Ja Rule

Ja Rule Out Of Jail, On House Arrest

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule served almost nearly two years in federal prison, but now the rapper is a free man.

The rapper was jailed for illegal gun possession and tax evasion. The rapper didn’t pay taxes on $3 million in taxes, according to authorities.

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The platinum seller is under house arrest until July 28, which is the official date where Ja will be totally free.

His wife reportedly picked him up from jail and took him home.

Last year, Ja released Pain Is Love 2 while he was still incarcerated.

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  • ostermalm

    This nigga is due for a hit record. Now that 50 ain’t what he use to be maybe thats the only way for them to get hot again! thats if anybody would care

    • Guest

      another rap artist that goes to jail in middle of career – unlikely country, rock, jazz, or pop artist – shud learn the “gotcha” part of life.

  • hoeyuno

    Ja put a album out last year!!?¿ he just did 2 years. I wonder what he thinks of the new hip hop. I mean I’m sure he was told but this shit is somethin you gotta see to believe haha

    • How do you do that upside down question mark?

      Is that some Canada ‘chet?

      • hoeyuno

        Itsa thing on my phone. Bunch of other gay smiley faces and shit but I reserve the ¿¿¿¿¿¿ for special ppls and special topics. There’s these to £€¥₩¤¡… but have found no purpose for them…

  • RichFromBX

    what’s a “Ja Rule” – thy shall not cross 50 or risk being cast to obscurity…

    • People saying 50 ended Rule careers that’s a bunch of rubbish.

      How can you say that, 50 tries to get credit for everything.

      I bet if the world ended 50 with try and take credit for that too.

      The fact is people weren’t feeling rule when he changed his style.

      • Nah, 50 finished him!

      • BOO BOE

        i must agree 50 shot him in the head, dug the grave, put him in the grave, shot him again in the head, and then put the dirt on him

      • <>

      • jeb081998 .

        The Feds finished Ja & Murder Inc. 50 takes credit for alot of things he didn’t do. 50 claims he ended Game but you see how that went. Same thing with Rick False.

      • Game & Rick Fawlse = Finished

        The thing with Ja, was that it was over quick, while Game & Fawlse are going out slowly.

        In retrospect, Ja finished himself.

      • How, 50 told people not to buy his album?

        This ending an artist’s career I don’t get.
        If you put out good music that people want
        to listen to they’ll buy your records and attend
        your shows.

        There’s something called coincidence and
        unfortunately for Ja, his career took a dip
        during the time when they were beefing.

        If 50 could he’d come up here and claim
        credit for my great command in English
        language. LOL.

        I used to be a fan of 50 and Game
        but when they both turned delusional I lost

        50 ending anyone’s career is a myth I wonder
        what happened to his own rap career he surely
        needs to take the credit for ending that himself.

      • “If 50 could he’d come up here and claim credit for my great command in English
        language. ”

        *It’s command “of” the English language, but your point is well taken, but I will smack so much fiyah out of your ex, that you will never get them back if you try & front like “Back Down” off GRODT wasn’t the Beef Anthem.

        That ‘chet right there finished Ja.

        Now he will still make music, but he will never have the type of respect that he deserves because of it.


      • Glad you spotted that EDOGZ, hence the reason why I attached a LOL at the end.

        Bro, I don’t need my ex back LOL. I’m just helping those that can’t live without their ex. Let’s just say “mans” is running a service. Ha Ha.

        But I still have an opposite view of 50 ending Ja’s rap career.

      • 50 opened the flood gates…..it has been all down hill since.

        Flip side – Ja could flip it & re link up with 50…..nah, it’ll never happen.

        He needs to drop a fiyah diss track.

        WWR style


        or make good music.

      • BOO BOE

        na, 50 fucked em up .. “Your boss is a bitch if he could he would/ sell his soul for cheap/ trade his life to be suge” 50 entire debut on the telescope was broadcasting murder inc.

        people in different countries was singing along..


        “You’s a pop tart sweet heart ,soft in the middle .” Career fatality

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Ja Rule was in jail?


    Ja still got it 50 stole his style n I’m a 50fan but ja got heat
    Refer to clap back , New York New York, holla. Nuggas faking like they wasn’t knocking his joints wit they bitch

  • Guest

    It woulda been great if 50 woulda came and picked him up, the look on his face would have been priceless.

  • bigdoe6

    Leave the Ja and 50 shit alone. I mean it’s not even entertaining anymore. Ja had a successful career as a artist just as well 50. 50 just jumped into different ventures besides music. When it comes to music they both had incredible hits.

  • Mikiyah Quinn

    I think it is time for Ja To come out with a Real Album

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  • Ati

    I hope he didn’t go to jail for Murder cause he will have to change his “record label” name.lol

  • Golgo 13

    ja rule is wack

  • Mike Swiff

    OK…who cares yo!

  • sneaky tee

    It is so funny how a rap beef from 7-8 years ago is so fresh in everyone’s minds – so no matter how you look at it this guy was relevant and his impact on the Rap game was hard hitting. The movement, the music and the message he sent out still has you longing for a decade ago. Sorry its not so funny after all.

  • king

    Lol really like two quarters is relevant in the hip hop game

  • Pouria Pars

    Back Down

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