Ja Rule

Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule Is Out Of Jail!!!!!??? Celebrate!

That’s the word on the streets! It looks like the good, downtrodden homey Ja Rule has touched down. No official word, but it seems like Nore knows a little something. Nore took to twitter to reveal that the Queens homey is back. Ja was supposed to be in the big house aka the bing aka jail until mid-summer. Looks like 50 is going to have to watch his back gain! Kidding. Seriously, Ja was in there on gun charges. I don’t think he’s going to be holding anytime soon.

Welcome home Ja!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • tra mo

    Ja lookin like dam son u smell dat

  • Ja should just sell his mansion in NJ and move into a nice 3-4 bedroom house and become an entertainment personality. Chasing fame is the worst thing to do publicly. Pretty sure Irv aint jerking his royalties so if he got sense Ja will just stay in the slow lane and die happy (just my unasked for opinion).

  • therealest1

    This ass clown’s career has been dead since 10 years ago after Get Rich Or die Tryin’ was released.

  • Good look & Good Luck!

  • Ja need to put his pride/male ego aside and go back to the music that was working for him.

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    RUUUULE BABYYYYY!!!!!… man I don’t care what y’all will say dude had hits… holla holla it’s murdeeer!… he just need to have fun with it and stop acting gangsta that’s it…

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    damn Illseed why you always gotta post the gayest pics

  • All that shade 50 threw his way for singin’ on the track… Then 50 started singin’ on the track… Soundin’ like the smoking commercial lady with the hole in her throat. To sing-songy projects by T-Pain, Wayne, Drake, … Some of which is good music, too. All that to say that in hindsight, Ja-Rule startin’ to look like the Kool Herc of sing-song lyrics, lol.

    • BOO BOE

      nelly and ja was doing that shit in 2000’s and made it pop everyone else followed and had their biggest hits. in all fairness bone had been doing the singy song melody thing, twista, tech n9 its really a midwest thang. now niggas are running with it like they originated it. Rodger troutman another midwest playa.

      • outlaw1211

        Bone Thugs was doing it before all of them. Nelly took their style.

    • BOO BOE

      i just wanna add a lot of people don’t give nelly mo the credit cause alot of niggas took his style and ran with it from the songs, to his image..(cough, flo-rida just throw his ass on out there). mo did some shit in rap, pop, music that will never be touched this man went into the country genre with a smash, went and robbed some of that johnny cash money,

    • gomer_1

      50 been singing on his shit since the begining. He probably thought ja stole his style and started making love songs

  • PL

    Oh shit…Stuart Little is outta jail! Now maybe we’ll get another movie…

  • alright, now he can get back to where he left off at, making the best songs ever!!! ……… oh wait… lol

  • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

    Good that Ja is out 50 needs a challenge.

    • dee

      u shouldnt post

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

        Why? Ain’t nothing happening in rap.

      • Tony G.

        so when niggas aint beefin that means nothing is happening? we need less of the BS and more good music..and if ud turn of the radio ud see there some real good music out there..

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

        So far 50 doesn’t put out an album without beefing and now that Ja is supposedly out of jail I think its going to be an open battlefield now IF Street King Immortal EVER COMES OUT. Plus I stop listening to rap from 2009 and don’t respect the music that is being presented as Rap or Hip Hop now. The only artists I would listen to are the Older artists from my era 80s 90s up to ’09 if they were to release an album in present time and don’t sellout.

  • Lamar Star

    What would it be without youuuuuuuu !

  • digitallife

    Welcome home…he’s still cashing checks from old songs, but folks say his career is dead. I wish my career was that kind of dead lol.

  • DollasTX

    thats whats up – welcome home niggah!

  • king

    It’s murda.

  • Negro Peligro

    why the fudge you in jail shooting oily shower scenes

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