Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule Looks Ready For War!

Sue me! Ja Rule looks like he’s ready for anything that life has to offer. There’s not a chance in hell this dude is not going to return to the rap game with a vengeance! Two years in the bing on a gun charge? Plus, Nore posted a pic of the Murder Inker in all of his post-jail-getting-swole-off-bread-n-water glory.


What……..Train Nore, Ja!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • BossBeaux

    Dont matter how swollen you are nobody checking for your music at all bro and if you think that muscles are enough for Curtis Jackson nigga better think again for all of 50’s fault dude was a boxer And even when he was beefing with Smurf they even said he a real dude so good luck man for real but this isn’t the same industry you dominated

    • DollasTX

      get off that niggah dick – this beef was umpteen years ago PUSSIE aint nobody still thinking about that shyt except for muthafaggots that aint got nothing better to do – welcome a niggah home AND keep it movin bytch!

      • TALK_BOSS

        Well damn

      • Guest

        swole off bread and water ? ha haaa ! – that’s funny illseed !

      • fvckyolife

        Ill got that quote off fvck the police by n.w.a. I think it was one of cubes lines

      • Guest

        fvckyolife – Okaay

      • BossBeaux

        My fault didn’t mean to talk about your baby daddy like that you f*cking f*ggot get his dyck out ya mouth like you was on Murder Inc he was bytch then and he a bytch now just like you so since we doing the e thug thing come tongue kiss my AR c*cksucker

      • solomonshv

        well, that escalated quickly

    • He was a real dude,who supposedly got shot 9 times and hard to get is

    • 50cent

      50 got his ass whooped twice in the past by ja rule, why do people forget that LOL

      • BossBeaux

        There is so much irony in this post lol and I didn’t forget its just this dude was dissing 50 when him and Ross was going at it if I whoop a ni99a ass twice at that I got no more words for him I’m either go beat yo ass again or murk you flat

  • PL

    Ain’t nobody worried about a swole, Secret of NIMH, Stuart Little-lookin’ ass nigga…Ja gotta jump up to punch a nigga’s ankles…

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Wow, some times I feel like I’m the only one that’s up on certain things. The Secret of Nimh, one of my favorites as a kid. My older brother who was an artist put me on. “Ooooh a sparkly, can I have the sparkly” Lmao

      • PL

        There was a Secret of NIMH 2 also… weak as hell…

  • BillyBobJohn

    lol his still about 4ft tall and a bitch but i wish him the best just be about the music

  • DollasTX

    welcome home niggah – get ya money, feed ya family, stack ya revenue!!!

    • $28825362



      • Guest


  • $28825362

    Ja should chill and try to get a A&R job with a major, then try to flip that into a reality show about finding, signing, and developing new talent. Forget putting out new music. Trust me on this Ja. You can stay in the biz but not as a artist.

    • andone

      that would make sense if he was irv… ja didnt call the shots on his career it was irv for the most part and even he cant get a job in the biz!


    Look like that bid took a lot out of him. He look streesed & has aged a lot…

    • Guest

      idk anyone who ages and gets jacked at the same time..

  • speedy37

    U can’t go to war when u r broke.

    • thisnigga

      stfu….Rule is far from broke stupid nigga lol

      • thisnigga

        must be too young to remember the onslaught of hits

      • mademan3000

        Hammer has hits…Vanilla Ice has hits…Craig Mac has hits…Lil Flip has hits…112 has hits…2 Live Crew has hits…a lot of rappers has hits if u see where I’m going with this!!!

      • thisnigga

        yea…but we kno Jefferey has bread….maybe not a career….

      • Apollo Showtime

        None of them made Ja Rule type of cash tho and their careers were short lived. Ja has enough to retire, trust me. He has the type of hits that have replay value sometimes

      • mademan3000

        Oh my u must be a youngn do u know the type of money Hammer & Vanilla Ice made!!! One more thing not saying either was nearly the caliber of artist Ja is, but name any Ja song that was bigger than Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” or Vanilla Ice’s ” Ice Ice Baby”…I’ll wait but hopefully u answer before my 100th birthday!!!

      • Weedras

        Ice Ice baby’s royalties are going to the estate of the band Queen’s lead man and David Bowie…as Ice and crew sampled and didn’t give credit and actually denied sampling as matter of fact..

      • mademan3000

        True statement but he made his insane amounts of cash tho, the rest was on the record company!

      • TheRealSage

        Name any other song by Vanilla and Hammer besides those that made any money. You can’t build an empire off 1 song. Ja got a fiyah album, couple a hot bangers and even movie roles, can’t compare bruh.

      • mademan3000

        U got me with Vanilla Ice, but Hammer had 2 Legit 2 Quit, lmao! On a serious note tho Hammer sold over 50million world wide and has a diamond record to his credit (not completely sure bout the diamond record but I think “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em” was), if u don’t believe me then go do ur own research! Fam ole boy took my comment the wrong way…when I gave those example I wasn’t implying Ja was broke it was just to show that people can male a lot of money and still go/be broke!!! All in all I totally agree with ur point tho!!!

    • I don’t know if he’s broke… But he still has his name, and that’s of value………… Not to mention his catalogue.

  • JerZeBoy

    so he is big? great, music is still only average.

  • He coming or 50

  • He coming for 50

    • He needs to get poppin again before he comes at 50. I’m quite sure he’ll align himself with MMG/YMCMB and French Montana with the hopes of ganging up. That’s been the only formula to beat 50, really. You gotta get next to who’s hot.

      • Corelli

        Same way 50 did when he linked up with Dre and Em at that time.

      • obamasucksballs

        Difference is Em wanted to sign 50 it wasnt like 50 was beggin them. I cant see many wanting to sign ja rule tbh but time will tell

      • digitallife

        Actually 50 was begging nas to sign him to illwill records.

    • Guest

      no point..50s rap career at this point = ja rules career..if ja got on again it wouldnt benifit him to even mention 50

  • mademan3000

    Typical penitentiary swoll big up top, small foundation, lmao!

  • InTheNightKitchen

    He look Vin Diesel a lil bit in that pic lol, get back into film Ja

    • Lamar Star

      That actually might be a better option for him rather than getting back into music

  • Christopher Tarver

    On a side note, everytime NORE take a picture, he has a cigarette in his mouth. Lol.

  • Synista

    Big deal,dude is one inch away from legally being a midget,he would have to get on a stool just to tap 50 on the shoulder to get his attention.
    Maybe Ja MULE should just do some more of those duets albums,he can remix all miley cyrus and all those other teeny bopper girly songs.

    • Noble Drew Ali BEY

      Seems like drake got the soft RnB rap game on lock.

      • Corelli

        They should link up.

    • 50cent

      50 got his ass whoop twice in the past when he clashed with Rule in the past …

      • Synista

        LOL,so i guess it was JA MULE snuffed 50 in atl huh,?

        Only time 50 got close to being whooped was when dudes jumped him over some beef between g-unit and Z-ro,and it was a line banks did,black child stabbed him…in the dark while he was at the studio not really what i would call an ass whipping though but i guess any loyal murda stink fan such as yourself would,

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  • Nigga look like CJ from GTA San Andreas


      Nigga look like Stevie J

      • i was lookn at joseline’s ass & fake breasts & i missed what u posted, what now, who?

  • Apollo Showtime

    He’s actually in the perfect position to go at 50 now since he’s the underdog looking for his spot back and 50’s falling etc…whatever…

    • Guest


    • however, 50 is only falling bcz he doesnt have someone like ja at this moment to make fun of that everybody gets a good laugh from, no?

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  • Banksy

    Honestly only an idiot would have an opinion about someone he has never met or had any engagement with. I opened up for Murder INC back in 2000. Benzino performed and Hud 6 (bless the dead) was his hype man. Man all them niggas treated me like family. I’m fan of 50 but I have nothing bad to say about Ja for real. I wish all the success in the world to that brother.

    • almost everybody that listens to music has opinions on the people who make musiceven if they never met them. & music is traditionally something people make from the heart & about personal experiences so you can kind of get a glimpse into how they are as a person. unless they making fake music & then thats another way some people form an opinion on them
      you tell someone u dont like they music -when your basing your opinion off of facts such as how the quality & content sucks compared to other music that almost everybody also agrees is good- & then they call u a hater

      • Banksy

        I agree with you when it comes to the music aspect of it but most of the people throwing shade at Ja are basing their opinions off of 50’s which of course is biased in it’s self.

  • mark

    ja goin blow up in da rap game agin ….and stay 50 cant touch him now

    • Ashkan Nouri

      ur fuckin kiddin me

  • charlieboy

    rule is ready nigga!!!!!!!!!!

  • gomer_1

    Level 2 killer with a soft shoe chrono. (Cali prison phrase)

    • EL_BARK

      Lol naw i caught that. “Level 2 killer” lmao

  • OSBKE3000

    I doubt the rule will make any impact on hip hop from here forward .. prison stint or not

  • AK

    ja did some time during his 30s and hes supposed to be super hard? LOL gtfoh

  • obamasucksballs

    ja gonna do duets with waka flocka an soulja boy an really change the game!

  • bisolabliss

    Say what you will y’all, that won’t change the fact that ‘Venni, Vetti, Vecci’ was fiyah! And is it getting bump in my whip

    • hell yea homey, did u cop that new rick ross yet? ITS RIDICULOUS!
      its that real real G shit u can bang anywhere & get RESPECT


  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dude aint comin back, he had his time, now it’s over

    • obamasucksballs

      just like 112 sang

  • digitallife

    Lmao at folks talking about this dude being broke..this dude was ny’s version of cash money’s lil wayne. I’ll say Irv did right by Ja to the point i’m pretty sure his royalty checks will be six figures at least the rest of his life from the publishing alone (Collabs, ghostwriting, hooks). Ja may have a been a bit corny but he wasn’t dumb about his business, just about which wars he chose to fight.

    • only prob is to get royalties people have to still play your shit sometimes & it aint like Baby Got Back or sum shit…
      when last time u heard a ja rule song –including your personal collection that you start off everyday with???

      • digitallife

        You got jokes with your non functioning azz two bit website. When was the last time I heard a Ja Rule song..been a while but go look up his yearly spins..clearly someone is still playing his shh. Unlike your non-buzz worthy music. He may be a has been but you are a never was.

      • naw itll b bak up in couple days, yahoo on sum BS

  • Guest

    wow this mf ja rule got stocky as shit.. werd atleast he spent his time doing something useful..hopefully he got his pen game back

    • yea he did lot of push ups & wieghts but hopefully spent most his time practicing his writing skills & vocal range

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I think hip hop is so damn weak especially on the commercial level, Jah Rule can be back on top of commercial rap in a week. Who is his comp? Gucci Mane? Drake? Its not like he’s coming out to any of his old rivalries being relevant.

  • brotha_man

    just dont go at fif cuz he murked the hell out yo career. you and ashanti’s side burns

  • ekim9793

    He ain,t coming back he,s always been wack

  • Synista

    all ja needs is a red cape and some yellow tights. . here i come to save the daaaaay.

  • king

    If Wayne and drake and future etc etc can find a pulse in the hip hop game definitely ja can…

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