Hip-Hop Rumors: What Do Jay-Z and Wu-Tang Have On Deck!?


Look at this picture.

Here is what Rae said on the posted pic from instagram!

“Long time coming!!! Hov x chef … Much luv to my dude Lenny S aka kodaklens for making it happen!!!”

Look at what Miss Info said:

Jay-Z and Raekwon on the same track? It’s pretty much a dream come true for 90s rap heads. Both are wizards with the drug rap and crimes tales but from two completely different sides of the hustlers spectrum. However, they definitely share some common ground and have helped keep the integrity in New York rap. Thanks to Lenny S., we know a collabo is on the way. Was the RZA there?? Please.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • dee

    Real Rap

  • Ike’s Mood

    i hope jay leaves that “WTT” format at home that day!


    2 of my top 5 DEAD OR ALIVE!!! This has the potential to be nothing but GREAT!!!! I just want to know whose doing the production of the song.

  • disqus_5TWh7Wsu0m

    Hip hop needs this!!!!

  • Stay Phokus

    finally a hip-hop article

  • disqus_TaSNkSDkhQ

    I cried tears of joy and went to target and burned down the young money section of music when I saw this picture.

    • LOL~N


      ^This has to be one of the most funniest thing’s I’ve ever read in my life!!!!! I Salute you for that line!!!!!!!! “Updated” since “Phony Farts” commented I was talking about the post from “disqus_TaSNkSDkhQ!

    • Tommy Strong

      Dang you lames keep YM on your minds even in threads that have nothing to do with YMCMB. No wonder they stay running hiphop.

  • MrNoName2K

    They shouldve been on this chemistry years ago…imagine The ROC/Wu-Tang Compilation…that shit wouldve been in the classic

    • tha OG

      He’ll yeah!!


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  • hopefully jay will convince Rae that they aint gone be rapping over no ol school overused break beat…

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    (Bart Smith voice) Can’t Wait!!!

    • hitman31

      scott not smith lol

      • OSBKE3000

        shit .. he really didn’t say that did he??

      • Anotherfakeshitname

        yeah great rant after beating the i think pats, or steelers. Greatest post game rant ever.

  • johnblacksad

    don’t wake me up if i’m dreamin…

  • OSBKE3000

    AYO .. you know if the beat ain’t right or the hook ain’t right or a couple rhymes ain’t right we gona be all over it and critical .. but I ain’t gona miss this .. shoulda thrown Ghostface on there and then we really talkin the business

    • Anotherfakeshitname

      Throw gza on there. Hes the sickest on the WU, ghosface is a good look too tho.

  • I hope it got that “Streets is Watchin'” feel.

    • OSBKE3000

      I want more an American Gangster feel .. soulful track but that gritty dark NY sound


    Finally, a real hiphop rumor that’ll get a few heads talking…took ya’ll long enough.
    realy excited for this one

  • fleet_handed_a

    is this a first of jay z doing a project with wu tang ? how come they aren’t reaching out and collabin with the underdogs like squala orphan and moe pope and rain ? fishgrease ? and rex ?

  • StLouisUSA

    bout to shit all over verbal intercourse

    • HalfPast7

      I don’t think anyone can shit on Esco verse on Verbal Intercourse

  • Now this is a story worth talking about lol.

  • ShaStud

    Classic I see it…

  • Me

    Reblogged this on .

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