Naughty by Nature

Naughty By Nature’s Vinnie Speaks; Treach To Speak Exclusively To AllHipHop

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday, Naughty By Nature frontman Treach dropped a bomb on the Hip-Hop World, stating that he and Vinnie were no longer friends.

But, the Brick City don used far more colorful terms on Twitter.

Treach said, “Vinnie from NAUGHTY BY NATURE is Officially FIRED!! Anything he does besides shows til Sept is Frugazy!! F**k him & the Ground he Walks!!”

He continued, “Anybody that f**ks with that Bitch a$$ Nigga Don’t F**k with Me!!”

Vinnie has now spoken out, albeit very sparsely, on Twitter.

He said, “I’m waking to drama. Spoke to my publicist. Silence is Golden. In the meantime Business 101: You can’t Fire the Owner ;-).” He did not elaborate.

AllHipHop will speak to Treach exclusively on this in a story that will run tomorrow. Look for it.

Both Vinnie and Treach have indicated that no Naughy By Nature shows will be cancelled that they have booked thus far.

Naughty is one of the most anticipated act for the upcoming Roots Picnic on June 1.

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  • therealest1

    Crazy shit.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Very much so! After all these years they couldn’t keep it together, smh

      • bisolabliss

        After 25 years to be precise, since the days of ‘The New Style’

      • InTheNightKitchen

        That makes it even worse hearing this. Especially since their business is in the street.

      • Yeah, that was a sucka move!

  • Two_guns_Billy

    Damn say it aint hooray

    • My 1st son’s 1st words were “HeeeyyYYY! HoooOOOOOO!”

  • TruthSerum

    Twitter is the worst thing that happened to hip hop, or close to it. Social media has made me lose respect for so many artist I love. A few dudes even lost money over it because some of them guys are such douchebags that after seeing what they are really like I couldnt bring myself to put money in their pockets and just added them to my “Torrent only” list lol

    • Super_Hero

      twitter and VH1 fake reality shows.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i use to follow my fav rappers and found out these niggas was 1/8 the man i thought they were….i dont even have fav. rappers anymore.

      • Dead wrong

        Lol@ 1/8th the man. Thats real though. It’s why smart artists like denzel, johnny depp and even eminem maintain an aire of secrecy ane mystery. As they say, its better to keep your mouth closed and be considered wise than to open your mouth and remove all doubt that you are a fvckin fool …. or some shyt like that lol

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Just what the hell did Vinnie do in the group? Was he like the hype man or something?

    • Dadon850

      Lol…He wasn’t the hype man, he’s more like a manager/public relations guy of the group. Treach would probably be dead broke without Vinny. Put it like this, Treach was the artist, Vinny was the business man. Can’t screw over Treach because Vinny had business sense, something at the time Treach did not. They were a true team at their best.

    • $18592567

      He was the 2nd verse man…

      • lol good one.


    Ok. Treach been went his own way anyhow 90%

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  • Somebody ate somebody’s leftovers out the refrigerator. Smh.

  • Mr. S.N.O.

    Are we really talking about this……….does the rap community really care……people lets move on….

  • dehova

    Strangely, all the Americans I know come from New Jersey….and they all tell me this is typical Jersey shit. Jersey brothers just don’t get along.

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Seems like a publicity stunt. You’re like fug him but then, our shows are still on starting in September. Seems like the 50 v Mayweather, Havoc v. Prodigy beef to me.

  • Kevin Farley

    isnt brick city newark?i thought treach was from one of the oranges?

  • Crazy respect to Naughty, they had shtt bumping and repping jersey hard!! And to think too that without Treach who knows what would’ve been of eminem since M said Treach made him rethink his whole format.

  • BigSweezer

    $ or kitty is the root of most beefs