Chris Kelly

Footage Surfaces Of Chris Kelly From The Day Of His Death

(AllHipHop News) Before Kriss Kross member Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly passed away last week the last time the 34-year-old was seen by most people was at the So So Def 20th Anniversary show in February.

TMZ has now obtained footage on Kelly the day he was found unconscious at his Atlanta home on May 1st. The video was said to be shot around 7 AM that morning. The rapper was later pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center around 5:30 PM that evening.

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In the video, Kelly is seen rapping to the camera. Reportedly, the lyrics were from a song that he had been working on prior to his death.

No official report of what led to Kelly’s passing has been issued, but there has been speculation that it was the result of a drug overdose.

Funeral services for Kelly will be performed this Thursday, May 9th in Atlanta.

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  • Yeah… They was higher than a galaxy.

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    No matter how u died, you died….and I say only R.I.P my brother

  • anonymous

    Eerie coincidence how he talks about dead bodies/emcees in his rap.

  • Dead wrong

    Dammnn, his so-called homies sold the footage to tmz to buy more dope… A crackhead gon’ be a crackhead… but…Where does tmz draw the line? When people become addicts its as if they lose their soul or something… like they’re no longer your living friend or family member, just a walking talking corpse. Shyytz sad man.

    • lox

      Harvey Levin= Jew
      jew= all about that paper
      all about that paper= no morals, exploit anyone

      • therealest1

        Tell it real about the Jews ya heard me.

    • ” When people become addicts its as if they lose their soul or something… like they’re no longer your living friend or family member, just a walking talking corpse.” <—– REAL

      • Dead wrong

        I traveled to your music page as I often do when people leave links. Most times I’m almost expecting wackness. Wow@”Let it go”! Your music’s dope and it’s very organic. True, we are Gods, and that’s the whole purpose for having to climb this Life mountain. Be happy for your problems, one.

  • the camera man sound like he was high on something and it was probably him that sent this 2 tmz shows u wot type of friend he is

    • hoeyuno

      O fo sho. He probably got some decent money for it to… money brings out the worst in people.

      • Nah, like Judas and the 30 pieces…..he probably feels like ‘chet!

        He probably posted it before he died and some one else hit TMZ.

        Internet fame is a helluva drug!

  • RIP

    TMZ = not a good look

    • hoeyuno

      That harvey dude would post controversial footage of his own mother if it was worth ratings

      • WhatupJ

        He does seem to be a big scumbag. Paparazzi in general are dickholes, but TMZ is like the leader of the dicks.

      • hoeyuno

        Harvey was a celebrity lawyer before he did the tmz thing. So he’s a paparazzi/Hollywood lawyer who is gay. I doubt he even sees heaven as a option..

      • Hahaha!

        I know, but I meant the people who leaked it!

        4UMF is the same way, almost, I stepped to them about ICE T & CoCo / AP9, as it was disrespectful, and was told News is News, etc., but the other owners agreed, and we were, or they were, the first to tone it down.

        I’m only a part owner, small part ( >>Holding 2 fingers together to demonstrate how small a part) but they took Hip Hop into consideration, the same with iLLseed and the Bambatta rumor.

        When Paradise Gray cleared it up, it was a dead issue….but the milk was already spilled….but peep how when iLLseed posted it, Zulu finally responded.

      • hoeyuno

        it’s true tho(news is news). And if your in the news game with a pocket full of morals other ppls are just gonna get the scoop. you gotta kinda be a whore to make good money at the shit I guess. Harvey is a smart jew and he’s takin the paparazzi game to a level where celebs want to be seen by them… I see 4umf has a tip line now..haha.. I check on y’all once in awhile, it’s actually a pretty cool site. a little bit of everything and updated all the time..

      • It’s the updates that do it!

        20+ times a day!

        We get the news first!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Video ain’t showing… Just googled it, the tunes sound pretty dope… RIP…

    • hoeyuno

      It didn’t sound bad. I wonder if Chris smith has a bunch of music stashed that they been working on?? I’d cop.

      • water_ur_seeds

        yeah hope so i would defo cop a cd to…

  • therealest1

    Since Iron Sheik stays in Atlanta, I wonder if he’ll be attending Kelly’s funeral in his Middle Eastern garb complete with turban and pointed wrestling ring boots.

  • This is some tragic shit man, ain’t been able to wrap my mind around it since I first caught word of his death. Like that denial-type thing…”Nah, ain’t no way in hell that shit happened.” With all them hypes around, can’t help but wonder how much of fam’s shit came up missing before that ambulance was called…they probably peeled him like a damn banana…smdh

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I thought he had cancer like 10 years ago

  • YaheardSyndicate

    tmz has no respect though. They will post a dude 8 hours before he died, just for a story. man shits crazy

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  • RickyRo

    Talk about ‘premonition’… Truth to power though – As the general public, we are hypocritical, cause WE’VE MADE scum bag media sources (such as ‘TMZ’) the media giants they are, because we can’t help but to ‘click’ on classless material such as what TMZ offers. It don’t matter if it’s ridden with lies, personal moments, death, etc… The more controversy, the better! We eat this garbage straight up like it’s the last meal on the planet.

    #humandepravity #welovinit!

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