Lauryn Hill Pays Tax Debt Early Without Money From Record Sales

(AllHipHop News)  That was quick. Less than two weeks after Lauryn Hill was ordered to pay back over $900,000 in federal back taxes as well as state taxes and penalties, the ex-Fugees member does just that according to her attorney.

In an email obtained by Reuters, Hill’s attorney Nathan Hochman states that Hill has paid her debt in its entirety:

“Ms Hill has not only now fully paid prior to sentencing her taxes, which are part of her criminal restitution, but she has additionally fully paid her federal and state personal taxes for the entire period under examination through 2009.”

Even after releasing a Tumblr blog post on Thursday(May 2nd) stating she “signed a new record deal, and that I did this to pay taxes” her attorney attests the funds used to make the tax payments were not from record sales. Hochman says the funds derived from a combination of sources and last month that Hill obtained a loan from two pieces of real estate. 

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On Saturday(May 4th), a day before this news, Hill released a new song, “Neurotic Society” to iTunes  and reiterated that her music is being released for legal reasons:

“Here is a link to a piece that I was ‘required’ to release immediately, by virtue of the impending legal deadline,” she writes in her blog post

“Neurotic Society” can be purchased on iTunes. Check below to stream the new song:


    I rather not hear a artist when they are forced to do
    Something . It’s not passion it’s merely a job like flipping a burger
    We need that passion

    • TheOnlyCoop

      No there can be passion there. Just like the passion a artist has when they have no money and are trying to get their Momma out the hood.


        But she is basically saying I give you the fans this forced gift. She is letting be known she willing to abide by the contract anything other than that she not feeling it

      • NEWSKULL

        or maybe she is asking indirectly support from fans…

      • WhatupJ

        Her being hungry in the sense she needs this money can be one of the best inspiration. Most rappers first album are often the best, when they were hungry and before they were so used to how the industry works and what to make rather than make what you feel. I dont think its gonna make her create worse music, i just feel bad for her having used all the advance and possibly a loan to pay taxes from 2009. Who knows if she paid other years since then, she seems to be in a no win situation which i wouldnt want to see anybody in. And shes talented like on a level that artists today are not, maybe this need for money will be a cause for her to start making music again and wont be a bad thing in the long run.


        I agree with most of your statement . The dividing point comes when you compare her to a hungry artist . Miss hills hunger is different . Not a first time .. More like produce $$ to avoid doing a dime . Meaning bare min ( which us more talent than I)but still I want that 1st time artist album as you mentioned . Or that nas let’s go on tour before the IRS wants some time . The hunger is different . It’s almost like she’s a pouting child . Ill do it but I won’t like it .
        I want that explain these years music , struggle, pain, not I have to do it


        N I agree I do pity her situation .. I get no satisfaction from the misery of others

      • WhatupJ

        Agree with you. Need is a great inspiration, probably the most severe.

  • niggaiamhiphop

    Mrs. Hill is an enigma wrapped around a conundrum. I just hope she gets back to making dope music. Scratch that. I hope she gets her shit straight. Lauryn is dope and I hate to see her doing all this crazy shit and being involved in these headlines. Come back Lauryn. Word..

  • WSPD_Commando

    They always be going after black people when it comes to taxes. I know Lauren, Wesley,Mr. Big and the rest of celebs out there ain’t the only one dodging taxes.

    • churchboy2

      As if any gov’t on the planet cares what color you are when you owe them $$…

      • U aint Never Lie

      • WhatupJ

        Dead on right here. The gov wants money, they go after white people just like they go after black people. Money trumps racism, money is the number one thing that matters. I think you are getting the fact that rich people pay very little in taxes by using loopholes in the tax laws (The majority of these people are white, im talking VERY rich like mitt Romney and higher). Either way you can avoid all this shit (racist or not) if you just pay your taxes. No one likes the tax system and everyone thinks its a rip off, but you still have to play by their rules or you goto jail. Pretty much whatever money you make you gotta put half into the bank to pay off the taxes. Also how would you know if someone was dodging taxes? Not like they would admit that, so i think you are reaching and you named three black people who got hit for not paying taxes, im not gonna waste my time writing white people down but i could certainly find three. The IRS will f*ck over anyone no matter the race of the person.

  • she reminds me of Dave Chappelle. Both of them have their spots on the A-list reserved. People are waiting to hear something, anything from them, but they just refuse to join the circus

    • slim561

      A nigga like that analogy there.

    • Q.

      Word. ‘Cause they’re REAL.

      • WhatupJ

        What was her reason for disappearing? I understand why Chapelle did what he did, and on certain levels i agree (tho i admit i need money and would take the cash). Why did she go away? I mean she was real popular for awhile, and then just was gone. The mis-education of Lauren Hill was huge, popular and critically acclaimed then i think after that is when she went awol. Was it something to do with not wanting to deal with the industry? I dunno if you can call Lauren real cause she came back for that money, Chapelle didnt/hasnt done that.

      • Q.

        Why Lauryn disappeared was most likely a combo of things: being disaffected by the music industry and becoming a mommy to a grip of kids were the main two. You can go back and research the statements she made over the years regarding her stance on the music biz. Other than that, she never stopped making music, and she’s been back in the public eye performing for about the past 3-4 years anyway.

        As far as her “not being real,” she was faced with two choices:

        Option A: Go to prison and be separated from your children for up to 3 years.

        Option B: Sign a music deal, put out a quick single, take out mortgages, raise cash, pay off your bill, avoid prison and carry on with your life.

        She chose B. What’s not real about that?

  • Vic Sage

    I didn’t even realize she was back on Earth..”

  • churchboy2

    So much for all the cats who ranted about her being broke; fleeced by the Marleys; blah, blah, blah.
    BTW, she is still the G.O.A.T.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    This song isn’t bad. If this is what she makes when she’s rushed then damn.


      Artists work better under pressure

  • hoeyuno

    Advance money. So future record sale money. Or maybe a signing bonus …. if it was resources she already had it wouldn’t of gotten to this point.

    • WhatupJ

      Yeah exactly. And aint that crazy, using the advance and maybe a loan (i dont think she got 900 k in an advance, thats quite alot) from the label to pay off taxes. What she plan to use to live? Like you said she doesnt have resources, if she did the taxes would have been paid long ago, i mean isnt it from 2009?

  • YaheardSyndicate

    This is one of those joints where the record label is like “is there anything we can release, just release anything! how about that one song she did 7 years ago..” yeah that will work!

  • Eli Pinilla

    Killa army flow

  • Barbara Travis

    Sony paid of this debt. Lauryn sign the contract. She has put a knife to her own throat. Sony wins! If she get jail time they will have the only song available that new until she gets out and they have put her name back in the market place if she is given probation. Who you think was tracking all the concert dates with accuracy and waited 3 years. It’s a mind game and Lauryn knows it all too well. Now she has lost face talking about a system that had to bail her out and put her back in another kind of jail (music industry) They called her bluff not under her terms, but out of desperation.. They tied her hand or they would sic the black robe on her.

    • BOO BOE

      you might win some but you really lost one

    • All of that said… I’ll take the music industry jail over federal prison, ANYDAY!

      • WhatupJ

        Haha yeah same. Music industry the only jail that you can make millions in. Honestly its up to the artist to protect themselves and their finances, at this point its well known that the industry tries to f*ck you over, if the public knows about it the artist should know even more. At the end of the day you are signing a contract, so you should make sure its correct and do things like hire a f*cking lawyer. Yeah they are expensive but might save you from making a big mistake. Thats a bitch tho, signing to a record label and using that money right away to pay taxes. What the hell you gonna live on, you obviously dont have money and its not like she can make a huge amount in a small time, i dunno if people want to see her anymore.

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  • johnblacksad

    Even Ms Hill after millions and millions of records sold, had to take a loan to settle a tiny 900$k bill… and mofos got the nerve to wonder how i blew $3 little sad poor millions in about 10 years… and i didn’t blow it all… still sitting on about a third of that b!tch… i’ve seen the story too many times to go down like that

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    she said she signed a record deal to pay it off … not distributed some music lol … gotta love how lawyers like to play with words lol their word play is almost better than enimen lol

  • digitallife

    She signed a performance deal with Al Haymon. You heard it here first!!

    • BOO BOE

      shhh, let them keep thinking jews and the whites

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  • bisolabliss

    DAMN!!!! ‘Neurotic Society’ bangs HARD!!! I’m not interested in all the other nonsense, it’s non of my business, fukk Uncle Sam. Ms. Hill just give me the joints…peace

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  • AfricanSoul

    Sony’s victims: Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill…was Prince on that list too?

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