Rick Ross

Like a Bawse: Rick Ross Sits Courtside @ Heat vs Bulls Eastern Conference Semifinals

You gotta be a boss – better yet a “bawse,” if you’re gonna have courtside seats for the NBA playoffs in Miami. We’re talking about Lebron, D-Wade, Chalmers, Birdman and Cole versus one of the NBA’s most legendary franchises, the Chicago Bulls. Even though D-Rose, Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich have all been out, its made for an entertaining series up until the last game, so it was no surprise when MMG CEO Rick Ross decided to check out Game 2 in Miami.

While the Heat led by as much as 46 points, Rick Ross watched Lebron and company take down the energetic Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson amidst a series of technical fouls and ejections for the Bulls.  Joined by his son and other members of the MMG team, the Dre Films/Maybach Music Films piece shows Ross and his son doing it big.

Check the video and gallery below:

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  • coast

    Dope..Ross the Bawse! Keep that trilla music coming.

  • BillyBobJohn


  • brotha_man

    dude in the last pic looks like he is sliding down the rail.
    p.s I hate the heat.

    • RMfag

      He’s not.
      When you’ve making it clap in dark clubs like I have for years, then you’ll know what real pole sliding is like.

  • hoeyuno

    I heard ross shut down the corn dog stand… bawse!!!

  • hoeyuno

    Nah homie, that’s the handicap section. And they messed up on his hat it says “gifted” but it was supposed to say “special”…

  • Tony G.

    how about just spending some qt with ur son and not have the damn cameras to prove u got a little money…

  • willyou1

    cornball filming yourself watching a game….ooooohhhhhh look at me…what about everybody else who was sittin courtside?

  • JondoE303

    Ric Ross look sleepy and sad at the same time