfag

        I created that line actually. Shocking I know.

  • hoeyuno

    He’s gonna say that the government is out to get hip hop… and there out to get him personally cause he has unpaid parking tickets…. and then flex is gonna say that anybody who doesn’t believe cee is not a real hip hop fan… somethin like that.

  • Pouria Pars

    I think the picture says it all..

  • BrotherMan21

    “I am sinner.. who’s probably gonna sin again. Lord forgive me”

  • RMfag

    Fuk the cops, Im out to get you.
    Illseed add another option: “Pay RMfag his muthafukin money!”

  • RMfag

    I wouldn’t have called the police if you simply paid my dear.
    So he was smashing it right, and churning the cum like butter right. Well then
    this dude asks if he can pay with a credit card this time. And Im like
    bish GTF. So he left and I then called the police.
    Sorry guys, I dont suck big, long, juicy, tasty, chocolate, dark, fine, hairy, long,
    thick, juicy, long, mushroom head, skinny head, underwear, drawers, boxers,
    christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, december, november, october, president, CEO, MLK, Mandela, boxer, athlete, pornstar, pudding, designer, builder, business-owner, singer, dancer, rapper, thug, preppy, geek, frat, hungry, chic, hipster, believer, racist, sexist, ageist, nationalist, historical, scientific, politician, rapper thug dicc for free!
    Pay the fuk up!
    I dont play that!

    Dont screw me over and Ill suck you good.

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    He don’t have to come out getting caught 3 times did That

    • Vic Sage

      Pretty much in my mind the first go round it was a rap..”

  • iLLseed needs to make a gif out that picture!

  • Vic Sage

    He’s probably fckin’ Flex’s punk a$$..” Mr.C em batty boy sweet..” Him and his man Flex em lova lova..”

  • RichFromBX

    so if he comes out as gay does that change anything with regards to his work? are people go to stop listening to the Biggie tracks he produced and everything else he produced…the public as a whole are way to caught up in other people’s lives…gay or not it doesn’t change the fact that this guy produced some classic tracks…

  • D4ovey

    all he has to do is own up to it. acceptance is the first step. it’s clear that people are behind him no matter what! but the longer he denies it, the bigger this issue gets