Lauryn Hill Writes Sincere Letter Of Thanks To Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys And Others

(AllHipHop News) Lauryn Hill may be down, but she’s not down enough that she couldn’t take the time to thank those that supported her in her legal fight. The rapper singer wrote a heartfelt letter to thank everybody that wrote the judge on her behalf, including singers Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder. Hill was sentenced to three months in jail for tax evasion. She recently signed a million dollar deal with Sony, which most felt would defer jail time. She then satisfied her financial obligation to the IRS.

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The letter is below:

I want to extend a sincere thank you to the following people, who wrote letters to the judge on my behalf:

Linda Banks, Edison, NJ

Davonne Breedlove

Binna Choi, Beijing, China

Hafiz Farid, East Orange, NJ

Miriam Anne Banks Farrakhan, Union, NJ

Vincent Gardner, New York, NY

Michael Green, Fair Bluff, NC

Elitta Harden, Ft Worth, TX

Mrs. Valarie Hill, South Orange, NJ

Maureen Hogan, Jersey City, NJ

Walter Jones, New York, NY

Alicia Keys

Elena Lau, Toronto, Canada

Jerald Miller, New York, NY

Tracy Morris, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Elise Munoz, France

Bunmi Olukoya, Laurel, MD

Jimmie Pierre, Trenton, NJ

Cherisse Pittman

Gabrielle Fulton Ponder, Atlanta, GA

Dominique Reese, Oakland, CA

Chris Schwartz, Philadelphia, PA

Ashley Scott, Brooklyn, NY

Derek Singletary, Astoria, NY

Dr. Sara Tai, Manchester, UK

Suzette Williams, Teaneck, NJ

Lisa Willis, Philadelphia, PA

Stevie Wonder

Jonathan Wunderlich, Cabarete, DR

And thank you Jerald Miller, for taking the initiative to put this together.

I also want to thank all of my family, friends, business associates, and fans who have called, emailed, sent texts, and posted messages of concern, encouragement, and support. I appreciate the well wishes, and I thank you for your prayers. Also, to anyone who may have written letters that we did not know about, thank you also, all of you. I will have more to say soon, but did not want to further delay expressing my appreciation.

Thank you again,


  • Q.

    Keep ya head up, L!

  • Chris

    She should have just filed her taxes in the first place. This wouldn’t even be an issue.

    • brotha_man

      too damn subborn

    • $11625525

      Does any of us know what her mind state was at the time she failed to file her taxes? She has a few children and, if memory serves me correct, was having serious relationship troubles.

      This can cause the average person to go into meltdown, let alone a woman who’s in a relationship with a Marley and is caught up in the Rastafarian way of life which is anti-establishment.

      You never had a day when you thought “Damn, I can’t be bothered …” to do a particular thing? I won’t be so harsh as to judge her because I seriously think there’s a lot going on in that woman’s head that may never be deciphered. EVER!

      • Chris

        She’s not the only person to have ever faced some sort of adversity in her life. Plenty of people, with less resources, go through the same things and still manage to file and pay their taxes every year. She’s too old to not be taking responsibility for her actions, and the same goes for the rest of us out here. SMH.

      • $11625525

        Are we all buit with the same stabilities?

  • PL

    The New Album is gonna be called The Incarceration of Lauryn Hill

    • RMfag

      That sounds hot.

  • RichFromBX

    no one, white, black, chinese, young or old gets over on the IRS…you can argue the constitutionality of taxes all you want but in the end you’re paying or going to jail…

    • Product of Da Reagan Era

      She paid and still went to jail…..They should have gave her the same deal they gave Stephen Baldwin.

      • RichFromBX

        the difference is that she was defiant in the beginning whereas Baldwin immediately accepted what happened and acted on it right away…the IRS is pretty straight forward “give us the money you owe and there’s no problem” if you choice to fight them you had better make sure you have all your ducks in a row because they will…

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        The moment you don’t pay your taxes you being defiant. He dodged his taxes for years and the only he payed was because they was going to put him in jail. Lauren Hill did not say she wasn’t going to pay when the Feds came so their situation is identical. Lauren Hill was rumored to be racist that might have something to do with it.

      • RichFromBX

        she was defiant in that when the tax man came a calling she fought it saying “I haven’t worked in 3 years so I don’t have to pay taxes” but for someone who wasn’t “working” she still earned almost $2,000,000 during that time…Baldwin on the other hand just said “my bad, what do I owe you”…the IRS doesn’t care if you’re a racist or a peace lover, they just want their money…though I suppose the race angle does make for a fun story…

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        The IRS just wants they money. But, the sentencing judge might have took some offense to her alleged dislike for white people. In addition, the lady has multiple kids and you giving her petty jail time for a crime that you can give probation for. Baldwin didn’t file just like her so there is no difference. Most criminals say “my bad” or “i’m sorry” when they get caught, but it doesn’t change the fact that they committed a crime.

    • greyduckiller

      because of faggits and cowards like you.

  • Roc

    How did Stevie Wonder write a letter?

    • hoeyuno

      Very carefully.

      • RMfag

        Alicia wrote it for him.

    • RMfag

      lol u meanie

  • Good Look & Good Luck!

  • RMfag

    Good on her for thanking two pianists: one blind and one deaf.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      but u a worthless homo that sucked mister cee off last weekend!

      • Heartless12

        Yup I seen him

      • RMfag

        I was in drag tho, so how could you know that was me?

      • RMfag

        And to make matters worse, I didnt even get my money.

  • Mike Swiff

    And Lauryn you forgot to thank…THE CRACK MAN! hell outtachere mane! wacky as hell!!

    • DJ7

      I think… scratch that…. I know she’s way over your head son….have several _/_/

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  • Interesting how she can spend so much time and effort into a silly thank you note, when staying on top of her taxes in the first place required the same time and effort.

    • $11625525

      Really? You think filing taxes requires as little effort as a letter? If she was as liberal with filing her taxes, that’s the answer as to why she’s going to jail.

  • Orion Williams

    Let us not forget that people such as Lauryn Hill are not the norm. They are celebrities. They do not go to H&R Block to get their taxes prepared. They do not have regular forms that majority of the US citizens fill out. They have “people” to handle that for them. Most celebrities that fall behind on taxes are not to blame. They failed to keep track of the “people” who are paid to take care of those matters. They make too much money from investments, royalties, etc. to keep track of all their money. I feel sorry for the individuals that unfortunately get taken for vast amounts of money, and get left holding the bag!

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  • greyduckiller

    taxes are not an obligation. they are forced from you at gunpoint. the sooner everyone realizes that, the sooner the law will change