Floyd Mayweather

Rappers React to Mayweather Victory; Lil’ Wayne and Kelly Rowland Perform

(AllHipHop News) It was a long night in Vegas and as predicted by many in the Hip-Hop world, Floyd “Money” Mayweather won by a unanimous decision against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero last night at the MGM Grand.

Improving his record to 44-0, Floyd won in 12 rounds of boxing as he finessed and punished Guerrero with jabs, hooks and defensive tactics that wore out the younger Guerrero out.

While some boxing analysts questioned whether or not Floyd’s age and his recent incarceration would have an impact on the fight, Floyd held on to the Welterweight WBC Title in a decisive victory, silencing any critics that said he would be rusty.

To start the fight Mayweather was escorted into the ring by Lil’ Wayne who performed his song “No Worries” along side Floyds trainers, the TMT entourage and most importantly his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Hip-Hop and R&B talent alike were in the building as Kelly Rowland sang the “National Anthem” for the United States.

Also in attendance were Rick Ross and Sean “Diddy” Combs, who were pictured in between rounds.

Throughout the fight Guerrero attacked Mayweather into the ropes, but everytime “Money” Mayweather danced circles around the frustrated Guerroro, countering with every shot that Guerrero landed.

“We did it again,” an exhausted Mayweather told reporters ring side. “I take my hat off to Robert Guerrero, he’s a true warrior.”

Throughout the final four rounds of the fight Guerrero was struggling to abate a cut over his eye that was caused by a fierce jab from Mayweather in the eighth round.

When Guerrero did get close to Floyd, he dodged Guerrero or the two often locked up and the judge had to separate the fighters, as Guerrero continued to take what Floyd called “rabbit punches” – punches to the back of the neck.

Three judges eventually scored the match 117-111, and while some booing fans were looking for the knockout, Floyd says that he hurt his right hand earlier in the fight and felt bad he was unable to get the KO for fans.

After the fight rappers rejoiced in Floyd’s predicted victory.

“Wow! I can’t believe it. Floyd Mayweather just won!” – Captain Obvious.” Chamillionaire said.

“Again I say…. Speed kills” Scarface Tweeted.

“One of the beat things about the great fight last night,was seeing Floyd Sr back were he belong in his son korner! #letswin!” said Tone Trump

“Floyd is remarkable S/O @LilTunechi for support our hit single commas @lepbogusboys and @masonbetha floyd got more commas tonight.” – the LEP Bogus Boys Tweeted.

The night was also lucrative for some rappers that bet thousands on Floyd winning the fight.

“I got 20 Bands on Floyd,” West Coast rapper YG Tweeted before the fight.

According to Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer, Floyd’s next fights are potentially with Amir Khan, Danny Garcia or a rematch with Victor Ortiz, as he closes out his final five fights of his career.

Check out the pictures below of the fight courtesy of Esther Lin & Tom Casino of SHOWTIME:


  • andone

    “u support a woman beater… thats who u support, he beat his wife in front of his kids” *in guerrero dads voice!

    lm@o @ rozay cheerleading for floyd after he and 50 clowned him hahaaahaaaa, u kno may salty too walking in wit weez trying to make 50 jealous thats a b!tch move, no points given to this fight duckin n!gg@!!!

    • WSPD_Commando

      Nigga shut your righteous ass up was you there? Hoes be instigating shit too sometimes know both sides before you judge!

      • andone

        ^^^WOMAN BEATER???

        SMH @ u callin me (self) righteous while trying to justify puttin hands on women… talk about an oxy-moron!!!

        was i there? there for wat, i didnt have to be its a well known fact that dude went to jail for it genius…

        and b4 u start talkin to me about who deserves wat, ive witnessed my own mother/family/friends(females) suffer abuse jus for popin off @ the lip and never did i think for a sec that it was fair or acceptable in any situation no matter the circumstance(unless u are the one who is being victimized/assaulted and SELF DEFENSE is absolutely necessary)… so miss me wit all that…

        also not to mention u do know that floyds hand are considered a deadly weapon right… we’re not talkin about jus any n!gg@ puttin his hands on a woman, we’re talkin about a serious lethal threat… i cant /dont/wont respect that!!!

      • You make it sound like he did the Ali shuffle & worked her over in the bathroom corner!

        I think he gripped her up, maybe schmacked her, but I doubt he was hitting her with head movement & combinations.

      • andone

        ocho cinco… ocho cinco… i told that b!tch give me HEAD ocho cinco lol….

        i didnt make it sound like nothing tho… i was simply quoting OG… dude deff didnt body/rhianna(or maybe they agreed to not make pics/proof public?) the broad but still “thats who u support”???

      • True that.

        Still, you know how some chics be, yelling at you in your own mansion, etc.

        A woman can make a man lose it!

        Was he wrong? >>Shrugs

        He did beat Gurrera’s @$$ though!

    • RMfag

      I have no idea what you are talking about.

    • BOO BOE

      only thing solid is lmao at rozay cheerleading, “that mayweather money looking fuuny in the light” and then he called the boy sweet” so when floyd crossed paths with rozay, rozay was shit face and shook hands quick, so i believe its squashed

      • andone

        i might be reaching wit the “salty” claim… but both the woman beater quote and rozay drop are more that solid bruh… even if they did squash their differences, it still dont change the fact that may did fat boy sideways and the proof will forever be on the net… i jus find it funny how hes linkin up wit ppl he laughed @ when he was down wit 50, imo its hilarious and looks desperate on all them n!gg@s!

      • BOO BOE

        no it doesnt change the fact cuz i said the same thing when i saw ross, ross very likely paid for the ticket i doubt floyd ever bought a rick ross album or paid to see him in concert, and mayweather been walking with rappers before the world knew 50 cent. 50 seems more desperate to me cause floyd still doing what he do with or without 50.but 50 always talking about floyd and thats still m brother shit, 50 knows exactly wha he doing “SMS NIGGA” and did you not see 50 floyd wayne all on a picture, its always been competitive with 50 wayne, cash money 50 aint worried about walking to no damn ring, he better hope SMS promotions dont go down the drain

      • andone

        50 did call floyd out on twitter and let it be known that there were problems between them instead of kissin mays @ss i dont see nothing wrong wit that… after that he only spoke on him when asked in interviews and there was no avoiding that so imo he handled it well and for the most part kept it real wit the ppl… and i know may always had rappers for his entries im jus pointing out may knew wat he was doing by having lil cease walk him in, its obvious… and the same way floyd is doing his thing is the same way 50 is doing his, only time will tell… also if u recall the pic wit all three of them u can notice 50 wasnt interested in being friends wit weez it was jus a mutual respect for the sake of the event… i cant lie tho 50 needs to get his team up and make some noise in boxing or it might be a wrap for him in that biz… i still got more respect towards fif tho for giving it a shot and not being afraid of failure, it will be interesting to see how things play out!

      • BOO BOE

        i feel you but did you see this man on a interview suppose to be promoting his fighters and the whole 30 minutes he talked about floyd,, i feel what you saying i just know its more to it than we know, 50 cant friend anyone, he’s shady and can’t help it even if he’s trying to be righteous about it. floyd never promotes the man like 50 does him, what happened with you and 50?” he s doing him im doing me”. but 50″ he has a gambling problem ,he has no income outside of boxing yap yap yap, 50 i fucks with him but the nigga be on som hoe shit

      • andone

        to agree to disagree… we have a difference of opinions and this probably could go on for hours but ive already took too much time out my day on this… i jus knew AHH was gonna mention this and i was waiting on it… seems like we have a draw and im cool wit that, but i beg to differ wit 50 being shady in regards to this matter… floyd was down when he went in and then changed up as soon as he got out for watever reason… i could easily be callin floyd shady for that too but im burned out already… however to ur defense, im still not sure if its business or personal wit them and that really remains to be seen but it is wat it is… im done for the day tho man, stay up and ill catch u later if anything… time to get turned up on this tequila, DUCES!

      • BOO BOE

        so you solid on rozay brother stop it! you’ve never seen this man beat a woman but like you said rozay is for ever proof on the net and you prove he has ducked I’m ready to lite that ass up 321….

      • andone

        like i told the other dude i didnt have to see it… floyd did time thats enough proof for me… as far as the in front of his kids part tho idk if thats true, i was jus quoting a helluva statement… and yes may has never fought fighters in their prime thats a fact so dont bother trying to debate that wit me!

      • BOO BOE

        how many people doing time for something they didn’t do lol… , come on my dude. ha ha that was a hell of a statement but rubin quiet as a church mouse now and his son his to come to New York and face the music which carries at least a year ask lil wayne, plaxico, ja rule and numerous others

      • andone

        some might have doubts given the justice systems track record… but i firmly believe dude flipped out on his ol lady like so many other men have done… im not trying to crucify the man cuz its not like he was the first or the last… but the proof is in the pudding on this one, forget all the other ppl ur bringing up!

      • BOO BOE

        no brother im talking about robert the ghost about to go to jail after taking that ass whopping last night and his daddy calling floyd the woman beater

      • BOO BOE

        i said ruben gurreor isn’t so loud any more the one who made the statement and his son his to face jail time in new york the same charges as those people i m bringing up

      • andone

        i hear u… but u cant compare apples to oranges my dude… two completely diff things!

      • BOO BOE

        i’m not comparing his sit with floyds what i am saying you said floyd doing time is enuff proof for you,1. i say how many people have been convicted for something they didnt do.

        you say you are quoting a hell of a statement. woman beater
        2. The man who said that is very very very quiet after his son took that ass whooping from one hand all night.

        3. now the ghost the guy who took the ass whopping has business in ny for breaking one of new yorks strong forced laws.
        so summed up gurroe’s was talking all that hot shit and now this is the future

        but its all good gee like you say you knew ahh was going to post this and me too, im somewhere else with it and seem to me you aren’t up on the sits.

      • BOO BOE

        the only reason i brought it up cause they were talkng shit and making fun of floyd going to jail and called this man a woman beater and he’s going to meet a real man …. mucho chinco bullshit…

        i guess it does take a woman beater to beat a bitches ass
        cause this dude got whipped with one hand as if he was a woman, thats how woman beaters beat women. how floyd did to robert ha ha


  • RMfag

    Sexy man right there.

  • EQ

    floyd still has supreme defense..dude just might retire undefeated

  • Bumpy Johnson

    he roll with wayne…fuck’em

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Mayweather stay fighting no name and washed up fighters……He need to fight Alvarez or Pac Man

    • Guererro hadn’t lost in 8 years, bruh.

    • trilltalk1

      who is a no name fighter he faught? who was washed up he faught? nigga stop hating for the sake of hating

    • Oscar Dela Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosely, Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Zab Judah… Yea, all of them are washed up…

  • Yonni Sutton

    What about all the other dudes that beat their wives in secrecy and the unreported spousal abuse taking place. You needs to get off it! He paid for it and was forgiven, the thing is humans have the tendency to penalize other humans forever, over their mistakes when GOD has already forgiven them. If God can forgive why humans have the right to keep beating that same sin in others, when we all have flaws. #justbequite…..

  • Eny Daboss

    where 50 at lol

  • If Mayweather was a perpetual woman beater… His ass would had been got locked up for a stretch. Hasn’t happened which says it all. So, give the man a break. Oh, and give him $32 more million. lol

  • trilltalk1

    ROSS made it to the fight, that is strange cause when 50 was at all Floyd fights the last few years, ROSS was no where to be seen. I guess it was safe this weekend 50 wasn’t there. lmao!!

  • greeneyedbandit

    I’m happy for Floyd….wish him the best! much love~