Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Wants To “OJ Simpson” V-Nasty?

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This kid took it to the next level with it. There’s not a lot of new places to go with Hip-Hop and dissing, but this one takes the cake!

Dude Dayo used to date V-Nasty, but she went and got pregnant and said it was his when it wasn’t. Now apparently, there were some other word said from The Nasty One that I don’t know about. Why? Because the Brooklyn rapper returned with this. Here is the diss record:

Riff Raff got some too.


“I embrace the gay community more than you know- more than any of you guys know.”

Based on what we know, I don’t want to know what we don’t know!

I cannot sum this up any clearer. Steph Lova is going to spazz on somebody! She’s almost to spit on and Kim Osorio of Source magazine accused her of lying on “The Gossip Game.” And then Steph tweeted this:

They about to get all “Love and Hip-Hop ATL” with it. LOL!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • PL

    OJ the Terminator! Love this mixtape cover…

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  • Tre C

    illseed, for real?

  • I’m sorry call me a racist, but these dirty white bitches have no place in Hip-Hop…Seriously instead of worrying about Gays, and Illuminati someone should really take a stand on the kind of people who can be qualified to be a rapper.

    • Guest

      nah that aint racist. im white and i agree 10000000 percent this dirty nasty bitch needs to be kicked out hiphop..there should be like a graduation. every year 4-5 rookies get into the game and have to work to stay or they get kicked out and have to be good

      • I agree to this statement for all racists

      • She adds nothing to the craft, she is disrespectful, why is she even considered to be a rapper?

      • Guest

        Dior – adding nothin’ to the game, while being disrespectful too – is a good reason – blacks in rock would not bring that delima.- so I see that point.

      • Guest

        i couldnt even tell you, she gets no cosign. i never heard anyone come up to me like ‘yo son you hear that new vnasty joint.. FIREEEE!’ lolll. shes wackness in a bottle mixed with ugle as shit and you get- vaginal disease

    • RichFromBX

      it’s racist if you mean white chicks as a whole regardless of skill…this bitch has none so I would agree she shouldn’t be allowed in the game…I mean would it be racist if someone said “these black boys have no place in heavy metal”

      • To answer your question; Yes…..Not everyone should be doing certain things…A black guy doing heavy metal probaly won’t makes sense, unless there are some extreme talent to display….People need to stay in their lane. Hip-Hop is a money maker but certain nationalities want to be a part of it just for that reason…Basically if Hip-Hop wasn’t such a cash cow then certain people would not even look in this direction.

      • Let’s not forget its a lot of weak ass Black rappers that are exploiting the game just as much.. ANYBODY in the game for the sole purpose of financial game is jeopardizing the culture.

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

        Or a sellout.

      • “stay in their lane” sounds a lot like know your place smdh. can’t argue with you on this chicks lack of talent but that kind of thinking is mid evil cousin

      • Living Colour?Bad Brains? Just put ya shackles back on.

      • ladynamor

        Blacks would never get the chance to take over heavy metal. The labels wouldn’t allow it.

      • RichFromBX

        labels don’t really run the metal scene so they wouldn’t have any influence…metal is pretty much controlled by the fans and if you’re hot you’re hot…in the last 10 years or so there have been a bunch that have come on the scene and are really successful in that genre but you would never hear anything about metal bands in pop culture anymore than you hear about La Coka Nostra

  • Anybody can be a rapper thats whats so funny about rap.People learned the game which will always lead to new rappers from all walks of life and diverse life situations.You dont have to be a gangster,pimp our thug.

    • But she is acting as if she is gangta, a pimp and a thug……It is disrespectful to say that anyone can be a rapper…Thats un true, it take skills, talent, street cred, and the ability to move a crowd, all of which this chick lacks.

      • churchboy2

        I was with you for a minute but….it takes ‘street cred’ to be a rapper?

        Do you stand by that statement?

      • Matt Swan

        It takes skills, talent, street cred and the ability to move a crowd. Only the last is true, but all you really need is the internet, a good lie, a bunch of gullible individuals, and a lil cash to get either a ghostwriter or beat maker and you now have a rapper.

      • all you need is an instrumental, a mic a program to record and rhymes.

  • Golgo 13

    v nasty and kreyshawn r both pregnant how interesting its probably gd 4 tha both of dem because there both wack and ugly an no one checks 4 there music riff raff is probably the one that got v nasty pregnant

  • Guest

    Yea he embrace it alright

  • MrNoName2K

    Magneto…Dayo…roody poo

  • “Like Dayo, how you gon’ beef with a bit**? I’m like I don’t give a f*** I’ll ether the bit**.” LMFAO Ignorance at it’s blissful best.

  • brotha_man

    whites chicks got these negroes minds all twisted gonna do time for this broad that wakes up and calls him N*gga every minute. SMH.

  • dehova

    I for one would think it was karma if I heard Mr Cee raped this foolish disgrace to my race

  • Steph Lova??? huh?? who? what?? nevermind i dont even want to kno…

  • dudes song ant bad, def waaaay better then anything that white gurl mob ever put out

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I have never heard a White girl mob song but I think I was able to sit through half of Gucci Gucci. Aint this the same lame that was saying she was a loyal woman after she first pinned him with this baby. Album artwork is funny, wish a better rapper would’ve used the concept.

    • box5

      Truth serum, great concept, ill pic, yet the song is trash, game need to steal this lol yell™

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Is this the same guy who said in a interview here that although V-Nasty cheated on him he still loved her?

    • Negro Peligro

      lol. this needs more upz

  • Negro Peligro

    man who would hit that youd have to like men

  • Negro Peligro

    how many people knew this bitch was gonna end up on maury.

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  • MonsterKodeJRCrippin

    This shit is fuckin hot!!!!

  • Travis Childs


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  • BloodMoney

    This is one of the most creative diss songs ever!!!! and he lyrically killed her!!!!!

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