Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine

Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Donate $70 Million To USC For New Academy

(AllHipHop News) Super-producer Dr. Dre (born Andre Young) and influential music executive Jimmy Iovine are using parts of their substantial fortunes to help cultivate the next generation of music business moguls. It was announced that the pair is giving the University of Southern California $70 million to create a new music academy.

“The vision and generosity of Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young will profoundly influence the way all of us perceive and experience artistic media,” said USC President C.L. Max Nikias in a statement.

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The four-year program will teach undergraduates the necessary skills to be successful in the music industry. Courses focusing on engineering, computer science, fine arts, graphic design, business, and leadership training will be taught by members of USC’s Thorton School of Music, Roski School of Fine Arts, Marshall School of Business, and Viterbi School of Engineering.

According to a statement issued by USC, “industry icons and innovators as visiting faculty and guest speakers” will also take part in the program. It will also provide one-on-one mentoring by professors.

“Academy students will have the freedom to move easily from classroom to lab, from studio to workshop individually or in groups, and blow past any academic or structural barriers to spontaneous creativity,” said Erica Muhl, the first director of the new academy, in a statement.

USC’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation is set to open in the fall of 2014 with an initial class of 25 students.

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    That makes me want to attend USC! Man. I think this puts Dre as the largest rapper. How many rappers DONATED 70 dollars let alone 70 million. I mean thats almost birdmans whole net worth. crazy.

    • Tre C

      you don’t actually have to rap to be considered a rapper?

      • MrNoName2K

        2^ Cosign..example, Waka Flocka…dude even said himself hes not a rapper nor lyrical…and not “all” his shit is bad..


        yeah it is ALL BAD!

    • coast

      First off, Jimmy AND Dre donated the funds of 70 million, so that means they are donating 35 million EACH. Tax-write off ? Yes. Also, they basically created a music academy in their name, thus keeping their names alive for many years to come. Not a bad investment, right?

      • Jessica2248

        not bad at all!

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  • griot

    Now this is giving back! Kudos to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. I wish more wealthy entertainers and athletes would step-up and support educational institutions especially the HBCU’s.

    Those schools consistently do more with less. It would be great to give them the opportunity to do more with more.

    Imagine what Morehouse, Spelman, Howard, and Hampton could have done with $17.5 million apiece.

    Those schools have enrolled and graduated thousands of black kids who listen to hip-hop, buy the music, attend the concerts, work in the industry and/or buy products that the entertainers and athletes endorse [like Beats By Dre headphones, >:) ] , yet when it comes to donating money, they’re an afterthought.

    In addition, there are hundreds of kids that are having to walk away from these colleges without completing an education because they and their families don’t have the money and/or because of the changes to PLUS loans. That money could have kept some kids in college.

    Oh well, whatever the case, I like the concept and am very proud whenever African-Americans write large checks to educational institutions! Will keep my fingers crossed and hope that this inspires others to support HBCU’s and the students that attend them!

    Guess I’ll put more Beats by Dre products on my gift list!!

  • MrNoName2K

    Another way to get some of them troubled inner city youths who love music interested…im with it, good move

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  • andone

    this is dope, im wondering if the fund is providing scholarships as well… there are not many accredited audio engineering schools that employers respect… but wit USC on ur resume u can bet that will stand out… im also curious as to wat the 4yr education will cost tho, im sure its not gonna be very affordable so i do hope its worth the expense… thing is most of the time in the industry its not really about wat u know but who u know and the projected growth makes opportunities even more limited on top of that… i truly hope that this will give ppl the edge they need to be successful in the biz cuz theres already too many young adults drowning in student loan debt who cant find work in their field of study as it is!

  • best_believe

    Tax Write Off!!!

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  • Cold Hard Truth

    All you genocide coke minstrels pay attention and start doing something positive instead of poisoning minds and filling private prisons for rich crackers

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  • griot

    Dillard President Asks Dr. Dre Why He Gave $35 Million to USC and Not a Black College

    by Dr. Boyce Watkins

    Dr. Dre is one of the most successful entertainers in history,
    earning hundreds of millions of dollars by making great music. Much of
    this music sells because he has been able to successfully package
    urban/black culture, selling it to audiences around the world. One of
    the questions some have about those who readily use their blackness for
    profit is: What are you giving back to those who gave you so much?

    It’s hard to know exactly what Dr. Dre is doing for the black
    community, but we all know where he made his greatest gift. Dr. Dre and
    music producer Jimmy Lovine recently announced a whopping $70 million
    dollar donation to USC to create a new degree. The program is one that
    pulls together liberal arts, graphic arts, business, music and

    One person who had something to say about the gift is Dillard
    University president, Walter M. Kimbrough. Dr. Kimbrough was once the
    youngest president of any HBCU in the country and proudly considers
    himself to be a part of the hip-hop generation. In an op-ed in the LA Times,
    Kimbrough openly asks Dre why he chose to give so much money to USC, as
    opposed to one of the struggling HBCUs that really could have used the

    I understood their need to build a pool of skilled
    talent. But why at USC? Iovine’s daughter is an alum, sure. And he just
    gave its commencement address. Andre Young — before he was Dr. Dre —
    grew up in nearby Compton, where he rose to fame as part of the rap
    group N.W.A. The Beats headquarters are on L.A.’s Westside.

    Still, what if Dre had given $35 million — his half
    of the USC gift and about 10% of his wealth, according to a Forbes
    estimate — to an institution that enrolls the very people who supported
    his career from the beginning? An institution where the majority of
    students are low-income? A place where $35 million would represent a
    truly transformational gift?

    Dr. Kimbrough is absolutely correct. USC’s endowment is over $3.5 billion, which gives this school more money than every single HBCU in America combined.
    Even more stunning is that the school’s endowment isn’t even in the top
    20 in the nation. The point here, and I hope Dr. Dre understands this,
    is that white people have plenty of money. They don’t exactly need
    black people making donations.

    Even worse is that much of this wealth was accumulated on the backs
    of slaves and black people who were locked out of the economic system.
    Schools like USC make it diffcult for black students to gain admission
    and even more difficult for black faculty to get jobs. Even worse for
    Dr. Dre, his $35 million dollar donation (half of the $70 million he is
    sharing with Levin) is merely a drop in the bucket for a school like USC
    that is sitting on an amount of money that no HBCU will have for at
    least another 100 years.

    Dr. Kimbrough goes even further to explain why USC was a questionable
    donation target for someone who grew up as a struggling black kid in
    South Central Los Angeles.

    USC is a great institution, no question. But it has a
    $3.5-billion endowment, the 21st largest in the nation and much more
    than every black college — combined. Less than 20% of USC’s student body
    qualifies for federal Pell Grants, given to students from low-income
    families, compared with two-thirds of those enrolled at black colleges.
    USC has also seen a steady decrease in black student enrollment, which
    is now below 5%.

    A new report on black male athletes and racial inequities shows
    that only 2.2% of USC undergrads are black men, compared with 56% of its
    football and basketball teams, one of the largest disparities in the
    nation. And given USC’s $45,602 tuition next year, I’m confident Dre
    could have sponsored multiple full-ride scholarships to private black
    colleges for the cost of one at USC.

    Dr. Kimbrough made a courageous decision to write this article.
    There are some who might criticize him as a “hater” or argue with his
    right to question what Dr. Dre does with his money. But I’m not talking
    to those people right now. Instead, we must look at the facts: Dr.
    Dre, a man who has made hundreds of millions of dollars selling back
    urban culture to the world has made his largest donation to a
    predominately white university that doesn’t need the money and rarely
    admits black students unless they can play a sport.

    By the way, the university has earned hundreds of millions of dollars
    from African American athletes, while HBCUs can barely pay the bills.
    All the while, almost none of this money is returned to the black
    community, and multi-million dollar USC athletes like Reggie Bush have
    their integrity questioned for receiving a few hundred dollars under the
    table. The fact is that these schools rob black people blind, don’t
    give hardly anything to the black community, and laugh at the fact that
    we are ridiculous enough to turn around and give all the money back.

    I think this is what some in the dotcom era might call an “SMH
    moment.” Dr. Dre is a brilliant producer, but this move just doesn’t
    make any sense. I hope he has something to say.

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  • Everyone astonished understand the criticism. Dr. Dre only seeking financial profits. Quoted prior “Never graduate College Rich N” Well fine not holding Dr.Dre. For comments expected divided interest. HBCU to many Black students. Disfavor not because Dr.Dre lack. Philanthropy taught paradox non Black. Is what? Inferior don’t go there with me. Don’t blame Dr.Dre influence business. Decision yes I detest Hip hop regarding. Destroyed civil rights basically gang society. USC endowed campus whom enrolled. Majority private campus whom affiliated. NAICU National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. USC is private institution seldom provide. Scholarships don’t trip on Dr.Dre gifts! Why establish own philanthropy. Argument bogus charade Blacks united. Myth “Black Lives Matter” tell us?

    Dr.Dre grew up in urban decay. Animosity towards trust mishap. NWA whom Eric “Eazy E” Write (1964-1965) once again. Zionist controlled former discography. Why detest opinion of Black men. This prevalent attitude many need. Accepted this USC admitting whom? Asians and Indians Viterbi Engineering school. Were are Black students STEM? APRU Association of Pacific Rim Universities. HBCU? No clue what to due? Most Blacks hold aggression to Black. Establishments if so make revision corporations. Making profits giving nothing back. Dr. Dre is façade puppet Zionist. Don’t waste your time Blacks going.

    Awaken gangstas bought apathy disassociate. Hip hop not reality for some. Making billions Machine Gun Kelly,The Streets and Bronson. White rappers of Dre going make. Millions goal change Whites into the Hood. Commercial real estate investment Dr.Dre. Friends Don Pebbles,Victor MacFarland and Ervin Magic Johnson. High rise office developments REIT for. Lower income never only affluent. Dr. Dre much success HBCU going. Survive besides minds opposition Hip hop. Become success you choice in USA. Hip hop needs to stop! USF
    Ivy league university whom. Benefitting affluent law firms,engineering,
    computer science,chemical engineering,business and medical school.
    Dr.Dre man of music and letters. Aja Brown mayor of Compton needs.
    Your assistance I know ignored why. Gentrification going bring reality
    Hood. Soon how? Real estate and industries those careers. Going move up latter mention this. Gang members aloof not Black! Merci