Scott Storch

Exclusive: Scott Storch Talks Detox and Creating the Sound of the West with Dr.Dre

(AllHipHop News) In the second part of our exclusive interview with super producer Scott Storch he speaks on his work with Dr.Dre on the legendary album 2001 and creating a signature sound for the West Coast.

“We spent some time together (Dr.Dre) making some records he’s got a collection, he probably has like 3 million records for that album, he has such a high standard for what he wants out of Detox.”

[ALSO WATCH: Scott Storch Speaks On Health, Producing and New Career As A DJ]

He also touched on the popular sound the two created.

“Dre and I in 1999 created a cool sound, those ingredients [are] part of me, its something that we did collectively…its not something we have in common, we actually engineered that, created that sound, created the sound of the west.”

Storch also spoke of potentially working with 50 cent.

“50 he’s dope. For some reason we can’t make a bad record.”

Check Out the 2nd Part of the Exclusive Interview with Scott Storch:

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  • Guest

    seen him a while back on “MTV Cribs” – he’s been rich a long time now.

    • El Chapo Gwapo

      He got addicted to cocaine and lost everything…. he’s been tryin to piece his career back together for years

      • hoeyuno

        He sold his multimillion dollar yacht for like 600 thousand and did the same with his house back then.. he’s patched up now but I doubt the boy is in the clear..

      • WhatupJ

        With the assets he had he musta been in debt by a substantial amount. He probably still is couldnt sell enough beats to make this problem go away.

    • hoeyuno

      Yea homie had everything and like other homie said his nose ate most of his money.. if not all.

    • WhatupJ

      LIke how Ja rule had that lake house that turned out to be rented? Dont believe everything you see. He didnt create the sound of the west, he could play the keyboard okay, thats it.

    • WhatupJ

      Also he filed for chapter 7. You think his “Crib” and the cars were all owned out right? Doubt it. IF so then DAMN he had a huge debt cause those assets alone are several million so he would have to have a giant debt to not be able to cover it up with selling assets. Hes screwed now, no credit rating and im sure all his studio/music stuff got sold off so where he gonna get the gear to theoretically make beats to make money? He screwed up bad, the end of the day hes a producer he doesnt/couldnt of had that much money. What does the most famous/popular/rich producer have you think? Its gotta be Dre right? As far as cash. No one interested in his beats now, hes screwed as well he should be.

  • junj03

    exclusive? i read / saw this video 2 days ago in another site.


    storch beats SUCK!

    • Restlesscali

      Take your fingaz out ya butt! #nohomo

  • hoeyuno

    The sound of the west goes further back then 99. Eazy e, mc eiht, spice , snoop all had that west coast sound in the early 90’s..yea you can credit dre for most of that but scott was still a young Jew waiting for his barrmitsfa(no spal chek pleez).

    • Ice T?

      • hoeyuno

        Fo sho! Ice t, ice cube, king t, too short and mad others.

  • sound of the west???? and they say cocaine make you do strange things….dj quik? sir jinx? battlecat? daz? sh*t arabian prince? aww man scott

  • solo0ne

    I thought he went bankrupt??

    • Bankrupt doesn’t mean you’re broke fella. For instance, say you have $10 million in funds and assets but you have say $30 million in debt. You file for bankruptcy in hopes that the court will relieve you of your debt and only take, let’s say, another $6 milli from you. You’re left with $4 milli and no debt. If you don’t file, that $30 could grow to any number and the debtors can file against you, in which case, your accounts will have a lien put on them, your money will be taken, and you will still be on the hook for the remainder of whatever balance(s) you owe. Bankruptcy is a chess move, not a checkmate.

      • WhatupJ

        Jordan is correct. Filing for bankruptcy doesnt mean you have zero assets/dollars, its a way of cutting down or relieving debts. Bankruptucy isnt like a fancy word for shouting out you broke, its a legal strategy to improve your situation and allows you do certain things like refinance your debts/loans in a more favorable (favorable to you) way. It does screw you over in alot of ways for several years but it can save you from losing all your cash or going to jail. Its all about resituation your finicial status and payments so that you can feasibly actually pay off that debt (not the whole amount but a portion of it). Anytime somone files for bankruptcy its the smart thing to do and is done to limit to loss and set up payment plans to pay back a (portion) of what you owe. As weird as it may sound its the responsible thing to do most of the time you are considering it an option, cause you dont file unless its the last ditch effort cause it does have short and long term negative consequences and completely ruins your credit rating, and makes things like getting a place to live incredibly difficult and getting employment difficult. If you file for bankruptcy and therefore dont have to legally pay back exactly what you owe, what sane company would give you any form of a loan unless the interest rates were so high that its essentially not worth it. It sends the message to creditors that you do not pay off your debts to the fullest so dont give this person access to credit (credit cards, checking accounts, loans, morgatages, anything that includes money essentially). TLDR: you owe less money at the cost of ruining your credit history, rating, and future access to any type of credit making things like finding housing, certainly getting a reasonable mortgage almost if not completely impossible for years after the filing (I think its on your record for 10 years). If you are able to get access to credit it will be at an interest level that is so high you will be in a very tough situation as most parts of life like buying a car, a house, condo, all require credit (you can forget betting a mortgage cause you wont get one from any legit companies and if you do the rates will be so bad it wont be worth it). Jordan explained it perfectly, its also a move to avoid going to prison for unpaid debts. Jordans right too, its not checkmate there are plenty of people who file for bankruptcy that bounce back and through a long period of showing you are responsibly paying debts/spending correctly you can regain your credit rating. But filing a chapter 7 (bankruptcy) stays on your credit rating for 10 years which is a pretty long tim and their are other downsides other than just your credit ratting getting torpedoed. Also even after the 10 year period has passed you still have to answer that you have filed for bankruptcy in the past (even if it was 30 years ago) if asked. This is all public record too so when seeking employment a basic background check will sshow up that you filed for bankruptcy which in almost all normal jobs will make it impossible to get hired or at least put you at the very bottom of the pile of applicants (well not below felons but you understand what i mean). Also this affects everything in your life, like health insurance or car insurance. You will find it very difficult to find health insurance and if you do they can and do use it as a risk so their premiums will be crazy high. Same with car insurance (which if you drive you have to have, which is stupid but thats a different issue). If you have assets you can sell off its much better to try to sell everything you can get your hands on to avoid filing for bankruptcy cause it screws up your life for essentially the rest of your life. In Storch’s case he had to have some money plus a large amount of assets (in real estate and cars alone) so he must of been in a giant amount of debt. I dunno if thats from not paying taxes, i dunno what else it would be cause i dont know why he would bed taking out loans if hes wasting his cash on cars (assuming he took out loans). He had the money that he should of had money managers/lawyers so that he shouldnt of had to worry about taxes they should of taken care of that (unless he a cheap f*ck unwilling to pay a company to deal with your taxes, cause believe me you will make your money back if you are with a good company because they know all the loopholes and they add up quick).

      • solo0ne

        NO i hear ya..i hope he didn’t blow his assets on drugs…or owing other people money sooo that he can bounce back on the positive money sign.

  • solo0ne

    damn all that money he shouldve fixed his face..or his grill

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  • Heartless12

    He sounds f&*%- high smh

  • 7yoyo7

    Cocaine is a helluva drug Part 2…

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Scott Storch ghostproduced Still Dre, the only thing Dre did was rap and did the drumpattern… Of course he didn’t write his raps either Jay-Z wrote that one…

  • digitallife

    Storch and JusBlaze are the two most under appreciated producers in the game. Seriously. Them dudes change an atmosphere with their instrumentals.

  • DUDE! YOU AREN’T RELEVANT ANYMORE! TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF SOUND IMPORTANT. Timbaland beat you in the game of life and whats sad is I actually like your sound alot more then his. You just did nothing with the cards fate dealt you. If this is a second chance how about you start it with a little humility and be thankful you have it.

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