Future Says Lil Wayne "Raised Awareness" About Emmett Till; "Karate Chop" Producer Speaks

(AllHipHop News) Future’s “Karate Chop” has been a topic of interest in Hip-Hop for the last several months due to the controversial lyrics by the song’s featured artist. Lil Wayne’s reference to Emmett Till, the African-American teenager who was brutally murdered by two white men in 1955, upset the Till family and eventually cost the Young Money rapper his endorsement deal with Mountain Dew.

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Future feels despite all the negative attention the line “beat that pu**y up like Emmett Till” garnered, the end result was actually positive.

Future told Power 106:

I never thought it was going to get so much attention, but I think overall, the whole situation, he did bring light in a positive way to what happened. Even though they probably thought it was negative, he brought positive energy to the situation because a lot of people don’t even know [who Emmett Till was]. My dad didn’t even know who Emmett was, he think I was talking about Emmett Smith. I’m talking a lot of that are people around me, credible people, that should be like, ‘Man, you don’t even know who Emmett Till is?’ He raised awareness to people who didn’t even know Emmett Till. The young kids that never even knew what happened to him… I don’t believe he in any way, form, or fashion did it out of disrespect toward the family.

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Another important player in the creation of “Karate Chop” weighed in on the issue as well. Metro Boomin, the producer of the track, spoke with Vibe recently. The 19-year-old Morehouse College student revealed that the version of the song with the Till line was never meant to be released.

According to Metro, the lyrics were removed from the track, because the people who had been working on “Karate Chop” felt they would be too controversial. The version with the Till reference was then leaked to the internet without permission.

“We didn’t even intend for it to come out like that,” said Metro. “It got ripped. I’m not even going to say his name…  one day he lucked up on the f*cking ‘Karate Chop’ video and he ripped the one with the Wayne verse and put it out.”

  • Idunnoknow


  • Mike9130

    This is B.S. If you don’t know who Emmett Till was, that just proves you and your daddy are dumb.

    • Blaq_Boi

      No offence homie, but you can’t know everybody, even dudes that represent a milestone in history. It’s just impossible. I don’t promote ignorance nor do I condone the insulting of any individual but you can’t base a person’s general intellect off knowing “historians”. What if I grew up on science and said you’re dumb for not knowing e.g an atom? Nah dude.

      • ladynamor

        That’s offense sir.

      • Troll_E_G

        Foolish statement….blks not knowing who Emmit Till is like whites not knowing JFK….some may not know all of George Washington Carvers inventions but they know he was was connected to peanut butter

      • Mike9130

        none taken. I disagree though. I’m a computer programmer. Before that I’m a black man, and If you looked the least bit into black history you’d know Emmett Till. I remember being about 10 scared to sleep after seeing his pic in some book I was reading.

        “If You Don’t Know Where You Come From, You Don’t Know Where You’re Going.”

        Best I could sum it up.

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  • bigdoe6

    You’re dad didn’t know who Emmett Till was? You can’t pay me to believe that. Smh.

  • ladynamor

    Who didnt know who Emmett Till was? Industry dudes are dumb as hell!

  • Smoke Peacefully

    Half of the people complaining about the song probably didnt know who Emmett Till was. They just joined in on the Lil Wayne hate, googled Emmitt Till, and now they act like they care. If Emmett was so important why has no black ever mentioned him during Black History Month, shot him out on a song, made a movie about him, or just done anything in his memory? Props to Lil Weezy for waking black folk up about your history.

    • RazaBladeKing

      I’ve tried to stay away from AHH cuz it’s toxic, but your post is just littered with stupidity and I can’t let it go unaddressed, like you contributed something meaningful. “No black ever mentioned him during Black History Month”? There’s about 3 or 4 stupid things goin on in that sentence alone; I won’t waste your time pointing them out, cuz if you can’t read that sentence and count all the stupid s*** in it, you’re beyond help. No one “shot him out on a song”? Both Bun B and Killer Mike have mentioned Till in their raps, to name a few, so… yeah, get that point the whole entire f*ck outta here. “Props to Weezy for waking black folk up about your history”? Anybody depending on Little Wayne to wake them up needs to be put to sleep. Props revoked. I’m guessin from the way you phrased things that you’re not black, and I’m actually hopin so, as an explanation for the pure uncut f*ckery you’ve just unleashed. I knew about Emmitt Till, and the lesson his death can teach ‘us’ about how Western Civilization views ‘us’, even today [side-eye to Kobe], and I didn’t need a garbage song from a couple of overpaid baboons to pique my interest. I don’t expect Future to know about this, cuz I suspect he’s mentally challenged. I don’t expect Little Wayne to know pretty much anything, besides how many karats are in his necklace. But please, please, please don’t lump all of ‘us’ in the same category as the happily-ignorant house slaves you see on t.v.

      • Smoke Peacefully

        Now you got just as many if not more stupid things in your lengthy nonsense you typed. Lil Wayne a former college student at the University of Houston and you claim he doesnt know anything, February just passed how many times did you hear Emmett Till name, what song Bun B got with him mentioning Emmett Till name? You have 3-4 stupid things you ranting about and havent proven a thing. And if you could read the very first sentence in my post said “HALF OF THE PEOPLE” so I didnt lump all of “us” in the same category. Stop getting your panties in a bunch and try to use some reading comprehension before you run off with your stupidity.

      • ladynamor

        You again? Just stop pretending to be black and stay away from sh!t like this. You are a distraction from real issues.

      • Smoke Peacefully

        Just goes to show how unfocused you are if my couple little post is distracting you from real issues. Im blacker and smarter than you maybe you should stay away from sh!t like this your comment is pretty dumb what issue were you addressing? Seems to me its just your stupid opinion about industry dudes? GTFOH

      • Matt Swan

        Im blacker and smarter than you…..seriously? How do you justify “blacker”? Your pants sag lower? Thats a gay thing from prision btw. You have more “swag” than us? I’m a grown ass man; don’t need any “swag” to justify myself. Smarter? Not by what you’ve said so far. So please do all of us a favor and Just. Kill. Yourself.

    • You know you sound stupid, right? I mean, you gotta know that.

      • Smoke Peacefully

        You gotta know you must be stupid if you didnt understand.

      • dee

        what is it to understand that sh*t is stupid as fuk what u just said people been talking about till for years fuk david banner was telling people about till when he first came out youtube it and the only thing lil wayne woke black people up about was how ignorant his mind is but thats ok with u smoke peacefully please dont smoke at all ur dumb bruh rt

      • Smoke Peacefully

        LOL….YOU ARE dumber than me. How you going to call me dumb after using “ur” in your sentence. Neither one of you geniuses can mention anybody that has mentioned Emmett Till name. I forgot about Banner, still you are just a bunch of talk. Like I said alot of people didnt know about Till until Wayne mentioned his name.

    • Tommy Strong

      I feel what you and Future are saying there are alot of Wayne haters who knew nothing about Till until this controversy. But what have you done to educate the youth about our black history? Our communities will continue to fall with today’s youth not being aware of their past. Everybody should be doing there part, and we need to stop depending on hiphop, actors, and other entertainers to school our youth.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Man oh man. You are not very smart …..

      Kanye West “Through the wire”

      “How do you console my mom or give her life support

      When you telling her your son’s on life support

      And just imagine how my girl feel

      On the plane scared as hell that her guy look like Emmett Till….”

      There is also a street named after Emmett Till in Chicago, His murder was in Jet and Ebony magazine numerous times as well. Your argument is a moot one old bean.


    if you mention Emmett till,then you know about him,you don’t randomly say his name in a rhyme unless you know!

  • Tre C

    95% of these brothers in rap need to stop doing interviews.

    • Word. Get a publicist.

    • Tommy Strong

      No let them it just shows how stupid they really are.


      • Matt Swan

        PLEASE STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS…I agree totaly with that, but it’s surprising how many of the most ignorant rappers have higher level educations..AND STILL ACT LIKE AN ASS. I still think they need to swallow many .45 slugs or take them to the head so our youth can be saved from BS rap, but dumb rap will always prevail over something with some sense.

  • Dadon850

    Future and his daddy smoke entirely too much dope. Lil Wayne is beyond help. White folks laugh hysterically at us. We are a joke and rappers now damn near make me hate them personally. I can’t stand these selfish fools. How dare these clowns!!

  • Chris

    Sht is embarrassing. SMH.

  • TheRealSage

    It’s funny that I being all the way in Africa knew about Emmet Till, and these privileged clowns are arguing that no one knew about him in the US when a sizzurp laced weak ass rhyme disrespected him. Hip hop is on the throes bcoz of such inane leaders and followes SMDH

    • Smoke Peacefully

      I cant tell you knew about him you cant even spell his name right.

    • Some one needs to tell these B’ish made, do the right thing, for the wrong reasons @$$ Ninjaz that they are fugging idiots!

      Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons > Doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

  • Short Bus Shawty for real.

  • You picked a winner, Ciara.

    • PliggaNease

      Ciara aint that much of a winner herself let the two f#$K long as no baby comes from it we will be alright

      • Matt Swan

        Can’t be mad at Ciara. Her career has flopped and she’s jumpin from dude to dude so she can still be in the spotlight somewhere. But I know I wouldn’t kick that ass out of bed tho. Trinas kind of in the same boat, but her ish MUST be good when you can get a man to get your lip print tattoed on his neck.

  • damn futures dad didn’t even know who emmett till was

    • $28825362

      Fool was like, “hey son you you meant Emmett Smith.”

      • firehawk17

        thats hilarious….rotff..lol

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  • MrNoName2K

    Knowledge is power…And if you dont know…now you know niggaaaaaa

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    smh…dig a hole…bury yourself…

    • Matt Swan

      He is…between ciaras legs

  • BibatheDiva

    This is an interesting dialogue. I think it’s very sad indeed that this lyric could ever, in any way, be perceived as positive. Saying Emmett Till’s name, in the way that he did, didn’t (nor was it intended to) shine any positive light on his story. You can see that from the fact that it, allegedly, wasn’t supposed to be on the released version, which I think is another lie. It was the media attention, if anything, that led kids to Google/YouTube info on Emmett Till. I agree with some of the comments, a lot of rappers have gotten way too comfortable saying any and everything on songs and in interviews and then being surprised by any backlash. Also, the fact that his dad “didn’t know” about Emmett Till… that’s hard to believe. The whole thing is sad, we need to value our history.

    • Matt Swan

      We also need to hold these “rappers” accountable as a community. WE didn’t get their sponsorships taken others did. Why can’t WE do something that would hurt them in their pockets too? Becuase we are enamoured with the “gangster”, “thug” and “being an ignorant ass rappers. Where most of the “fans” of the music never set one foot in the projects, and damn near all of those rappin about the life lived in the suburbs and are ralkin about someone elses life.

  • PliggaNease

    your f-ing kiddie me right………………..the future apparently think nobody knows about the past.

    • Tommy Strong

      What’s crazy is my 13 yr old didnt know either. What are the teaching in schools today, I thought that would be discussed during Black History Month. That is where I first learned about Emmet Till, I know now I need to get on my job and school my youngsters about our proud past.

      • BibatheDiva

        My daughter didn’t know either, and i didn’t realize I hadn’t really had an in-depth “black history” conversation with her. We watched Eyes on the Prize the next day. And she went to school and talked her teacher and their class had a discussion about it. So, I guess according to Future, I owe that to Wayne.

  • brotha_man

    as Lauryn Hill once put it “and even after all my logic and my theory I add a “mutha-fucka” so you ignorant niggas hear me”

    • RichFromBX

      you know how many cats went “huh, I don’t get it?” when she said that…

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  • 1@AM

    Really bruh, I’ve actually been to Emmett
    Tills actual house were he was raised Lil Wayne’s lyrics weren’t
    positive at all in Karate Chop. If you want to know the real pick up a
    book or go out and see the world with your own eyes, Some of these
    artists be killing me with this shit!!!!

  • TruthHurtsDontIt

    Well Future just proved how dumb and ignorant his own father was seeing that a man who was alive during that time period has absolutely no knowledge of a horrific incident like what Till went thru.

    Judging from Future’s ‘musical talent’ i guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Courtney Seay

    For real Future,

    Thats like Rick Ross saying I wasn’t promoting rape, i was trying to promote rape awareness. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some ppl are dumb af

  • firehawk17

    these niggas are stupid…. I’m gonna go rob and kill to bring awareness to the masses that there is a problem in the inner cities…smh makes no sense how people try to rationalize miscues…

    • Matt Swan

      That seems to be what most rappers think nowadays smdh

  • Jermaine Askew

    Great chioce Ciara…oh wait…I bet CIARA didnt know who Emmit Till was either…DUMB FUCKS!

  • should we thank the KKK for doing that to Mr Till bcz it helped make us all aware of how horrible evil how the KKK can be?

  • disqus_PLoZGjTZJn

    The only awareness this song raises is that Future and lil Wayne each need a karate chop to their throats for making such terrible, ignorant and disrespectful music…

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Laughing the f@ck out loud ^^^

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    If your dad didn’t know who Emmett Till was, the same Emmett Till who’s death arguably helped launch the civil rights movement of the late 50’s and 60’s then he is a f@cking idiot and he raised a f@cking idiot a$$ son. Hell, even Kanye West knew who Till was. This is why I weep for the youth of today. The parents have nothing to teach and therefore they are raising a bunch of stupid motherf@ckers.

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      i agree 1000%

    • mademan3000

      Man when he said his Dad didn’t know who he was…that shoulda been an instant All Hiphop “EPIC FAIL or THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END MOMENT” instead of the bullish*t the usually put up here!!! Hell my 13yr old knows the story of Emmett Till!!! My dude I don’t know which is sadder his Dad not knowing or the fact that Future was willing to say he didn’t for millions of people to read it!!! Dare I even mention the fact they are southerners which makes it that much worse!!! SMMFH til I’m dazed and dizzy!!!

    • I agree w/ most of what you said, but please don’t let these rappers represent the young generation in your mind. These dumb rappers are presented by old white execs at labels who want 2 dumb us down & infect our minds w/ poisonous music. Anybody interested in their own history will come across Emmett Till, even if the parents don’t hand it to them

  • OSBKE3000

    I think we all agree the ignorance in his comments and defense of Waynes lyrics is reproaching .. but what kills me is he ACTUALLY believes in what he said .. just a fukkin fool

  • Tell future, Lil Wayne did not bring light to Emett Till, the people that petitioned him and complained about his silly lyrics brought light to Emett Till. If not for them, it would have just been another stupid lyric on his album.

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    king coon #1

  • Chris

    Future’s dad was like, “Emmett Till? Who? The Hall of Fame running back for the Cowboys. That ngga cold as fck.”


  • Tann01

    “…but I think overall, the whole situation, he did bring light in a positive way to what happened.”

    “My dad didn’t even know who Emmett was, he think I was talking about Emmett Smith.”


  • People always try to take you down wen you on top cause why didint ppl talk shit then and dis was a couple years ago…….Lil-wayne-swizzy-remix/Beating-up-your-block-yeah-i-get-my-emmett-till-on

  • Brick Soulja

    Why isn’t Emmett’s family demanding an apology from Carolyn Bryant aka Carolyn Donham?? She is the scum who falsely accused Emmett in the first place. She is still alive and living in luxury down in Mississippi. Al Sharpton and Emmett’s family know better than to demand that.

    • Freshly Snipes

      true! but rappers dont get pass b/c our ‘handlers’ *which is what they are, not black leaders* refuse to hold racist crackers accountable…these ‘super-thug’
      ‘gang-related(yeah right) rappers aint stepping to these crackers either.

    • an apology from her has nothing to do w/ the situation at hand. She could apologize and then what? Not gonna bring Emmett back. But what’s gonna stop rappers like Lil Wayne from tarnishing the legacy in the minds of the next generation using the vehicle of music? They need to protect his image and it’s sad that they have to protect it from young, Black men and NOT old white ones. I don’t think the family is afraid to demand an apology from anyone

    • Felecia Carver-Spires

      How do we know she hasn’t apologized to them. All apologies don’t have to be public.

  • Freshly Snipes

    sooo Future and his daddy are BOTH coons and dont know basic black history facts ,..not shocking. yall new niggas give these rappers too many passes which is why they disrespect our women, rap about killing our men/boys and yes disrespect our ancestors who have been enslaved, tortured and killed…i bet the klan and all the racists love black rappers. Future-kill yo self

  • 1) Future need to let that man stand on his actions. 2) Your father don’t know who Emmett Till is?! Aint no excuse for that. 3) If the family hadn’t called Wayne to the carpet for his irresponsible words, this would just be another verse making light of a tragedy.

    Don’t try to defend this man or speak for the young folk; just b/c your own family don’t know their Black history don’t mean all the young folk in this generation that ignorant. This is HISTORY, not an isolated incident & Mammie Till made sure to let the world know what it’s like for young Black men down in Mississippi. (open casket) She said she didn’t have a minute to waste on hate. She turned her pain into awareness & inspiration for others.

    How DARE Lil Wayne ever touch that name, except to uplift him. And for another dumb rapper to step to his defense. All I know is, your ignorance don’t speak for this generation, ya’ll jus do what Massa say.

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