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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent's Cousin: "You Gonna Get Me Killed!"

DAG! I never thought of it like this and I bet 50 didn’t either. But first, I wanna thank everybody that sent me this video like several days ago. I just didn’t care. I must be jaded. But, they did this goofy teaser and then released the video days later, after I didn’t care. Anyway…I guess I care a bit on Friday. 50 Cent’s cousin Continental 5 is speaking on his issues with Fiddy.

Here is what he’s saying:

“Whatever stories you hear about this n***a, I deal with it on an everyday basis,” Continental explained. “I deal with that sh*t. So, when he’s gone and doing the rap sh*t and he’s starting the beef and he’s igniting all that, I’m still here…I’ve been paranoid. I don’t be out like that because—I’m worried about if a n***a would try to do it. None of the beef that I’m gripped up for or be running around with is not mines. I’m not outside starting trouble. This is somebody else’s problems I inherited.”

“So, to a n***a listening, nobody’s trying to be a gangster. I want to get the f**k away from this. I’m trying to do my thing. So, when you see me rapping it’s not me rapping about trying to portray something. No n***a, this what’s gon’ get me to get the fuck out the situation because I’m still in that situation. So, while you’re in your bulletproof and you good and you somewhere else, the reality is I still gotta deal with the sh*t that comes with your issues.”

I have some kind words of advice for Continental 5 so please read: ILL ADVICE TO CONTINENTAL 5 FROM ILLSEED

Dear Continental 5,

You have quite a situation on your hand, I see. You are “well-known” as 50 Cent’s cousin out in these streets. I’m sure you look like bloody steak to a Great White in the Pacific Ocean. We have to keep you alive, bud. I can only imagine what you are going through. No rapper alive has more beef that 50 Cent and I am sure that his enemies would love to hurt him any way they can.

Here are some tips for you to get these creeps off your back, bro.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • artman696

    If 50 cent was so concerned about his cousin and felt he has potential to do other things why not employ him?? He got several companies, business venture etc. Put him to work and put him in school. If not why throw him under the bus because actually you called him out. Now more of your haters know him.

    • 86Jordan

      Co-sign, Looking from the outside in, 50’s life is just really messed up on a social and human trust level. His childhood or early life as a man did quite a number on him in them streets. He has all that money but he don’t trust or care for anyone, he’s a true snake all out for him over everyone. All his homeboys or his family he gets rid of or throws under the bus sooner or later. He seems alone and miserable, but he has money. Money ain’t everything and life’s hell without at least 1 human you can trust.

      • That’s the type of dudes that get money & keep it!

        Nice guys finish last!

      • dee

        money aint everything u must be broke u NEED money for everything this world aint free and how does he seem miserable? you know him that well to make that claim

      • 86Jordan

        My financial status is comfortable, but isn’t relevant to this article fool. I make money, money don’t make me is the difference. You might be broke, because if you had some real money you would see it’s just a resource and it don’t buy happiness. You likely don’t understand that concept so we can agree to disagree. Now look at 50’s relationships with people lately and it will paint a picture of misery or hostility at the least. Tony Yayo, Loyd Banks, Floyd Mayweather, now his cousin ect. It’s public knowledge fool, 50 stay in conflict with men that were so called friends many of them are also rich. That isn’t an exact sign of happiness or stability. Relationships and networks matter in life especially for successful people. Balance in life is key and you don’t do that with money alone.

      • dee

        but how do u know this though?

  • King Cold

    NIGGA PLEASE! If they wanted you dead you’d be dead. Then you get interviewed talkin bout how u rappin to get out this situation? smh. Like somebody couldn’t get at you during a live performance. Sounds fabricated. Like you saw 50 get rich and you envy him so now you want a piece of the pie. fuuuukkkkk outta here

    • Yea its me

      Shut up bitch.

      • King Cold

        ignorant ass. stfu and keep ya day job hoe. slut talkin smack but looks like skeletor


    Lol illcoon your a clown… For even entertaining this BS.

    2. Um how long has his cousin been around??? If niggas really wanted to get a an family member of 50. I think they would had more then enough time by now. Also what beef is he worry about that 50 involved in, where he bitchinng about him being an easy target… What he think d-block going to run up on him? Lol or rick ross???
    Or terro squad??? Smh… Unless 50 has some major beef in queens, which i doubt because he has been there on a regular bases in about 10 years. I doubt any body is looking to hurt this dude….. 10 years ago maybe when that murder in beef was on & popping cause its a few guys that did catch shells from each side. But aint nobody worry about him. He just taking 50 dissing him & spining it, to his favor….
    This dude is not a threat to anyone therefore even 50 old beefs has no reason to go after him…. Smh


      I couldn’t agree more

    • I agree, except about Terror Squad. Aside from the fake Pistol Pete, them dudes walk it like they talk it.


      Still, BX to Queens is a long shot….No “PUN” / Double entendre intended.

      • Casor_Greener

        Yeah I heard them TS boys bout that action

      • I’ve seen it first hand. Papoose yapped Fat Joe for stepping to him, so they not untouchable…but they WILL step.

        I had 2 run in’s with TS, once when I was working security at Zulu’s 20th or 25th? Anniversary & once over the King Sun beef on 188th & Tiebout in the BX.

        Joe didn’t want to get searched @ Zulu Anniv…& everyone knew that if anyone needed searched…it was him LOL~N.

        Natives were on security & the decision was made to let him in…unsearched.

        Maybe Bro Scott did that to defuse the situation…but Fat Joe was definitely down to press the issue, and Bro. Scott made the right decision to fold, because we were prepared to hold the line…..and the weekend event would have ended that first night, no matter how it went down.

        The second, was some street / rap ‘chet, with neither side considering backing down, but again, King Sun / Cooler heads prevailed.

        The simple fact of the way he rolled up, the way he did, took massive heart or stupidity. Either Fat Joe didn’t know or didn’t care, but I give him propz….he’s been holding it down since ’83? in Forrest Projects.

        (Lord Finesse, DITC crew, etc. )

        Side note : Lord Finesse brought out Big L.

      • Casor_Greener

        Them Zulu boys/Natives serious business? I;m not from NY, though I know general info about the Zulu nation

      • Indeed, Zulu is actually international.

        I saw Chinese B Boys. ‘Chet was wild!

        Mad old school rappers, etc., but the Natives was the security wing, like the FOI.

        Headed by a Ninjaz, a real Ninja, as in Ninjitzu / Hand is quicker than they by .09 secs, type Ninja.

        They don’t be on no beef tip, but if & when it comes to that, they rolling in U Hauls, etc.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Surpeme team still out there…but still 10 years nigga. no one cares.

      • Now that is actually a beef he should worry about, and now that you mention it, probably is.

        Still. they are Supreme Team in name only. Those days are gone….evidenced by 25 still being here.

        Them dudes made Zulu look like the Guardian Angels.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea they the real killers …i think they are one of the last crews that were bent on killing…..like respect over money or lets say they just like that killer thug shit more than just getting money….i guess thats what happens when your raised in the projects of NY during the 70s n 80s, it makes u blood thirsty

      • Between the crack & gold chain wars, the 80’s & 90’z, were hectic!

  • Michael Thompson II

    Like dude said before me, if people wanted him dead, he would of been dead. But continental do have a good point and have EVERY RIGHT TO BE PARANOID.

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  • BillyBobJohn

    i get what his saying dude gave a good interview 50 cent is hated by so many people so the people close to him have to be careful cause you never know whos round the corner or at the club

  • fabbidavisjr

    Didn’t nobody know who your punk ass was before you started doing all these interviews looking for fame and shit.

    • Chris

      You missed the whole point of what he was trying to say, bruh.

      • fabbidavisjr

        I get it he’s scared its a cry for help.

      • DollasTX

        phuck what he trying to say – niggahs know where he at if they was tryna to get at him cuz they couldnt get to 5th – niggahs would have already done that – he amping it up like he getting death threats on the low behind niggahs wanted to get at 5th – and its all a CROCK OF HOT SHYT!

        he need to try and book a show for one of his cousins artists – cuz he’s not gonna do shyt as a rapper – he aint even 1/2 bad but niggahs aint checking for 5th’s clone cousin or not

      • Death threats should make him rest easier….it’s the quite ones that should make him sweat!

      • DollasTX

        you get that email B

      • Which one?

      • DollasTX

        fbi/cia – malcolm x snippet

      • Oh hell yeah!

        My bad, forgot that was you!

        That ‘chet was off the meters! I posted it to FB & sent it to iLLseed, but he gets so many emails he probably hasn’t gotten it yet!

        That’s the jawnt with the secret Mic in his crib, feds trying to get him to snitch.

        They asked him to help the government…he said, “We are helping the government, we have stopped more crime & cleaned up more people than the government…what more help do you want?”

        Real Spill!

      • EL_BARK

        I listen to that shet last night that was crazy.

      • Fuggin’ Bannanaz!

      • sakiru oresanwo

        How can I get a listening in on that?

      • Hit me on email @ EDOGZ818@aol.com

        or on twitter & James Ellis III…no wait, @ EDOGZ818

        Facebook me, hit up iLLseed & tell him to drop it, etc.

        Google “Like it Is” with Gil Noble (Only old schoolers actually remember that show RIP to Gil Noble….not to be confused with that house negropean scum Gary Noble that be on talking mad ‘chet! **)


        I should have saved it, but ……

        That ‘chet was fuggin’ BonKerz!

        Get at me!

      • Found it:


        “Like It Is : The Covert War Against Malcolm X (Documentary)”

        It’s on Forbez DVD & the ‘chet is on youtube.

        >> In Kanye’s? voice : “That Cray!”

      • DollasTX


      • Casor_Greener

        HAHAHHAHAHAHAH so true…so true

      • BossBeaux

        Man STFU no one cares about this dude or your raggedy bytch ass talking like you in the mans shoes only God knows that man struggle keep looking up conspiracy theory videos and blogging in your dirty a$$ draws and saggy a$$ wife beater

      • DollasTX

        LOL take it you didnt like my opinion – phuck yo phace!!!

    • Apollo Showtime

      Uhh, yeah we did, he was 25 Cent b.k.a. “2Five” lol

  • KC The American Pimp

    this nigga sounds jus like fiddy lol

    • trilltalk1

      i don’t think he mean industry niggas. i think the nigga talking bout shit that happens in the hood the don’t get videoed or recorded. this nigga is talking bout that other shit, you know the real shit. where niggas have to ride around strapped for safety no seat belt.

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  • BrotherMan21

    His voice *actually* sounds like 50 cent. He probably makes aggressive music too

    • Apollo Showtime

      Lol @ you using the term “aggressive” to describe their music like 50 does, lol.

      • BOO BOE

        the actual energy surrounding the situation

      • BOO BOE

        energy, actual, aggressive is 50’s favorite words n interviews

  • Nobdy tells you to do diss tracks and start beef because of 50..The rap game is fake ,50 lives in Conneticut(Hamptons our hollywood)come on it´s all just entertainment.Everybody saw how many records Ruthless and deathrow sold from the beef,Badboy and Deathrow

    • look at all the dead bodies it created… shit is real my dude, shit is real.

  • Ronald Allen Booher

    Smh @ people thinking that all it takes for people to kill you is them to want you dead.

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  • TheGreatGazoo2012

    Valley stream ain’t the hood bro


    dam FIf u just gone leave ur cuz out there in them streets like that SMDH

  • Celz

    Ya’ll niccas aint caught on yet? 50 whole career is BASED on creating FAKE beefs forj publicity.. This nicca got an under the table deal with his lil cousin.. Trust me on that.. The nicca did it like 10 different times already..

    • yeah 50 never had no real street beef.. *rolls eyes

      • Celz

        What you gon do next *snap your fingers too? When did I say he never had real beef? He creates fake from how to rob, to Kanye, to Game, to Young Buck, Mayweather etc.. Toss in a couple real beefs that he does the same shyt and blows outta proportion and you get 50

      • trilltalk1

        when the guns come out it ain’t fake my nigga.

      • Celz

        I guess shyt finna get real wit that French Montana beef any day now huh… Lmao gtfoh..

        Just cuz 50 had real beef back in the day and is still bout that life doesn’t mean he also knows controversy sells and takes advantage of that.. He admitted the Kanye beef was fake. Wake up.. Brock Lesnar the wrestler was following a script, but in MMA he was knockin niccas out in real life.. 50 is the same way.. This beef is fake even if he isn’t on the back end of the guy who looks and talks like him with a similar name.. At the very least it just perpetuates his street image to cats who are too young to remember when it wasn’t for show when he wore a vest..

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        he is not still about that life, once you make it out the hood you don’t go back unless you dead broke or drugged out.

      • Celz

        And niccas die over fake beef every day bruh..

      • yawn

  • get… a… JOB!!!!

    • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga

      He’s a rap artist. How you gonna be mad at the dude for making a 5 minute response video.

      • im not mad, im just saying, he acts like the only way out the hood is to rap, lol.. and he says i wanna get away from this gangsta ish, well get a job and stop rapping tough

  • Pierre Elliott


  • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga

    50 had to put 25 on 10 years ago Dude is dope as hell.

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  • BigMike

    So this is how 50 would have sounded if that bullet didn’t hit him in the Jaw.


    I would like to hear his music!!!