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French Montana and Uncle Luke Exchange Words via Hot 97 Interviews

(AllHipHop News)  Over the past year and some change Bronx bred rapper French Montana has catapulted himself into the national spotlight with a string of hit songs and guest appearances on several Billboard charting hits.

Of those hit songs, “Pop That,” which samples Miami veteran rapper Uncle Luke’s voice on the hook, has become the center of a copyright infringement case on the verge of being initiated by Uncle Luke.

While the world has known about discrepancy for a while, recently French and Luke took shots at each other via their respective interviews with New York’s Hot 97 radio, telling their side of the story and how the song and its controversy came to be.

“Actually Luke went on air and was like, ‘French owe me some money.’  Well, that’s after I brought him out at BET Awards – me, him and Puff. Then I heard he went on the internet and was talking about, ‘French owe me some money.’ I can’t owe you some money if you don’t own your thing,” French Montana told Hot 97.  “You gotta own your product, it’s [owned by] somebody named Lil J or something like that.”

Uncle Luke has a different version of the story, and while Luke was invited to the video shoot by French in an act of respect and to pay homage, Luke was reportedly unaware of the song’s existence and the usage of his voice before it’s release and just moments prior to the video shoot.

“Ok, let me tell you how it all went off.  In the beginning Puffy told me to come to do a video shoot in Miami on Memorial Day last year. I asked, ‘What video shoot, to what song?’ – because I work with a lot of kids.  They never told me the name of the song nor did they ever send me a copy of the song. So they were basically trying to set me up to be a part of a video shoot to a song that had me appearing on it,” Luke explained.

“Second of all these guys had press conferences – this stuff is all online – and this guy is sitting here saying, ‘Hey I just did a song with Uncle Luke and all these other guys on the song.’  So we’re seeing this information online and seeing all the press conferences, and I’m thinking like, ‘What song did I do with this guy? I really don’t even know the guy,'” Uncle Luke explained to New York’s Hot 97.  “So they did the video and that’s why I didn’t appear in the video, because I wasn’t going to appear in anything I didn’t hear or know anything about.

“At the end of the day, we went back, checked our contracts and our agreements about the songs and what the person who owns it can do or cannot do. They cannot alter my music, so they went ahead and did, I had a conversation with Puffy and his people.  I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s really the principle. Call me up and let me know whats the deal, don’t just try to pull a fast one like this and then have me appear in the video without even a courtesy call,” Uncle Luke explained.

While Luke hasn’t yet pursued the case due to his relationship with Diddy, after hearing the song on radio repeatedly, after getting asked about the song by people in his community, and after French Montana’s interview with Hot 97 Luke says, “that don’t work good with me.”

“Go make a hit record, stop trying to use a situation that’s a dead situation and try to make it out of something. Now if he want me to sue him, I got not problem, if he keep it up, then I’m gonna sue him. We can settle it in court,” said Uncle Luke.

Diddy has yet to comment on the situation yet.  More news as details emerge.

Check out the full Hot 97 interviews below:

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  • scullyson

    French $$$$ the Man and keep it 100.

    • There is no way physically or humanly possible, that he can roll with two of the fakest dudes(Diddy / Rosie ) and keep it 100%.

      Luke will have to sue for that $$$.

      • ZUBU

        LMAO… I couldn’t have said it better. Pay Luke his paper Frenchy Poo, before one of the lil’ MIA goons touch Frenchy up for dissing the OG Luke. I don’t even think Luke have to give the command, lil’ brothas will do it out of respect for Luke. Next thing you know someone else has Frenchys jewels on you-tube. I’m not saying that its right, just saying thats how things go in the streets.

      • scullyson

        Lol….yeah Edog you do have a point. True true…

  • n n

    Did Luke ever pay rob base for doo doo brown.?

  • Smoke Peacefully

    NY rappers always stealing the south style and then they claim hiphop is dead. Bunch of losers in NY.

    • Guest

      you’re more than welcome to come to NY and talk like that..

      • Smoke Peacefully

        Why I might get stopped and frisked for no reason or I might get arrested for carrying my legally owned guns.

      • n n

        You sound silly .lol they both trash and Luke stole his whole style from afrika bambata so what your

    • n n

      French Montana not from ny

  • bigdoe6

    French gonna get his Miami pass revoked. You saw what happened to dre and snoop back in the days. I know he heard about that up and coming NY rapper found dead in Miami Lil Haiti. French if you know what’s best for you, be smart my dude. The rap game is dirty, but the streets are worse.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I mean, you sitting there with a million chains on, but cant even pay the O.G who’s HOOK you actually stole. Crazy man. Donate some money in my mans name and im sure he would be happy, but see that would be the gangster thing to do. Money dont make you gangster, chains dont make you gangster, having some damn integrity might though.

    • $11625525

      In all fairness, if Luke does not own the publishing then how can a boy pay him? He’s going to write a cheque and make it payable to Luke and the owner of the rights is going to sue Luke and/or French Montana because they didn’t get paid (unless they did) in which case Luke should be reaching into their pockets.

      Let’s be real though, these situations are always more complicated than can be explained in a one sided interview.

      Things that need to be taken into account are:

      Who produced the song?

      Who owns the copyright to the hook?

      What are the terms and conditions of the publishing deal?

      Who is liable for the “illegal” use of a sample, the rapper, producer or label?

      Also, Puffy is shiesty! He understands the business better than French, he tried to dupe Luke and Luke still calls him his “Friend”? I guess there’s truth in “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”.

      • pennaitor

        Your last sentence is not true. Man, let be real and businesslike. I respect dude who see opportunities and take it like Buffet or Gates. Diddy has paid his dues by interning, others did internship that year too in the same company as Diddy but where are they now.

        Don’t just make it a fact that Diddy duped Luke. Thats like robbing Peter to pay Paul;

      • $11625525

        Music is a dirty business, it’s the same reason Luke fell out with the other 2 guys from the II Live Crew, even the Diddy was shafted at Uptown but my point is if what Luke is saying is the truth then Diddy could have been a bit more forthcoming with the reason why he wanted him in the video. He was asking Luke to co-sign the song through appearing but, allegedly, didn’t tell him why.

        That’s my take on it.


    “Uncle” Luke is a CERTIFIED LEGEND, but that being said French Montana is in the right on this situation. Years ago Luke had a lawyer named Joe Weinberg or something close to that last name who somehow depending on who you ask basically stole Luke’s record label or all the publishing to all the old albums that came out on the label. If you try & buy any of the old Classic 2 Live Crew albums they don’t say “Luke Skyywalker” or Luke Record’s, they all say “Lil Jon” record’s with some crappy “Hip Hop character as the logo. French said on interview when he 1st got questioned about it he explained who he HAD to pay for the sample. This is all Rehashed BS, That song came out last year! Notice how it popped back up 2 weeks before French’s album comes out.

  • DollasTX

    he dont owe LUKE shyt –

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  • Darkfather504

    I think once Luke got permission to use the song and changed it for his creativeness it technically made it his song/rights. I personally have not heard the song but if French used Luke’s voice verbatim without Luke’s permission than yeah French owe him some paper

  • Madstacks520

    He better hope he don’t see trick daddy anytime soon he’s on a rampage in them Miami streets Trina can’t save this fool

  • jjwalker

    Luke does not have publishing rights to that song. Why is that so hard to understand. French paid the publish company to use the sample. Thats how it work.

    The credited writer of the song gets paid. They got f**ked over on they publishing. It jacked up but it happens all the time.

    Thats why if u a rapper/singer or producer get ur paperwork straight join bmi/ascap as a writer and get your own publishing is like $150.

    That how labels get rich off people who dont know…

  • speedy37

    F this arab.

  • IG: apaniclassic

    i hate kfox hair ALL THE TIME!!!

  • greenhouse records

    All About the Publishing

  • $11625525

    French Montana, you can tell his career ending is going to be a bad one… Too much negative energy surrounding this guy, especially for a relative Newbie.

    • pennaitor

      You can’t sense shaite! survivors fights all the time, don’t fight and let 50cent wipe you out. you acting like a saint won’t bring you respect, Luke need to own his music, French paid the owner Luke is bluffing

  • pennaitor

    Luther Campbell aka Uncle look tha fool also sued Curtis James Jackson (a.k.a. 50 Cent) for In Da Club because of his 1994 It’s Your Birthday….
    French has paid the owner of this music…if blacks here can’t get it, excuse my french!

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  • Slaughtr

    Fck French Montana nigga aint thorough like that.

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