Signs The World IS Coming To An End: Cemeteries Won’t Bury Boston Bomber!


Apparently, reportedly and allegedly – THEY WILL NOT BURY THE BOSTON BOMBER!

Let me get the report right. Here is what they are saying:

On Sunday, Tamerlan’s body remained at a funeral home, where his uncle said he was trying to deal with the logistics of readying the body for burial.
“I’m here to prepare his body – to wash it, shroud it, to prepare his body,” Ruslan Tsarni was quoted as saying.

The funeral home owner, Peter Stefan, said he still has to find a cemetery willing to accept the body for burial. Three cemeteries that Stefan contacted said they feared reprisals, but the funeral home owner said you can’t pick and choose when it comes to a burial.

The city manager of Cambridge said he would not allow Tamerlan to be buried in the city if requested by the funeral director or the family.

“The difficult and stressful efforts of the citizens of the City of Cambridge to return to a peaceful life would be adversely impacted by the turmoil, protests, and widespread media presence at such an interment,” City Manager Robert W. Healy said in a statement.

Tamerlan died April 19 after he and his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, shot dead a university police officer, carjacked an SUV and hurled bombs at officers pursuing them, according to authorities.


I don’t understand what the big deal is – dude is dead and they got revenge too. Nobody is going to exhume that man’s body and mutilate it more than those zillion bullets that they shot into him.

Bury him so closure can begin for everybody.

OK, Bury him in Texas near George W. Bush. Problem solved and closures begins.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Late ass news shit.

    • Guest

      dilligaf – Your Exactly Right! – it’s that simple!

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  • dilligaf

    Terrorists dont deserve to be buried on American soil, you stupid muthafucka!

    • obamasucksballs

      americans are terrorists or supporters of terrorism u idiot!

      • zachary adams

        American’s also do a lot for a lot of people around the world. How about we take all our foreign aid back?? How many people would go without food, medical, etc???

        Yes we do some wack/crooked things, but we also do a ton of good in the world.

      • obamasucksballs

        Hold up! Goin in other peoples countries and massacring their people then giving them aid makes america good?? U must be out your mind son!

  • Chris

    His family just needs to have him cremated, scatter his ashes, and call it a day.

    • that does not go along with Islamic burial. just saying.

      • Chris

        I know that, but unless they have the resources to transport his body back to his Motherland or someone stateside throws them a bone, what other options do they have?

      • he was an american citizen. he may have been born and lived abroad, but he was an american citizen. just saying.

      • zachary adams

        He was not!!!!!!! Yes he was here legally, but NOT A CITIZEN!!!

      • johnblacksad

        fcuk an islamic burial… (no dis) …just load this motherfcuker on a plane and drop him over whatever his country was… i mean for real.

        and execute that other motherfcuker already…

      • he was an american citizen. go up a bit on the page and read what @EDOGZ818:disqus had to say about the matter.

      • zachary adams

        He WAS NOT an AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!!! His little bro was… but he WAS NOT!!!!

      • sorry, i thought they both had gotten it. he had permanent resident status. either way that guarantees him the sam rights as any one else. disagree if you want. disagree if you want, thats how it is.

  • True_Fan

    Whats the problem?

  • johnblacksad

    “I don’t understand what the big deal is – dude is dead and they got revenge too. Nobody is going to exhume that man’s body and mutilate it more than those zillion bullets that they shot into him.”

    Illseed, i do understand why n!ggaz be thinkin you slow… what don’t you understand?

    I wouldn’t even give the body back to the families if I had the authority… on some ‘poof, vamoose… SOB’ sh!t…

    • >>In BIGGIE Voice: You dead wrong!

      “The true sign of a supremacy is deciding when the rule of law is enforced & when it’s suspended.”

      Flip side is the more they violate, the more folks want some payback. Them Chechyan’s ain’t nothing to fugg with! $tr8 7:30.

      Funerals are for the living #IJS

  • DollasTX

    – there are ISLAMIC rituals – washing the body (men only), shrouding the body, declaration of faith, all that and more after preparing the body for a funeral within 24 hrs of death (which he’s way past)

  • Nugg4Life

    why dont they cremate the body? duh

    • Islamic law

      • Nugg4Life

        obviously the family is to poor to transport the body to Russia, and was it islamic law to kill those innocent people and harm the others? Wasnt sticking to the law then…

      • The hell with the court system!

        No trial needed!

        With that being said, be careful what justice is done in our name, and be more careful that we don’t receive the same.

        Today it’s him with no trial,or burial, tomorrow it could be Assata & Friday, it could be someone that you do care about!

        In life, we should strive to do the right thing, Karma is a B’ish!

      • Nugg4Life

        Excellent point. I agree

      • PEACE!

      • disqus_PLoZGjTZJn

        if dude wanted a trial, he wouldn’t have shot that cop dead with no warning, he would have surrendered and took his chances in court. but he didn’t do that did he? He died in a SHOOTOUT. were they suppose to read this ass his rights and get him a lawyer during the shootout? don’t compare this asshole with others that have been wronged by the justice system.

      • Details of the shootout?

        Details of Assata’s?

        In Assata’s case, she made it to court, and the details were brought out, through an adversarial testing process.

        However deplorable one’s “accused” crime may be, there are certain safeguards in place to protect OUR rights, not just theirs…yours too.

        A rush to judgement is countered by the systems checks & balances.

        Look at soldiers, gung ho, ready to Kill, yet they obey the rules of war, and don’t abuse or execute prisoners, even caring for the combatants they wounded & captured.

        Killing him was one thing, we are in no position to second guess the police on the front line, making those decisions, without knowing the facts, but when it isn’t an emergency, the rule of law should be applied…..even in emergencies..IMHO.

      • Hard to say what happened, I agree with your line of thought, and what happened could have been avoided, but he’s dead, and the survivor has rights, the same rights we would want to have as the accused.

      • obamasucksballs

        instead of looking at what this person allegedly did why dont u look at the cause. You will find usa does more terrorist acts than all the serial killers, rapists etc put together!

      • Nugg4Life

        i agree. But you dont have to live in usa if you dont like their crap. and killing innocent people doesn’t solve the answers.

      • obamasucksballs

        Of course if he did what he did it was not right BUT i think they were framed, I mean c’mon its a war right? You think Muslims gonna blow up a marathon of all places instead of go for embassys or gov buildings?? Makes NO DAMN SENSE! I say they were set up for real and its not first time america set people up either.

      • Nugg4Life

        yea, there’s alot more to the story, i agree. Not just to dumb guys setting off bombs.

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah it makes much more sense that some highy ranked secret service generals have meetings where they decide to bomb the Boston marathon to frame two islamist motherfcukers… then go home to their wives and kids and keep the secret forever on top of all the other shady sh!t they did in the past… yeah, that makes much much more sense… *n my ODB voice* : you big dummy!

      • obamasucksballs

        wow you have to be the most dumbest person ever if you think people target marathons in wars LOL

      • johnblacksad

        Lupe fiasco azz n!gga… get the fcuk out

      • Nah JB, he’s kinda of on point. The U.S. has tried to overthrow 50? governments in 60? years?

        Why do they attack us?

        Can’t be because they despise our freedom…because we don’t have any!

      • Assuming he did it? It doesn’t seem like that is in accordance with Islamic law or tradition, but I am no expert in Islamic Law or it’s interpretation.

        With that being said, who’s next to be desecrated?


      • I believe burial at sea is permissible .

      • Only if there are no other options…..which seems like the case here.

      • This is what I found about the Bin Ladin case:

        The only cases where burial at sea could be permissible are if death occurs on a ship and there is no way to prevent decay until landfall, or if an enemy is looking to desecrate the grave of the deceased.

        It has also been suggested that there were no countries willing to accept him, but it should not have been too difficult to find a secret place for an unmarked grave in the United States or one of its territories.

      • The U.S. wouldn’t go out of their way, but I think they took the body & kept it.


      • Im sure they didn’t went, who knows what was done to his body before any “burial”

      • remy730

        wait… really??? You can strap a bomb to ass and light it while you alive but when you dead no fire can touch you?

      • LOL~N

        Technically, but did he even do it?

        I’m not saying that he didn’t or did, I don’t know, but I don’t believe everything in the press.

        IE: The first Mr.Cee story said it was a woman hooker & we all know it was a dude! <>

        Thug life?

        Who else will the government desecrate in death?
        Occupy Wallstreet’ers? Assata?

        If we are a supposed nation of laws, then we should obey them, otherwise, if the law is systemically applied arbitrarily, it’s only use is as a tool of oppression.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea there has been more and more of taking out ppls for these type’s of crimes lately. It seems like almost everytime a cop is shot the suspect is almost always killed these days. It’s become acceptable with mainstream white America to just take these people out instead of letting a judge and jury decide there fate. And that’s not good.

      • Used to be if you ran, you were beaten if caught, if you fought back, you were shot if you won….now?????

        Gotta do what you have to do.

        I seen videos of them dogging out old ladies & women, and pray that if ends up being my mom or wife, that I would have enough sense or strength, to go out like a sucka & watch……but I doubt it!

      • biafra


  • Madstacks520

    Burn his body and give his bones to the Skulls.

  • jay

    The world is coming to an end because people don’t want to bury a killer in their cemetery? Worse things going on in the world guy. illseed, you are the best troll of all time. You write stupid ish for attention. It works though, good for you. Shame on me for reading your garbage.

    • Realist4200

      Best troll of all time? That’s an exageration and more credit than he deserves. 10 years of reading this sh1t and it still continues to go down hill with mindless posts that insult my inteligence.

      • Matt Swan

        I agree, but we all come back SMH……

      • We always come back!

      • Matt Swan

        Someone came up with the land, cuz his ass is in the ground.

    • johnblacksad

      Worst part is he wasn’t trollin… that’s his all right there

  • MrNoName2K

    throw some weights in whatever box hes in, boat him to the middle of the atlantic and sink his dumbass…let that dude rest with the fishes

    • MercedNative209

      so who does that help?

      • hoeyuno

        it might feed a hungry baby shark…

      • Chris

        I tried hard not to laugh…but I failed.

      • Celz

        Everyone?! No one wants the dead terrorist so sink him in the ocean.. I knew it was bad when hard line islamists had no comment.. His brother has his freaking hat on backwards.. smh That’s like forgetting to pull down your ski mask.. They suck at being terrorists, no disrespect to the victims, they could have easily done more damage.. They were losers like their uncle said no one wants them put him in the ocean…

  • Matt Swan

    Illcoon how is this a sign the world is coming to an end? He killed and maimed a TON of innocent people. Send his dead ass back to Russia since they want him so bad. Or bury him with a casket with an open hole above his face just so I can piss and sh*t on him whenever I want to.

    • obamasucksballs

      this man did nothing worse than what usa gov does u emotional bitch!

      • Hella emotional. lmfao

      • Matt Swan

        Well if you don’t like it or the USA, then you can freely deport your ass to somewhere more to your liking. Like I said before, it;s MY opinion, and again if you or anyone else doesn’t like it you can feel free to come to VA and kiss my ass.

      • obamasucksballs

        Im not from usa dummy nor do i live there. Stop being a hoe and admit your an over emotional bitch who probably sits waving that gay ass usa flag watching jerry springer and eating a dominos while drinking beer in boxer shorts and vest. Nasty ass yank

      • Matt Swan

        Sounds like your from Europe maybe even England. When you think of this country remember the ONLY reason your ass isn’t speaking German is becuase of us…..not one but TWICE!! And do realize you are on an American site? But yeah I do wave the flag of the most powerful nation on earth. Notice I said ON EARTH. I have served when my country called and don’t have to hide behind a fake name on any site I speak on. My country needs improvement, but who’s doesn’t? But at the end of the day, it’s nice knowing that everyone wants to be American…..how many want to be you? I’ll wait.

      • obamasucksballs

        Again u being an emotional over sensitive hoe, nobody cares about what u served NOT even your country that u served! Thats why your troops comin home in body bags or being thrown in ditches an covered up because your so tough. LOL. Most powerful? Israel runs your nation LOL. Nobody wants to be an american, most countries hate that terrorist nation dummy! You keep serving your country you joke! Oh and im not trying to get a following so thats a stupid question asking who wants to be me.

      • eddieknucks

        This is an American site. Why post if you dont like us. Something sparks your curiosity to get on her. Hip hop is as American as jazz and baseball so there must be something about us that you like. Yes our government is shady as hell but I bet you watch our movies drink our soft drinks and listen to our music. Be true to your self.

      • obamasucksballs

        Lets get 1 thing clear, I do not like the usa government nor its supporters (army, police, people who are in position of power) the everyday american who see beyond the BS their government feeds them, well i got nothing against them at all.

      • Matt Swan

        So the “average” American that thinks like you do….IF there are any F*CK em. Again you hide behind a fake screen name and have not mentioned where you are from b*tch. And like Chuck Norris once said, “the only reason your country is still around is becuase we haven’t dedicided if we want it or not”.

      • obamasucksballs

        stop catching feelings soldier boy lol by the way that chuck norris quote does not apply to you because you are not in a position of power, you are simply a pawn. A very stupid pawn.

      • Matt Swan

        Man no one’s on here catching anything. That quote is true, and as a pawn, everyones a pawn in the big scheme of things. It;s your next move that counts. But again you keep dodging the qyestion of where are you from? You talk ish but can’t name where you’re from to back it up. Are you from one of the countries we already “own”?

      • obamasucksballs

        again you should never claim you are a part of owning anything when it comes to government things, do u even own a car or house? yet you wanna involve your pathetic ass in owning a country because your terrorist ass went and helped invade another country! You are just a idiot who they send to war when it suits them so please stay in your lane and dont be concerned about where im at be concerned with where your at.

      • johnblacksad

        jealous azz motherfcuker… you sound dumb as hell with these stereotypes… you prolly was denied a visa, thus your anger…

        what country you from? so we can laugh at yo azz…

      • obamasucksballs

        keep thinking people are jealous of usa if it makes u feel better because trust me not many folk are jealous of a nation that has highest rape, murder, pedo etc rates.

    • a TON……….. get ya math right son…. they killed less then ten people. the DC SNIPER killed more people and got Buried,,,, Tim Mcvey killed more people and got buried. stop being emotional. dont believe the hype

      • Matt Swan

        The TON remark wasn’t meant to be taken litteraly, but since we are here:
        DC Sniper-executed, body buried by the state
        Tim McVey-executed body buried by the state
        Both of the above were American citizens by birth whereas ol boy wasn’t. Citizenship isn’t a right for those not born here, it;s a privlidge that can be taken away.
        Osama bin laden-executed body buried at sea; by the counrty
        Saddam Husein-executed by the country, buried at a place of OUR choosing, and THEN his body was claimed by his tribe.
        Many more-executed by the country, but in the end, they were all born here. I’m not being emo either. I’m just saying what I’d like to do to his corspe. If ya don’t like it STFU. It’s my opinion

  • MercedNative209

    id wnat to be buried in a random person backyard

  • PL

    If you build a man a fire, he is warm for the rest of the night.
    If you set a man on fire, he is warm for the rest of his life.
    AllHipHop is dead….When will y’all realize that Illsucka just post random shit like this just so you will respond…The more controversial shit = the more hits this site gets…aww damn they got me!

    • bisolabliss


  • The 2nd Coming

    Illqueef this ain’t no mothafuckin sign the world gon end. They should just send this nigga back to his country and let them bury him

    • His family is in the U.S. If we bury rapists, murderers, and everything else… Then certainly, this guy shouldn’t be having an issue.

      • he is a terrorist, lol… certainly he should have an issue

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  • Just bury the guy. Damn.

  • WhatupJ

    You are pretty stupid Illseed.

  • so… the world is ending cause they wont bury a terrorist….. FAIL. illseed its time to retire.

  • The world is coming to an end Illsperm still an ahh editor

  • BrotherMan21

    the body will rot away… who cares

  • How can you bury him in American soil when he´s against everything America stands for.Dont forget he was also responsible for the bombing that occured in Boston before he did those other things.People need to stay alert and look out

    • brotha_man

      there are lots of people buried in american soil that had far more heinous crimes against America. but i agree, ship his ass back to his mother land

  • disqus_PLoZGjTZJn

    First of all, The American Government did not say that he cannot be buried over here. This is a civilian matter and it is the cemetary owners who say they wont bury him on their property. They have every right to do so… This dude and his ilk, came over here, enjoyed our oppertunities ( you know how many people in the hood wanna be able to go to college?) and then committed these attrocities. He should not be buried anywhere in a country he hated so much.

  • disqus_PLoZGjTZJn

    this bitch should be lucky we don’t drag his ass in the streets and string him up from a bridge like they do to our servicemen and citizens in iraq, and other POS middle eastern hell holes.

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  • Carlos

    First of all, this is news not a rumor, second, what the hell does this have to do with hip hop, was he a rapper? smh

  • ladynamor

    Signs the world is NOT coming to an end.

  • Big deal hes a terrorist or was assumed to be no one wants that kind of person buried in there city.

  • drop that bastard in the boston harbor with cement shoes, whitey bulger style

  • brotha_man

    could it be because they are worried about vandalism to property?