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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did The Government Try To Use Jay-Z To Get To Assata Shakur?


Oh…this is not a good rumor for Obama. But the word on the street is that the US Gov. attempted to get at Jigga Man to get to Pac’s step auntie! Remember, last month, the cops in NJ were foaming at the mouth over Assata, labeling her a terrorist like she was the female Bin Laden. Meanwhile, we still neglect that George Bush killed innocents on the premise that…nahhhhh…y’all don’t want me to get to preaching, do you!?! Anyway, America has a hard-on for Assata as she lives peacefully in Cuba.

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Check out this intel from FTP Movement:

Increasingly it is becoming clear that the Obama administration in preparation for its change in its Latin American policy has been using Hip-Hop millionaires as pawns to cover some of its most unsavory actions. Only a few astute old activists recognized early that Obama was using Pop-culture like Richard Nixon used Ping Pong diplomacy in opening up China to a new US diplomacy.

The recent visit of Millionaire Rap Mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé to Cuba served as a cover for unofficial back-door communications to the Cuban government conveying the Obama’s intentions to modify or lift the four decade old illegal embargo/blockade of Cuba and that the presence of former Black Panther, and Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur could hinder or derail this diplomacy. Jay-Z’s delegation included a State-Department “reliable” personage who transmitted the Obama’s administration’s position.  Once the Republican/Right got wind of this overture they screamed bloody murder, but could do little about it as lifting the Cuban Blockade is now crucial to the US reasserting dominance in a post Castro-Chavez Latin America as the geo-economic center for Latin American nations. So Assata is a pawn in the chess game of US imperial diplomacy.


By the way, Minister Farrakhan recently commented on Jay-Z in Cuba and dropped some science on the issue.

This is a serious matter!

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Dream Hampton comments in 5, 4, 3, 2,….

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • digitallife

    Bullshhhh..and Dennis Rodman was a spy for the U.S. in Korean while we are at it. People will believe anything.

    • Chris

      If the government can make up a story about alleged WMDs in Iraq that have yet to be found, for the purpose of starting a war, anything is possible.

      • Especially Jigga vs Assata.

      • digitallife

        LMAO…anything is possible yes..this is ludicrous. Common has been to cuba as have countless other celebrities over the years..just saying..pretty much anyone can go to cuba.

  • jubileeshine

    guess swillseed aint caught the remix

    “The same way they said she was the shooter
    Assata Shakur, they tried to execute her
    I went to Cuba to see her
    We should free her, like we should Mumia”

    • That was Common’s verse…not Jay Z’.

      • Chris


      • jubileeshine

        REMIX..that usually mean an additional artist on the original track.

      • Ok, but that still wasn’t Jay Z’ verse.

  • BosstonMA$$

    Can Jigga man get mah nigga Beans a pardon then?


  • siddiq ja’far

    Didnt that renegade preacher in Harlem say Beyonce went there for a pregnancy procedure? I dont get how Farackhan can praise Jay-Z while he taking part of bringing down a Assata? i guess they stick together. Im not gonna get into the relevance of that photo

    • siddiq ja’far

      this site actually let me post?!!! Wow!!!

    • Malcolm X & Assata are on the same level……so it’s no surprise that Farrahkhan takes the same position with both.

  • $18592567

    U think America needs a rapper to catch an activist…#StopIt5

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      Type of shit worked in Argo lol

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  • If Bush killed innocent people then Obama definetly kill innocent people.

    • He’s Bush on steroids…..with a tan. (IMHO)

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III


      • Black folks ain’t trying to hear that though…they think it’s cool that he bombed Africa….and the moon!

        SMDH@Black people

  • Rodman is a double agent

  • $11625525

    This story was probabaly dreamed up to cause maximum damage to Jay-Z within the so called “Black Community” should they ever get to Assata, because then he will look like a “Rat” of sorts.

    “Y’all go’n learn today”!

    • Like Al Sharpton when he tried to set up Assata while she was on the run in NY?

      • $11625525

        I’ll need to look that one up, I must admit that I’ve never heard that one before.

      • Not sure if it’s on the web yet, Ahmed Obefami, father of Ludacris’ road manager Chaka Zulu ( That yapped T.I. in the eye, and made him cop mad hammers for the drama, etc. ) but Ahmed is like Assata’s brother.

        He went to Cuba to film the “Eyes On The Rainbow” documentary, etc., well, the good Reverend was working with the feds, and offered her money, but told Ahmed that he had to give it to her personally. She later escaped to Cuba.

        Obviously he was told to Fugg Off, but remember when the good Rev was caught on tape trying to buy 10 bricks?

        Was he slinging that ‘chet in the hood, or was he tying to set up some one for the feds?

        Watch the tape & make your own decisions.

      • $11625525

        Thanks, I will do.

    • bigmarz

      jay has been looked down in the “Black Community and Black Church” every since the illuminati rumors. This doesnt help. Everywhere him and his wife go, trouble seems to follow.

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  • who cares, like pacs aunt is some important person to hip hop, illseed think hes malcolm x or some shit lol…

    • She “was” a Malcolm X…..with guns.


      • meh.

      • Sean Taylor

        Then she was “not” a Malcolm X.

      • Indeed, she was a “Malcolm X + Gums” ( = Assata )

      • RichFromBX

        sorry, but at no point would Malcolm X, once getting the upper hand in an altercation, would then take the cop’s own weapon from him and kill him in cold blood so don’t disrespect him by say that Assata “was him”…you can argue up and down about why the cop pulled her over to start with but in the end she killed him in cold blood – she didn’t have to, she chose to..

      • #1) No such thing as getting the upper hand in an altercation with a cop! ***

        #2) “Medical EVIDENCE” shows that she was shot in the back, with both arms raised in a surrendering position.

        *Broken Clavicles

        She was the one shot in cold blood, as was her companion, Zayd Shakur, her other body guard, NASA mathematician, Sundiata Acoli (S/N Clark Squire) is serving time for actually pulling the trigger.

        The NJ State troopers, that shot up that van full of 15? Black, basketball playing, bible students was started by a Nazi, whose son is the famous Gulf War General H. Norman Schwarzkopf from Gulf War 1. Coincidence?

        “Operation Paper Clip?” ==>> Google it

        Do you really think, in that pic of Malcolm X, with the M1 Carbine, 30rd mags, jungle clipped, standing by the window, after his house was fired bombed, wouldn’t have finished off the firebomber if he had wounded him?

        Imagine if it had killed his daughter, then he dropped the killer with a body shot / meat cap….think he wouldn’t have ran up & bust his bubble?

        Assata is a runaway slave…that fought for freedom.

        Only difference between her & you & I….is that we didn’t run away…..or fight for our freedom!


      • RichFromBX

        and I suppose her involvement in the murders of 4 NYPD officers is all make believe? – I’m sorry, but there are better examples out there to follow and fight for than this one…but keeping it going, it’s worked out great so far…

      • According the jury that heard all of the evidence, yes, she was aqquitted of those charges. The FBI’s CoinTelPro program, Operation “ChessRob”, planted FALSE stories & allegations against Assata.

        This is all documented. You should check it out, I think it will open your eyes a bit more to what’s actually going on.

      • RichFromBX

        I’ve actually read a lot and I’m probably more on the fence than anything else – I think the what probably has be 51-49 if I had to put a number to it in favor of of Assata would be her open letter to the pope, admittedly, it didn’t read as the ramblings of a raving killer…

      • That’s all I’m saying Famz, something isn’t right with that case. If she is guilty of anything, it’s standing up for poor & oppressed people in the face of an ungodly system.

        Whatever she did, she had to do.

      • RichFromBX

        as far as online discussions go, one thing I will say is that it’s easy to go back and forth with you in particular because you never jump at someone’s throat for having a different opinion or thought than your’s…good look – wish more people were like that…

      • You know how we do in the Boogie Down.

        It isn’t about attacking your opinions, but sharing viewpoints that may shape them.

        None of us are always right or always wrong!

      • eddieknucks

        TRUTH!!! Goodluck explaining this to the sheep.

      • bigmarz

        are u gay or white or both?

      • RichFromBX

        regardless of whatever I might be…you’re def 100% a$$hole

  • Synista

    Is ILLFAG a gay teenage white kid with a severe case of schizophrenia and the journalistic skills of a 5 year old???

  • eddieknucks

    I said last week that she was a pawn in that trade shit. The Jay z shit is a stretch but the fact that Obama negotiating for that shit is not. With Chavez dead and Castro on his way the door is open. Castro was the last of a dying breed. The old Communist guard. Cuba needs resources. Shit they repairing 60 yr old cars with homemade parts. They got a gang of oil, sugar and rubber that they need to sell.

    • What are you saying? That Jay Z will only ‘chet on the people he grew up with for crumbs, as opposed to a stranger for big $$$ & power?

      If the first “Black” = = > > **** African – American Pres is scheming on the BLA’s 1st Black female general, to repay Blacks for voting for him, why would you think Jigga wouldn’t sell out too?

      *Not saying he did, but definitely not ruling out the possibility. Even Al Sharpton tried to set her up when she was on the run in NYC.

      • eddieknucks

        Nah I’m not saying he wouldn’t but it would be too obvious. The first thing folks said was that he was there trying to talk to assata remember. I just think it would have been more low key. But I don’t put shit past Joe camel. One more neck to step on.

      • Indeed, I doubt he tried to see Assata, unless it was to set her up.

        Like I said…..Al Sharpton tried to set her up….around the time…..Nah, ‘ll leave that rumor for iLLseed.

  • D_Ably

    Jiggas a snake, this is nothin new.

  • RichFromBX

    if you’re going to talk about Bush’s killing of innocents then also note the more recent killings of innocents by the air strikes ordered by Obama in Libya that killed women and children – the point here is not to necessarily point fingers per se but more that one isn’t more innocent than the other…Dem, Rep, left or right – the labels are used so the people can argue and fight amongst themselves while nothing changes and the government continues to do today what it’s always done. Keep in mind that under no previous administration was Assata on the radar once she escaped and made it to Cuba – it’s this administration that labeled her a terrorist…

    • Wrong again…..Even the Pope tried to get Assata.

      The only reason Assata is free today, is because Fidel Castro stood firm, despite the illegal embargo strangling Cuba.

      Assata was always on the radar of every administration, which is why she is in Cuba now.

      • RichFromBX

        actually, the pope didn’t try to get her…the NJ Troopers in 97 asked for the pope’s help in bringing her back which was turned down…in fact Assata even went on to say the Pope’s visit to Cuba at that time was a great thing for the people of Cuba…not exactly something you would say about someone sent to assist in capturing you…

        apparently, she’s a little more on the radar of this administration than the previous ones because again, it’s under this administration that she’s made the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list…

      • eddieknucks

        She is on the radar now because Latin America is ripe for the picking right now. Castro grip on the people is weakening. The old heads are dying off. They want to open trade. Any president would’ve jumped at this opportunity. Castro been in power since Eisenhower.

      • An “Afro-American” put her there.

        Let that marinate for a sec.

      • RichFromBX

        if you want to open trade with a country it’s probably not best to lead with making someone who sought political asylum a most wanted terrorist…

      • eddieknucks

        Yeah but if they turn her over its a gesture of good faith on Cuba part. It shows that their willing to work with the u.s. and will also put another feather in Obama’s cap. Can you see it now? Clinton and Bush couldn’t get Osama. But Obama could. Assata on the run 40yrs. Obama got her too.

      • Unless it’s a show of force…..#IJS

      • A Black man? put the heat on her?


        I think the Pope actually did try & negotiate her capture, at the behest of the NJ State troopers. Either way, she made or tried to make a positive out of a negative, by using the Pope to highlight the injustices of the Cuban people.

      • Weedras

        nah… Even the Bush Administration re-upped her wanted status and balked at the idea of giving her pardon.. basically every administration since she’s been on the run has kept her as a ‘threat’ to America…

  • Choppaliss

    anything to turn blacks against blacks and you black americans are the biggest culprits ……….. 100s of years and we still falling for this divide and conquer bullshit, while most whites stick together

  • Weedras

    Assata isn’t Tupac’s Aunt… her brother was his step dad… And Every US president is guilty of murdering innocents in other countries in similar fashion as the terrorists they hunt..

  • Negro Peligro

    Man what. Jay Z would never do it why would the government ask. Why would they use JAY Z. Like OK Jay. I’ll go back to the US. That’s not even a win for Obama. People are still going to hate him who would celebrate this and he would only lose from his fan base. GET OUT OF HERE.

  • Tre C

    i love how easy it is for people to come up with conspiracy theories. “hey, he’s popular now. He’s in the illuminati”

  • Super_Hero

    Bloomberg and Ratner used Jay-Z to take over land in Brooklyn for a stadium. The plan was happening with or without Jay-Z but they put Jay-Z on TV, who owned less then 1% of the Nets, as a poster child for Nets moving to Brooklyn. Then proceeded to kick people out their homes for the land. Of course Jay-Z gets a pass because of his skin color and pop culture influence.

    • lox

      We want this stadium, get yall ass out!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Being an agent is like snitching on steroids!

    • siddiq ja’far

      dead! lol

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  • brotha_man

    nets used jay as a pawn, now the government using him as a pawn. he aint nothing but a rich uncle tom. imo

  • Delonte West

    The gov’t sent Jay-Z…don’t they have people trained for this…did y’all get this shit from MTO?

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