Jadakiss Endorses Jersey City Mayoral Candidate

(AllHipHop News) With the election of President Barack Obama in last November’s elections, Hip-Hop’s endorsement of Obama cannot be understated.  As rappers across the game showed their support throughout the election, icons like Jay-Z, Common, Diddy and Nas all came to Obama’s aid, helping Obama defeat Massachusetts Republican Mitt Romney.

Despite critics that discredited Obama’s new-found support in the Hip-Hop world, Obama himself applauded urban youth for their turnout in last year’s elections, and throughout his run for office, Obama told reporters on multiple occasions about his love for, Hip-Hop mentioning The Fugees, Kanye West, and  Jay-Z as artists on his iPod playlist.

Now Yonkers bred rapper Jadakiss is continuing where Hip-Hop left off in last year’s elections, endorsing Jersey City mayoral candidate Jerry Walker.

In a video released today, Jadakiss, born Jason Phillips, gave Walker the official co-sign on video inside Jersey City’s City Hall, as Jadakiss’ song “Why,” played in the background.

“The D-Block general with the big homie Jerry Walker, you know I’ve been watching him for years, since he was in high school. I was little, but he was a hell of a ball player, and an even better person. Get ready to have a new mayor in Jersey City. Haahaa!” Jadakiss said, closing out with his signature tag line.

Walker, 31,  is a former basketball player who helped  Seton Hall win the Big East Tournament championship twice, making several trips to the NCAA tournament. Walker played for the Seton Hall Pirates, the New Jersey Nets and also spent seven years playing basketball abroad in countries like Spain and Turkey.

The Jersey City mayoral election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th.

Check the video of Jadakiss and Jerry Walker below:

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16 Responses to “Jadakiss Endorses Jersey City Mayoral Candidate”

  1. Dointer

    I think this kind of stuff is important, it connects people that might not give S*it about politics and show them that people they look up to support it. WE need this shit as a society, we been under the cover for too long.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Exactly. Not only that, it’s a MUCH needed good look for Hip-Hop all-around to remind people that the culture’s about so much more than just money, hoes, jewelry, cars and all that other frivolous bullshit.

  2. Jennifer J. Meikle

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  3. K8 Marketing

    Ok. So let me get this right… Jerry Walker is 31 as per the article. Jadakiss is like 36 or 37 years old. As per Jadakiss quote “I’ve been watching him for years, since he was in high school. I was little”

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

  4. Hugh Stecht

    thing is Jada hairline been pushed back like that forever, he just old enough now where everybody else starting to catch up so he can wear it out…..let kiss live..

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