Oh My (Trap) Lord: Chief Keef Joins Gucci Mane’s 1017 Bricksquad Records

(AllHipHop News) A marriage made in trap heaven. Gucci Mane recently announced on Twitter that Chief Keef has joined his 1017 Bricksquad Records:

The addition of the Chicago native arrives less than two months  after Waka Flocka told MTV’s RapFix that he and frequent collaborator Gucci Mane will no longer do music together:

“I won’t do no music with him, I don’t want no business with him, nothing. I’ll party with you, but I’m not doing no kind of business with you,”

Chief Keef is currently signed to a major label deal with Interscope Records which also includes a label partnership with Glory Boyz Entertainment which Keef is the CEO of.

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  • mosestobymcgeethree


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  • Lol.

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  • hoeyuno

    This aint good for the boi keef. The dude seems like behind the bullshit he’s a good dude and a good father. This will give him more reason to act reckless.. Gucci a first rate idiot. This kid musta had other options..ijs

  • bigdoe6

    Gangs are wack. Next post please.

    • MrNoName2K


    • Philly B

      you probably in a gang yourself and just don’t know it

  • Guest

    Great I look forward to more positive and uplifting music in the community.


    How is he a CEO signing to another nugga no hate just saying .bosses don’t sign with other bosses. Plus 1017 (same name different gangs) so it just has a weird vibe

    • S.A.D.

      It’s just like French signing to Bad Boy, owning Coke Boys, and partnering with Ross. Apparently French and Keef don’t want to do nothing but pay dues.


        I agree with you 100 % but I always thought aspirations
        Were to be a CEO n run ish instead if having to answer to others
        That is what’s wrong with black corporate America . Backwards thinking .

      • Uve no clue wth ur talkn about,slow check dummy.


        Of course you don’t brainless wonder how could U ? Tying your cornor store nikes is a challenge

      • S.A.D.

        I feel you. But there will never be a black corporate America in terms of the music industry. Major labels are in charge of 98% of all album distribution (regardless of whether or not the label/artists they distribute for are black owned/run). And even each major label has a parent company that works all the way up the economic ladder ending with companies whose sole purpose is to own companies or (obviously) to sell oil. Black corporate America? I’m afraid it’s a dream we won’t see in this country any time soon.

  • Madstacks520

    Wow Gucci just made a huge power play he replaced waka with keef waka been on a slump and keef is young enough to build off of let’s see how this plays out.

    • S.A.D.

      How is Waka in a slump when his last album went 500K+ and Keef last album did less than 150K

      • bangbang

        somebody needa do they research u really think keef album aint sell over 150k u trippin dis nigga got 6 houses with 3 cars

      • And then some!


        Front $ advance cash n line of credit till he hang hisself

      • Awww, dont be mad broke boy. Your mommy smoked away ur welfare? Go eat a dick, may all ur kids die slow. 🙂


        Lol broke my ass Lil guy , check this out drink bleach n gargle with razors short bus window licking faggot

      • awww, thats how white girls party , u aint kno? what jail u in they have men name Ina? hay,gurl!


        You know a awful lot bout that part of joint life ?? Strange . Run along n play in traffic


        Naw is yo moma check I got

      • ur the dude worried about another dudes money and contracts here, i see bitches really do love sosa 🙂


        Yeah your whole family does soft house nugga . It has a comment section to the article for a reason

      • S.A.D.

        As of mid march had only sold 148,000 copies. By now, probably sold close to 210. Reference (http://www.hiphopdx[.]com/index/news/id.23270/title.hip-hop-album-sales-the-week-ending-3-17-2013). Don’t be ignorant. Do some BASIC research. And eat a dyck.

  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    That’s ironic that dis n*gga is beefin wit Bricksquad GD’z in the Chi then signs wit Gucci’s Bricksquad 1017. SMH

    • bangbang

      they not even the same bricksquad

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I know that I’m just sayin would u feel right signin wit a crew that had almost the same exact name as your most hated enemies I think it would seem weird 4 him 2 have 2 shout the name Bricksquad out. Just my opinion.

      • fff

        Kid…do you know what business and making money means?

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        1st off who u callin kid I’m in my early 30’s. 2nd do YOU know what real street beef is not dis rap bullsh*t either I’m talkin about real beef. Do YOU have any idea how many n*ggas have been killed behind this beef between Keef’s GBE & JoJo’s Bricksquad? No clue do you. Ask some of the Chi-raq n*ggas dat be on here if u don’t believe me u have no idea how serious it is out in the Chi. SMDH

      • Tre C

        you are in your early 30’s and that’s how you presented your case? No wonder kids are so lost these days

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Well I’m not talkin 2 kids I’m supposedly talkin amongst grown folks. And u got it twisted homie the kids are lost because instead of lookin 4 real leadership & role models they are lookin 2 fools like Gucci Mane 4 help. Tell me I’m lyin.

      • Philly B

        Thats why its ironic.

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  • Yay

  • Dwayne Nvo

    burrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! bang bang!!!!!!!! gucci!!!!!!

  • PeoplePlease7

    Drug dealing porch monkeys…

    • bigmarz

      we aint nuthin but porch monkeys
      to the average bigot redneck honky

    • min. wage 9-5 broke back puppet fiend

  • iamKingG


  • Tann01

    Uh oh… sh*t bout to get extra retarded…

  • jay

    guys that can’t rap stick together i guess

  • Pouria Pars

    1017 bmg gbe mpa??? why so many letters and numbers?

    • InTheNightKitchen

      SAT scores and degrees they have lol

      • Philly B


  • johnblacksad

    what does 1017 stands for? i’ve always wondered…

    • come to atl and find out

      • johnblacksad

        i dunno what to say… thank you for your immense contribution maybe… smh

      • MadVillain


  • HaterOfTheYear

    THIS shouldve been a “signs the world is coming to an end”

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  • Sam

    That is the dumbest thing Chief Keef coould do

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  • OSBKE3000

    i think yall fail to realize these mafukkas don’t rap about their college education and growing up in the Hamptons .. so like all “mergers” theres some “business” behind it .. cuz we all know this music shit is just a way to clean the money up .. ask Jimmy Henchman and Game .. thing that kills me is these mafukkas really put their business out there for all (ABC boys) to know ..if i was “moving shit”, i would clean it up to sound like I was a humanitarian like how Jay make it sound (bad example but you get the point) .. but I guess I got a different mind

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  • AK

    Its been Gucci since day 1 fucc you fucc boys

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