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Massachusetts Department of Children and Families Opens New Case on Lil’ Poopy

(AllHipHop News) Being one of the youngest rappers in the game is proving to be an issue for the Brockton, Massachusetts fourth-grade rapper known as Lil’ Poopy.

According to reports, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) has opened a new case on the miniature sized rapper, born Luis Rivera Jr, now 10 years old.

Despite closing a two month long investigation in April, the DCF has opened a new case after Poopy’s videographer and producer, Brian Slay,  was pulled over by Brockton police and the car smelled like marijuana

According to police, the young rapper and his videographer were approached by Brockton Police after they pulled into a McDonald’s after midnight earlier this week.

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Although the police did not find any marijuana, the routine traffic stop has now turned into an investigation into the young rapper’s family after Lil Poopy was in the car with Slay.

When they saw ‘Lil Poopy’ in the car, it escalated from a routine stop to harassment,” said Joseph Krowski, Lil Poopy’s attorney. “Why this warrants an investigation is just as perplexing as the last time.”

Lil’ Poopy’s rise to fame began after a series of controversial videos caused Brockton police to investigate Poopy’s family for abuse and neglect in February of this year.

Proclaiming to be a “Coke Boy,” the French Montana prepubescent protegé raised eyebrows earlier this year when he was seen slapping women’s backsides in a night club setting, rapping, “coke ain’t a bad word.”

More news as details emerge.

Check Lil’ Poopy’s “Pop That” remix below:

  • Stay Phokus

    damn hip hop police watching 10 year olds now? lol

  • MrNoName2K

    omg man it aint even all that serious…let the lil boy have fun…

    • hoeyuno

      No doubt. this kid having the time of his life right now.

  • Guest

    Yea after they searched the car all they found was now later and skittles wrappers

  • hoeyuno

    haha do your thang young playa!! This kid must be having a blast. and he makes it clear in the song that he’s talking about soda..haaann!!!

  • RichFromBX

    seriously??? the lawyer is saying that the police recognized a 10yr old rapper and at that point made the decision to “harass” based on that…any chance that maybe the police thought it was odd that a kid his age was out that late with someone that wasn’t a relative? or maybe this producer acted like an ass when he was pulled over

    it kills me that people are going hard at Cleveland police because they didn’t do enough and here they are looking out for the well being of a child and somehow they’re still in the wrong…rapper or not this is a 10yr old child – as the parent how are you going to allow someone who ain’t family to be driving your kid around at all hours of the night…this is how child stars grow up in to fvcked up adults…

    • michaelrich

      I don’t know about Atty. Krowski but the reason I agree with him that this was harassment is not because of the routine stop, which apparently addressed RichFromBx’s query about why this kid was out late with someone other than a relative, but because having apparently determined there was nothing illegal going on in the car and that L’il Poopy was not with some stranger who had abducted him, the police still thought it was necessary to file a child abuse or neglect report with child protective services (the Dept. of Children and Families, DCF, formerly DSS).

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  • lox

    Dam.. Leave this shyt alone already! how many kids in Mass dont have anything to eat? How many dont have anywhere to stay? Open up cases for them and “Protect” them..

    • hell call dyfus cause they let him call himself lil poopy.. is lil peepee his sidekick? like wtf

  • lil dude raw got his momma wipe’n down the whip tho

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  • jefe941

    Jitt got bars tho….if he writin his on music let him shine…its called E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T…..95% of this is not real

    • if its not real then its poop, lil poopy to be exact

  • jesus christ, lil poopy?? yall niggas is getting dumber and dumber, like do yall feel ashamed over this?? lol anyway isnt that nickname lil wayne gave himself?? oh that was lil tuniechi, close enough…

  • his mom is big poopy

  • DoonyNubrasco

    So this is what the future holds for children …? Please Stay in School. Unbelievable.