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Happy Mothers Day – Through The Words Of Nas, Ghostface, Ace Hood, Tupac, Jay-Z And Others Rappers!

Rappers love their mothers! There is no questioning that! Through history, rappers have repeatedly oozed the love they have for moms – as they should. Well, there are lots of songs that talk to mom and, since we are universally celebrating mothers day, play these joints after you finish church, dinner and showering mom with gifts!

“Dear Mama” – Tupac

We might as well get this song out of the way. Tupac’s “Dear Mama” set the bar and there won’t likely be a finer ode from mother to son.

“Hey Mama” – Kanye West

When Donda West died, we cried. Before her tragic passing, Kanye West had already honored his mother in song. Its awesome that she her this song before her death. Ye, we honor you as we play this for our mothers. Here is the touching 08 Grammy performance.

“Love My Momma” – Snoop Dogg

What does Snoop love more than that ganja? You guessed it, his momma!

“Spoke To My Momma” – Ace Hood

The struggle is real and most rappers just want to by their mother a new house and to repay them for all that they have done. Its never possible, but Ace Hood makes a compelling case in this touching, heart felt old to his mother.

“All That I Got” – Ghostface Killah

Few songs can make thugs cry, but Ghostface took it there on “All That I Got Is You,” a song honoring his mother and grandmother. With Mary J. Blige on the hook, this gem resonates with anybody that had a mother that fought and stubbled for their kids. Shout out to the Old Earths!

“Momma Can You Hear Me” – Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli is one prolific writer and his mother was the root of his greatness. He honors her on this underappreciated gem.

“Mom Praying” – Beanie Sigel ft. Scarface

We’ll never get that Mac and Brad album, but that’s OK. Beanie Sigel and Scarface hooked up for “Mom Praying.” Thugs like this still need that special prayer than only a mother can deliver. The last verse is priceless.

“Momma Love Me” – Jay-Z

This one one of Jay’s simplest songs yet one of those that we got to know the business man from the heart.

“You Only Get One” – Skillz

Skillz put out one of the best mothers dedication, with tears and all. Not enough people have heard this song, which was written after his mother passed away. Bless Skillz and his mother.

“Dance” – Nas

When Nas’ mother passed away, Hip-Hop hurt. He wrote this dedication to her and offers a glimpse into his life as well.

BONUS: “Guess Who” – Goodie Mob

When the Goodie Mob was whole, they convened to create this rugged, but beautifully touching song to their moms. The 90’s was a long time ago, but this one endures.

  • andone

    these are all honorable mentions(minus ace hood)… but i would have liked to see a lil more balance from ALLHIPHOP?

    atmospheres “mothers day” and evidences “i still love u” tracks come to mind… both deep and emotional stories, i strongly recommend yall give those a listen!

    • andone

      damn cant believe i forgot about black robs “life story” song… there thats 3 gems i jus dropped for u AHH(staff & visitors), ur welcome!!!

    • water_ur_seeds

      yeah for sure, them and eMC’s ‘U Let Me Grow’, along with Pac’s, Ghost, Nas and Skillz…

      • andone

        not familiar wit dude but ima check it out.

        update: ahh slept on that joint right there, thanks for puttin me up on some dope hip-hop!

      • water_ur_seeds

        they a crew, masta ace, stricklin and punch n words… check them out…

  • Dadon850

    I’ve heard that Ghostface song a million times and it still makes me damn near shed a tear. That is a great song. Always liked that Beans joint to. Dear Mama and Nas song to his mom is my favorite tho.

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  • obamasucksballs

    didnt know ghostface had two brothers with muscular dystrophy. damn

    • Eli Pinilla

      “But I remember this, mom would lick her finger tips/ to whipe the cole out my eye before school with her spit”- ghostface

  • junj03

    ace hood ? i dont know about that but the rest are legit all that i got is u is so touchy, it makes me tear.

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    I would like to dedicate these songs to all the nice mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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    Happy Mothers Day !!

  • Tupac, Jay Z, GhostFace are the top 3…no $hot$ at the others!

    • disqus_1ck6OtxMW1

      nah- PAC, NAS,and Ghostface

      • Yeah, Nas could possibly edge out Jay Z, if not, he was definitely # 4, but that jawnt with the kids “I know I can, be what I want to be”, would have definitely edged out Jay…but it wasn’t a “Mother’s Day” song, more like a song sung by a mother.

  • Lamar Star

    Im not afraid to admit that Ghostface – all that I got is you almost made me cry when I first heard it. It dont matter how tuff you are you had to feel that one

    • Bumpy Johnson

      dear mama gets me teary eyes everytime i listen to it……dance with my father made me cry like a lil b!tch 1 time…nun wrong with that song makin u cry dawg.

  • Privilege

    why is Jay song in this list … it is not really about his mother but family… tired of everybody trying to put Jay name in everything he is overrated and for all you people that want to talk about how much he is worth remember Master P was worth around 400 million also so he hasn’t done anything that hasn’t already been done before if you want to give somebody credit for his success you might want to look up his manager

    • andone

      not to mention miller didnt marry a superstar pop/r&b singer either, ppl overlook the fact that hov got his pass and fortune upgraded thru beyonce… it deff made him more acceptable and profitable in corporate/mainstream america, he became safer to work wit after that… master p on the other hand kept it straight gangster while on his way to the top.. im not mad @ jay either but he does get a “lil” more credit for his success than he deserves(like so many others)… still even tho i dont care much for jigga personally @ the end of the day i wouldnt count on him falling off, well @ least not the way P did… dude is bout his $$$ and potentially part of the first billionaire music couple ever too so…

      • You are cracked out of your mind if you think Master P fell off.

      • andone

        i wanst trying to throw shade @ the OG but its safe to say p lost his place @ the top… dude made history but he isnt holdin like he was b4 and i pretty sure jigga is gonna do his best to avoid that… no hate!

      • Cari jone

        You right, but I wouldn’t say he fell off yet, dude is more business smart than people think. He cannot let them keep up with his business.

      • andone

        jay has yet to fall off as far @ his hustle is concerned there’s no denying that… but P isnt makin noise or money like he was earlier in his career and thats more than obvious!

    • Cari jone

      About damn time somebody said it, jay ain’t what they try to make him out to be. He getting his money, and ain’t nothing wrong with that. But, he overrated overall, they try to make it seem like he be the first to do shit. Master P his the guy though, he set the standard for them along with Russell. P never sold out like them though, so he’ll never get credit like that, guy stayed true to hisself

  • Oknas

    Dear Mama>>>

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  • RMfag

    I love my momma, she taught me everything I know.
    Shout out to all the mothers out there.

  • you kidding me? mama nem not on here?
    what a joke

  • Jason Omar Battles

    i notice the all talk about they dads were gone…..i cant cosign non of these…..

  • water_ur_seeds

    What about eMC’s ‘U Let Me Grow’, think that should Be on the list…

  • fvckyolife

    Check out mystikal’s aint no woman like my momma with p on the hook, off his ghetto fabulous album