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5 & Done: B. Martin

B. Martin

Born Brendan Martin, and dubbed by Hot 97 as “The best new Hip-Hop artist in New York ,”  to his music fans he goes by B. Martin. Recently B. Martin released his first album on Itunes called Ladies & Gentleman this pass Tuesday. We caught up with B. Martin to talk music and his hot  single “I Want It All” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Juicy J. Why did you start rapping?

B. Martin:  I’ve always loved music, I’ve always loved Hip-Hop.  But it wasn’t until high school that I started playing around with writing.  Then one day, this kid tried to diss me.  So I went home, wrote a diss rap on him, and took him down.  After that, I continued writing.  I realized how much I love the process of creation and having control over what I deliver. What inspires you ?

B. Martin:. I’m inspired by great music as well as my family and friends. Music is my love & passion, it pushes me to become more creative and try new things musically. If you could describe your music as a superhero or villain who would it be like?

B. Martin:  I would say i’m closest to Batman. The way he transforms from a quiet reserved American into a crime fighting animal could be compared to my shift from being super calm off stage to letting it all go when the spotlight hits. What are you working on currently?

B. Martin: I’m currently working on songs that range from telling my childhood stories to bangers that will have the clubs getting HYPE. A really diverse portfolio of melodic music that’s true to my roots. It will probably turn into a mixtape or an album in the near future. My main focus is my newest single – “I Want It All” with Kendrick Lamar & Juicy J. We are currently in the process of shooting the music video. Where do you see your self in 5 years?

B. Martin: I just want to keep progressing. In five years I see myself in the studio still trying to perfect a song, sound, or lyric. I want to make sure my music relates, inspires people throughout the world. That’s my goal now, and will be five or fifty years from now.

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