Chief Keef Ordered To Pay Monthly And Back Child Support

(AllHipHop News) Chief Keef has been ordered to pay the mother of his daughter $2,600 a month in child support according to TMZ. The court ruled that Keef must also pay $500 for day care and $10,400 in back child support. There is another hearing set for next month to finalize the settlement.

Keef fathered his child at the age of 15 with an unnamed teenage girl. There have been conflicting reports about the young women’s age. TMZ originally reported that the girl is still currently in middle school making her between the ages of 13-15, but journalist Mark Konkol, who covers Chief Keef for DNAInfo Chicago, later reported that the mother is the same age as Keef.

Court documents apparently showed that the 17-year-old makes $13,000 a month, but Keef’s income could be getting a boost after some big business moves he has made recently. Last week he teamed up with Gucci Mane’s Bricksquad 1017, and yesterday Complex posted pictures of the “I Don’t Like” rapper’s new “Beats By Keef” headphones that could be available soon. 

Check out the photos of the “Beats By Keef” below.

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34 Responses to “Chief Keef Ordered To Pay Monthly And Back Child Support”

    • EDOGZ818

      Yeah, you start bringing in over $2K a week & baby momz will want a cut……the sad ‘chet is…..she shouldn’t even have to ask.

      One of my peepz takes care of his daughter under the table.
      Righteous dude, gets more drama from the daughter than the momz…..infact….LOL~N, the momz ain’t got ‘chet to say & knows that even if she did, he ain’t trying to hear her.

      No beef, it’s just that he pays the cost to be the boss.

      In reality, that’s all it really comes down to.

      Either you want to be the boss, or are the boss by default, you still have to pay the cost.

      “Everybody want to be the man…..until it’s time to be the man!”
      >> Ma’ Dukez

    • brotha_man

      i sure the mammy of the mammy put her up to this. most youngins dont know about child support (or how it works).

      • Suava

        either way it goes females dont like when you do for the youngin and the momma cant get fresh off the baby daddy money go listen to lil boosie`s cant hold it in no more !!!!!!!!!!!

  1. BibatheDiva

    If you have income, you should pay an appropriate amount for the support of that child. And it shouldn’t be at your discretion. Buying clothes, diapers, etc, but refusing to give the mother “money,” isn’t right. And I know a lot of guys do that. Care for a child includes that kid having a (nice) place to live, food, even entertainment. Child support is not just for the mother’s benefit, but for the child, and for the father’s protection as well. I wish we would get off the old view of it. If you make money, pay through the child support system. Believe me, there is no way to document the amounts of money that custodial (usually moms) spend on caring for OUR kids.

    • EDOGZ818

      I agree, but let’s say you had a baby to Diddy, and was getting 500K a month, would it be right / fair for you to become an overnight socialite with the chipperz?

      Give new meaning to being a Diva, by leaving the house every day with $2K, in the pocket & right before you go home for the night…..throwing whatever is left into the street like Rayful Edmond?

      For a child : Parent > Money

      TIME should could toward support as well.

  2. OaklandOxymoron

    Unfortunately, when you’re making lots of money and you’re the non custodial parent you will be paying adult support as well as child support. You see it happening when these multi million dollar athletes and entertainers are paying insane amounts every month ( for example, $20k / month for “child support”). Although documentation is a good thing ( payments through the courts) no one but the parents should have a say do in what’s best for their child…

    • EDOGZ818

      Kinda, but why should a kid who’s estranged parent is making multi millions, be forced to live in the projects?

      They use a calculated formula, to be fair.

      It is what it is.

      • OaklandOxymoron

        True, on the protects/millions thing. Though that may be extreme, seemingly it happens. I don’t understand how the courts can order one parent to provide a life that the other can’t, or that obviously benefits the parent more than the child. Perfect example, there’s a dude in my home town, millionaire, and his daughters mother didn’t work, chooses not to go to school, and only has joint custody but he pays her $12k a month and was forced to buy her a house, a $450k house at that. How is that fair? Lol

      • EDOGZ818

        It’s fair….but also stupid.

        Personally, I would have bought $450K of low cost ($50K?) multi units = 9 @ $1,500 a month & started netting her 12K now & 6K in my seeds bank account, monthly, in a mix of CD’s, money market & obviously….low cost ($50K?) multi units @ $1,500 a month) & bring in “RESIDUAL” income, & if she’s a down @$$ baby momz from the hood, pay the taxes on it & let her rock out with the food stamps, sect 8, & cash, for food, drink & tree?

        The bought a nice house….no, not her dream house, because no man can afford a woman’s dream house. She only dreams about the ‘chet you can’t afford…because if you could……she would already have it!

        That’s just me though, & how I would look out for my seed & the women who cultivated it.

      • OaklandOxymoron

        It’s funny you mention the multi units because she lived in one of his for years, rent free lol. He tried to get her to manage them but she felt like She shouldn’t have to because she had his baby to look after, along with her two others from previous relationships lol. That dude has that kid set up for life. The mom, on the other hand, spend that $12k a month faithfully in bullshit. I worked as one of the mediators on his case and couldn’t believe the shit I was seeing/ hearing lol

      • EDOGZ818

        Oh, see, that B’ish is usele$$, I could understand ‘chetting on her, I’d fight for custody & leave her on the curb.

  3. Linkz

    damn that messed up he stay flexing with his lil one on IG and seems to care about her a lo kaykay is his world lol

  4. WhatupJ

    Wear a condom avoid these bitches and kids if you dont want them (and a 15 i can tell you that you dont want them). 10k in back support? How long has he not paid cause that seems ridiculously high.

  5. Dmac Uno

    That’s to much, I think child supports max should only be a $1000, no more stay at home single mother, that don’t work no more or at all, either you also support the child or pass the child to the paying parent who has the means to support the child

    • Yabiggirl

      You look older than you sound, the mothers job was never in the work place, but at home to nurture and care for the child. The fact that mothers have to work these days is the reason why so many children are left with no guidance because Dads are M.I.A and mom is working just to supply the bare necessities You mean to tell me that you would send ya wife/BM, no wait, let me rephrase that because its obvious you dont have a wife…….How would you feel if ya Daddy was a well off entertainer, his lack of physical presence is damaging enough, but the thought of him being financially stable but yet and still ya momz is working 2-3 or even 1 tiresome, demanding job just to keep a roof over ya head….would u appreciate being shipped off to Dads because he has the dough, or would you rather him be supportive like men should be and take the load off of you and your mother?! And child support is not pulled outta the air, its based off of a mans income…..Your way of thinkin would have all these men running around here, buying cars, diamonds, clothes and weed, but sending $50 at home to the children! Give me a break!!

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