Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent's Cousin Coming For His Neck Bone?

50 Cent had some words for his cousin and his cousin simply cannot take it any more! Here is what 50 said:

“My baby cousin, I used to pick him up, carrying him around, stuff like that. He’s bigger than me now, stands taller than me, writes music. I don’t like his music. I don’t like it and it’s because he has never been through the things he’s talking about. He wrote his version of my experience. And I said, ‘When some of the sh*t comes that comes from that actual lifestyle to you, your mother’s not gonna look to me like it’s my fault.’ I didn’t work with him. I told his mother, ‘Tell him to do his thing. Don’t stop because I said stop. But tell him don’t come near me. My cars are bulletproof and sh*t.’ When the sh*t comes to you, you’ll know why it came. Death is of the tongue.”

Wow. That’s actual wisdom from 50, believe it or not. But, his cousin is pissed and is going to respond in the next day or so. I’m not sure why he would want to beef with 50 Cent since 50 is so powerfully powerful, he could break him. Then again, why would 50 beef with a 90’s / early 2000’s Murder Inc?

Here is 50 talking about authenticity in Hip-Hop.

This guy looks like 50 and his name is Continental 5. Is this the rapper known as 25?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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54 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent's Cousin Coming For His Neck Bone?”

  1. The Thug's Coat

    It didn’t sound like he said anything negative…it sounds like he’s tryin to save his cousin from the problems associated with living that lifestyle. When will people learn that if you’re not a street guy, then you probably shouldn’t be talking about the shit you didn’t do. I hate to sound cliche but “it’s only so long fake thugs can pretend”

    • EL_BARK

      If thats the case 99% of these rappers need not to make music no more.
      50 included… Ijs 50 was from the hood, & but he got himself in trouble. I guess in a way he saying dont do it. Look what happen to me. Cause niggas pulled his cards…

      • EL_BARK

        Lol & he might be refering to bishop. Lmao ok ok ok cheap shot…

        Feds aint no much when pac got shot…

      • EL_BARK

        I aint going to spell it out all the time. U illliterate niggahs u cant read between the lines. Lmao

      • EL_BARK

        U ask me 50 took a page out of pac book & rode it to a key…..

        Tupac could mess with his enemies in NY, so he left wrnt 3000 miles away to the oppsosite coast, & link up with suge…
        Then dry snitch on his enemies hoping they would get indicted…

        Curtis did the same thing. Got hit up, had to flee NY,
        Then went out to LA and link up with west coast niggas, / em.
        And the dry snitch on murder inc, hoping they would get shut down. Only thing is when curtis did it he knew the hip hop police was in full effects by then. & knew the feds wanted preme cause he manage to avoid a life bid, unlike his peers

      • EDOGZ818

        No shots at 50 & now that you mention it, 50 did pull the Pac move…but IMHO, Pac was justified, and so was 50.


        P.S. There is a Monte’ MAG

      • EL_BARK

        Naw where at???

        That was monte i thought if u talking bout his comment on this page?

      • EL_BARK

        To the 7 clowns that v my post…
        The truth hurts as much as yall want to deny it….
        50 wasnt no gangster. & him thinking & rapping like he was lead to him getting discipline in front of his own grandmom….. Lol

        Even style P said it best….
        If a niggah would had air me on my grandmom stoop.
        I would had air somebody grandmom duke.

        The fact they caught him in front of his grandmom house speaks volumes, of how much of a threat curtis was…
        & its clear he wasnt the guy he portrays, he was in his raps….

      • shaquan mccoy

        Do your research…..find out what happened to the alleged shooter after failed hit…..” oh and by the way if u was a real nigga…. I wouldn’t be posting reckless stuff that u can’t back up with real truth………u never know who reading….sure u aint popo

      • EL_BARK

        I dont have to do know research. Maybe u should take your own advice. Homo was killed true. But it had nothing to do with 50 cent. Now dispute anything i said with facts, & no i not talking bout shet u heard… Further more if you knew who & why the alledge shooter was killed, u wouldnt even had posted that dumbass comment clown. Keep listening to many men & 50 claims of his imaginary tales of being a street niggah…
        Or exaggeration of his story.

      • EL_BARK

        “Any man who gets on BET and says another man’s company is started with drug money and 2 weeks later the FBI starts infiltrating their camp… he’s the most famous snitch I’ve ever seen in my life.” That’s what Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince had to say about 50 Cent in the June issue of The Source, hitting newstands this week.


    I remember his cousin on some of those hip hop dvd’s about 3 year’s ago. He called himself 2-5 The Boss. My Brother commented that he looked like “Bizarro 50”. He wasn’t bad at all but I do recall him saying 50 didn’t co sign the music he was doing.

  3. BillyBobJohn

    as always the media blowing things up its no big deal we all know 50 dont like rappers who lie and fake it even if their family his just keeping it real

  4. $18592567

    50 is right on this one and his cousin should fall back. I highly doubt that 50 would turn his back on the fam unless they was doin’ too much. 50 would instantly lose credibility endorsing a wankster. Besides it’s only room for one Bugs Bunny looking rap nigga anywayz…

  5. Dadon850

    What people fail to understand is 50 didn’t get shot for living a gangsta lifestyle, he got shot for snitching on real gangstas. 50 was a victim, not a thug.

      • Dadon850

        I think it’s well known Supreme had a issue with 50’s song Ghetto Koran and the fact 50 named dropped members of his crew and their illegal activity. Supreme called this “dry snitching” and put out a hit on 50. 50 gets shot and becomes a famous gangster when in fact he has been a victim of violence multiple times and yet not one story where 50 inflicted violence upon someone. Hence, he is a victim.

      • shaquan mccoy

        Only people that hating trying down play Real situation…any Paper Work…..”the term Dry Snitching?? really…Ghetto Koran talks about real stuff on them streets…..not who what when or why…further more fif aint have to run across the country to get signed…everyone wanted to but many backed off after shooting.. Fat Joe TSS wanted fif and they was ready to handle any beef…lots of peeps was bitter cause he blew and they wasn’t part of it….I’m not getting into any of the bs… facts is facts…u got none ….u need more people……….no one believes u….

      • EL_BARK

        Lol u sound like a clown. First of all ghetto quran was airing people dirty laundry, & i sure preme didnt appreciate that being he was trying to involved in or aligned with murder inc….

        Also it was 50 on his mixtapes screaming preme was extorting irv, & he went on & said that murder inc was started or funded with drug money….. Look at the preme & irv indictement papers… Look at the CI that through the paper work….

        What happen to murder inc, soon after…
        Money laundering case for irv right???
        Extortion & money laundering go hand to hand & its can fall under a rico charge….. Now if u look at the paper work & see the thinh the CI says, & look at 50 mixtapes & interviews u would see they say the same damn thing vetbatim….

        Also u dont remember 50 getting on 106 park????
        Clownd like yourself have to do research, i was up in queens very often, when all this was taken. I was in queens the day jmj got killed. People like u do research on the intetnet.
        People like me get my info from the source….
        The niggah 50 cant even go back to southside…
        Niggah dont show him no love….. G- u not…
        Game pull his cards in his own hoods years ago.

      • Mitchell Patterson

        LOL! Where were you when you saw that episode of 106? Everything else you said makes sense, but the 106 episode doesn’t exist.

      • EL_BARK

        I guess me & j prince were the only one to see it.

    • PorchBoySlim

      50 didnt snitch ….he was speaking on common knowledge shit….all of the OGs he talked about in the song was already dead in jail…or already did their time in jail

  6. scullyson

    He gotta realize that riding fifs back in his lyrics may seem like a short cut to some sort of fast exposure but keep in mind he also could very well be inheriting the negativity minus the street smarts or security. just sayin

    • EDOGZ818

      “As an MC, you will study verbal magic, but watch what you say because you’ll attract it, control your subconscious magnet, from pulling in Havoc!”

      KRS – The MC

      This is a dope interview by Fiddy!


    “You don’ t have to respect a nigga, but respect his cash, cause for the money, niggaz will murder that ass”….

  8. dehova

    Illseed bka Illiterate Seed. I get it now. He is not the rapper known as 25. He used to be Two-5 and, when you say it like that, you don’t bastardize the English language.

  9. Hill

    I don’t see anything in this article that would suggest he coming for 50. He may not even give a damn about 50’s comments. Wasted my time clicking on this article!


      When you have a enemy (smurf) that admits he was your shooter at one point, I think that ends that discussion

      • Eny Daboss

        smurf???? man smurf was the dude that protected 50, he was the shooter of many nigga but as you forgot he was partner wit 50 and never his soldier he is the 1 that clarified the point of 50 being a snitch and that exposed him at his own concert in jamaica …. n guess what 50 and his security didnt do shit, so please next u come here come wit more than that.. dont put real niggas name that 50 was using to get famous

      • ISPEAKTRUTH2012

        But your initial statement was fif is rapping about a life he knows nothing about. How can he be partners with Smurf, get protection from Smurf? What was he doing that warranted protection? I understand the whole snitch argument, but you have to look at who’s claiming it, only his enemies. If he was so much of an informant, why did Prodigy say the police wanted him to set fifty up to go down on a weapons charge?

      • Eny Daboss

        only his enemies ???? smurf? dollar millon? pap? he be talking about these niggas lifestyle…. then snitch on them do you know why smurf went to jail? cause of 50… so why he is mad at his cousin for?

  10. Apollo Showtime

    Yes Continental 5 is 25, he decided to change his name because he was getting flack for being “half of 50 Cent…25 Cents” lol. I think he sees 50’s success and feels inspired to walk in his cousin’s path…but he didn’t exactly live his cousin’s life so he’s not necessarily ready to deal with the real shit that came with 50’s success.

  11. Antiblog

    Hey people.let listen to wot 50 said. that was a word of wisdom that came out from his mouth. 50 never said he doesn’t want his cousin to rap or he doesn’t like his music but he said he doesn’t like the style his cousin is using to rap and he need to stop bcos most of wot he is rappin doesn’t pertain to him. don’t rap a gansta when u are a wanksta. If u can take a bullet to ur body or have protection like 50 have bullertproof, don’t be og beefin people or sayin shit. rap wot pertains to his lifestyle. if anything happen to his cousin, they will blame 50 bcos he is tryn to impersonate 50 in some style. real talk 50 said

  12. John

    I’m thinking 50 Cuz is coming at his head and all I see is an interview that was posted earlier this week already. This isn’t content. 50’s cousin ISNT coming for his head. This is stupid… You fallin off HARD Ill.

  13. water_ur_seeds

    why do a rumor a week ago saying 50 is dissing rick ross… and post this video???

    then do another rumor now saying 50cent is dissing his cousin… and post this same video???

    it was a dope interview, and didnt really diss rick ross or his cousin…

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