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Hip-Hop Rumors: Quickies – DOOZIES – Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce!

That was fast. Both Nicki and Usher were new to their respective shows, American Idol and The Voice, respectively. But this year will also be the last for both. From what I have been told, Nicki Minaj busted out with this “leaving” situation, because it was already rumored that nobody was coming back. That’s peace. She didn’t need to be doing that crap anyway. I need to see that chick that bodied The Cypher a few years ago. COOL. As for Usher….he’s not coming back to “The Voice,” mostly because Cee-Lo wants his spot back.


Here is the doozie and I just skipped it the other day. But, dammmmmnnnnn…..they are trying to”out” Kanye West. I don’t know Kanye. But, I don’t get the sense that he’s gay. In Touch magazine is going into another realm with their speculation that designer Ricardo Tisci and Yeezy have a thing going on. By the way, Riccardo Tisci designed the Watch The Throne album cover.

Here is what they say:

According to the mag, Kardashian’s first Met Gala experience was a “nightmare” because “some online commenters” speculated that her boyfriend is “in a romantic relationship with the man who designed her controversial dress, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.”
A so-called “friend” tells the tab, “Kim freaked out. If it turns out Kanye is involved with Riccardo, she will be utterly embarrassed — more so than she’s ever been in her life.”
In Touch writes, “There are some facts Kim can’t deny,” noting, “Kanye has spent her entire pregnancy living close to Riccardo in the French capital… And Riccardo recently purchased an apartment less than half a mile from Kanye’s in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.”
“Kanye is obsessed with Riccardo,” reveals another supposed “insider” for the rag, who adds, “They have a very deep bond.”

Word on the street is that Beyonce backlash may be in full effect. Remember, she basically banned the media that was not approved by her from taking pics of her. Well…here we are now. They wrote a letter and they are NOT playing!



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • TruthSerum

    Nobody would be surprised if that Kanye story turned out to be true, he has all the traits of a gay man. I realize thats the style nowadays, to take Gay culture and make it your own the same way white kids take black culture and imitate it. But, with Kanye it goes further then just the way he dresses, its just his whole attitude and the tantrums and what not, he’s one of the most feminine men I’ve ever seen so if he turns out to be gay it wouldnt surprise me….. and I’d bet he’s the catcher not the pitcher.

    • Guest

      Well. He didn’t “take gay culture” and make it his own. He went to Europe and got inspired. A place where people aren’t so judgmental like the folks of this oh so great country America. Because he decides to not dress like a hood bum he’s gay? I admit that kilt shit was off but that doesn’t validate him as gay.

      You may as well say women who wear pants are butch because at one point that was frowned upon.

      He’s passionate about his personal work like anyone else would be. Because he expresses his feelings when he feels wronged, that makes him female? Like niggas don’t say things they later regret when defending themselves? The only difference is he’s famous and he stands on the stage of the world. No one gives a shit if you bitch about something, everybody bitches when he does.

      You niggas are hypocrites. Y’all don’t know what that man goes through daily. Appreciate your small life because If you ever make it into his world I hope the paps and media ruin your shit just like they try ruining him.

      • Eli Pinilla

        he went to Europe to learn how to design cloth, takes pictures with the fruitiest lookin dudes ever, wears leather skirts, and go’s on rants….hes asking for the attention hes getting….all of it

      • Dwayne Nvo

        Europe is gay.

    • biafra

      let me use your second reference to ask ask a question. when a white kid dresses up like a black, does that make him black? your premise are all flawed mehn. Being gay and being a homosexual are different things. He might dress up in a gay style but that doesn’t mean he is a homosexual. We are quick to throw around labels. This is america’s way, it kinda makes it easy for everyone instead of judging people as individuals, we place them in a group. The whole idea of associating his behavior as feminine is bullshit. Maybe you need to understand his frustrations before coming into an illogical conclusions. Maybe, he is overwhelmed by his schedules and his perfectionism, all i know is, he is a unique entertainer who always want to stay in the headline.



    • AnEducatedCitizen

      Why is it “White media” You act like they don’t bash white celerities just as much.

      • n n

        He got a point they found mick jagger butt ass naked in bed with David Bowie and it was crickets. Every story planted is either the black celeb is gay or he is a abuser .white people get off on that.

      • AnEducatedCitizen

        Lol, Just like Eli Pinilla said. Walk down the magazine aisle of cvs or walgreens and see what race the majority of people are on front of these magazines. The bullshit they put these celebrities through isn’t just limited to the African American community.

    • Eli Pinilla

      that all sounds good…but allhiphop, bossip, mediatakeout, nicole bitchie and all these other people are black…mediatakeout does more damage than star magazine and in touch. especially when im in the isle and all i see is white people on the front of these gossip magazines…and kanye been called out for bein gay..forever now!! it wouldnt surprise one person if he was gay…not one

  • shot 97 for a source huh… i see u got ur eye on my man Star…..


      Right…..fux with star heavy

      • MidWestFlyest

        The hater misses nothing

      • MidWestFlyest

        The hater misses nothing

      • TALK_BOSS

        Right……did u see the one whe aliaz couldn’t read?

  • $23862384

    the press is unrespectable. they write a letter demanding access to beyonce but have no interest in the Bilderberg group.

    • Not true, they have more interest in the Bilderberg group than Beyonce….because the Bilderberg Group is pays them.

      • Guest

        the Bilderberg group has more money invested in the press but that’s the problem people should stop selling out

      • The Bilderberg payed them to cover Beyonce….so they don’t have to earn $$$ covering the Bilderberg.

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  • Ike’s Mood

    of course kanye is a fag! look, all this “kanye & kim” shit sarted about a year or so (give or take cuz they was talking that sneaking around shit), right? within that year, she get pregnant? this guy never looks “comfortable” in the pics they snap of them together. its gonna come out, watch! this nigga wears skirts, scarfs & carry handbags & wanna pass that shit as being “fashionable”?? i think he likes men, women & monkeys!!!

    • zachary adams

      Started a year or so ago??? You ovio know nothing about this!! Kim and Ye have been linked for a LONG time. Like before she was married when Ye was still with Amber!!

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  • Guest

    It feels like Kanye’s gay cuz it’s the “in” thing to be nowadays..

  • These Judges like Nick Minaj and Usher are not paid to stay on the show forever….They are paid for the season, so why is it so hard to understand that there is nothing wrong if they are not returning for the next season? They are not loosing money they got their check up front.

  • BulldogCG

    who care’s? the problem is people still fell the need to mention this kind of crap like it matters. Why are so shocked if someone is gay? not saying he is, im into evidence. Homosexuality has been around forever, people need to quit hating. You don’t have to condone something to respect a person right to live. That’s the same kind of respect black folk want, not the same struggle at all, but in that way, the same sentiment. People make their own choices, we should create an open environment, then you don’t have people hiding. That leads to these down low brothers corrupting a woman and family. Do what you want with consenting adults and shut up about it already, whatever it is its your business keep it to yourself and worry about being a productive citizen because we could lose all this one day anyway. Smoke drink party whatever one does they should do, but they should also be able to handle business. if so it aint a problem. Imma judge bruh by his music.

  • woh kanye gay? no way hes so…. yeah hes totally gay.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man it would totally explain why he dressed her up like a fat couch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so hideous. But it explains it because that’s something a jealous woman would do. No man would let his homie wife walk out like that.

  • Negro Peligro

    Sign world coming to an end a man goes to jail because his paralyzed victim blinked it was him.

  • D_Ably

    Kanyes def a queen. All the famous closet gays got fake wives. Look at John Travolta and Mister Cee. Kanyes just the new version.

  • fvckshvmwxw

    Riccardo Tisci and Frank Ocean are together though….

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  • Anthony

    Kanye West is bisexual and he is definitely not in a romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian. Both Kim and Kayne are using each other he wants to maintain a straight image and she wants to remain relevant being attached to a high profile celebrity. Glad the truth is coming out of the closet LOL!