Hip-Hop Rumors: WOW! Is YMCMB Trying To Send Mannie Fresh A Strong Message?

“You can call it whatever you want to call it, but you can’t call it a Big Tymers album” – Mannie Fresh.

Soooooo…. are the Big Tymers the Big Tymers without Mannie Fresh? I’m not sure that its the Big Tymers, but don’t tell that to Lil Wayne, Drake or Baby! They have release a press pic or something of the three of them all giving a very unified and poignant message to WHOEVER. I don’t know who, but I’m thinking maybe…its to the haters. And, if you want to go farther…to the man Mannie Fresh! Fresh is the man, make no mistake about it. In the 90s and, I think, some of the 2000’s Fresh WAS the sound of Cash Money. Don’t forget he used to rap a lot too and was one half of the original Big Tymers.

In the 20-13 era…this is the Big Tymers. What are they saying to us?

By the way, I will never write another “Drake is leaving Cash Money” rumor again! Until Drake says something, I’m going to assume he 100% down with the crew.

I’m thinking this is the reason why they may be sending this message! Mannie had something to say.

“It’s kinda like doing a Jackson 5 album with Boyz II Men. Two different eras, great artists, but Boyz II Men is not the Jackson 5. I don’t bash Cash Money, Birdman, or none of them. It’s really on, I’m just striving on just getting what I deserve, you know, what I put in. Honestly I think Drake is a great artist, I think Wayne is a great artist, but they not the Big Tymers. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but you can’t call it a Big Tymers album.”

Source: MTV

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Bitter beef shit.

  • therealest1

    A bunch of bootleg ass Bloods trying to get at a fat black ass Bolo with an Afro looking shit.

  • therealest1

    What the assfuck? So the new incarnation of Big Tymers would potentially be 2 bootleg ass Bloods who love kissing each other in their mouths and a bitch ass Canadian Kike who can’t scrap a lick so he likes to throw bottles in clubs to get it on? GAY!

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Damn this is going to be the weakest rap group ever…I hope the bloods are still extorting this fake ass nigga…They have to be paying real bloods to claim their dumb ass gang…gangbanging should be dead now

      • therealest1

        What’s sad and pathetic is the fact Birdman is legitimately over 40. How the hell did he just start gangbanging at 40?

  • therealest1

    So its 2 bootleg ass Bloods who have butt pirate tendencies based on them kissing each other in their mouths and a boring, bland bitch ass Canadian Kike who can’t scrap for shit trying to get at a fat black ass with an Afro looking like Bolo shit?

    • Casor_Greener

      Damn mayne was it worth all of those posts?

  • Mannie Fresh >> YMCMB

    WTF isn’t he still down with them?

    • therealest1

      Because Cash Money ripped him off, they severely underpaid him. He did a lot of production for the albums, but he got paid for only a fraction, not equivalent to the amount of albums he worked on.

      • That’s believable, they do be on some sucka ‘chet!
        “Industry rule 4080…record company people are shady!” TCQ

      • andone

        @ first i thought that was a joke… cant believe u were”nt up on that… plz tell me u were”nt being serious???

      • Of course I knew, I follow YMCMB on Twitter & have all of their albums!

        <> Shrugz “E” Shoulderz

        My peepz, Juan Dadda, put me up on Big Tymers, not my type of music, but he swore by them, & every time I got in the whip, he would knock that ‘chet!

        He thought it was my favorite CD, because I always asked him to throw it in when I got in the whip. He never asked, but the reason was, I wasn’t fuggin with the Pachata power hr @ high decibels.

        ( You know about that Pachata, that’s the ‘chet that be playing in the Dominica bodega’s.)

        I be like ” Yo! Ninjah! You ain’t got no Hip Hop?”

        After a while, I just hit him with Mobb Deep’s second album, you know that Jawnt …Dun Dueennn….Don Da Dun DueeNNN (Tsk ) “Only the strong survive…” & ” Sometimes I wish I had 3 different faces, I’m court for 3 cases, in 3 places, one in Queens, Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, the way things are looking, I’ma see Central Booking! Facing three 3 to 9’s, is mad time, have to run concurrent for assault & two 9’s…..”

        “Keep that ‘chet Ninjah & put that ‘chet in before you scoop me!” LOL~N

      • andone

        u deff on one today lm@o… i cant lie i own a few cash money cd’s(never play them tho) but i stopped messin wit them a long time ago!

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        He did MOST of the production, if not all. That’s how they made money. In-house production is always cheaper than paying outside producers.

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  • If its them 3 and no Mannie then its not the real Big Tymers.

  • andone

    wait a min… is lil weez really rockin a white tee like its 2004, dude even looks like hes in 2004 wtf???

    • Christopher Tarver

      I was thinking the same s**t.

    • Stunna!!!

      thats the whole point guys there trying there hardest to bring back that old big tymers feel with out mannie fresh

    • therealest1

      Lil Wayne has the worst identity crisis ever for a rapper. First he comes out as a young rapper wearing white tees and nondescript attire, then its t-skirts, then he’s a Blood, then he’s a rocker wearing colorful skinny jeans, then he’s a skater. What’s next… whatever is trendy, that’s what he’ll become.

      And t-skirts have been played out. Peeps in the South don’t even wear that anymore currently.

      • Oknas

        he was a crip too at a point lol

      • therealest1

        Crip? When the hell was that?

      • andone

        they wore both colors but mostly rocked the blue flags back then like they were cripin… another reason i dont mess wit them no more SMH!

      • therealest1

        Oh yeah, I think I recall that now, back in the late 90s, they usually wore dark colored jeans, and had dark colored rags in their back pockets. Frauds.

      • Oknas

        Short term memory? lol
        I think it was the late 90s early 2000s, even in that video when he was rapping about his papa, he was reppin the blue flag
        youtube “everything” by lil wayne and google “lil wayne crip”

    • I don’t think White Tees will ever go out of style. Its a white tee. Thats what you throw on when you just need a cool fresh tee to throw on and keep it pushing. Only thing changed is the size

    • Guest

      werd i cosign rockstar- white tees will never go out. its just the size of the tee now.

  • we can put The Game,Nipsey Hussle,and Kendrik Lamar in a group NWA but is it NWA?

    • anemia716

      hell naw, but it definitely be in my deck for months haha

    • Guest

      same with big with w.e you want..AWN WNA WAN..but you cant call that bitch NWA– even tho that trio would be flames

  • Herb_Bane

    The story i always hear about cash money is: Baby would make promoters sign confidentiality agreements so they couldn’t disclose how much he was paid. Then he he would butt rape them sans vasaline, essentially givin grown men an allowance.. lol

    BABY!! pay the man the bread you know you owe em, cuz you wouldn’t be where you are with out him..

  • dee

    like i keep saying fresh MADE cashmoney he deserve half of everything when it was no limit or cashmoney it was fresh production that kept them going ahead of no limit and they was all new beats never a sample he is the real reason why they climbed the charts and he was the big tymers baby couldnt rap fresh did beats and all for big tymers albums i would love to hear fresh producing a whole album again

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Get Away by De La Soul… period.

    • TY

      these niggaz is weak. W/O mannie Fresh beats we’d never know who them niggaz was

      • anemia716


  • Synista

    Mannie fresh was cash money!

    Look at those clowns,one is a wannabe gangsta the other is a syrup sipping man kissing supa head loving seizure having lil biznitch and the other is a 4o year old blood impersonator who co sign everything his male lover says.

    • Guest

      n all them got 100 tattoos on their faces that just look so fuckin stupid

  • andone

    true that but u get wat i meant… if he wasnt wearing the ymca beanie and ryan leslie wasnt in the pic i would think that its from the “bling bling” or “hot boys” video… its weird and damn near shocking as fv(k when ur used to seein him dressed like a kid… maybe them seizures got him thinking straight(no pun intended)!

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      Lmao at Ryan Leslie…I fucks with Drake but I must admit that was funny.

  • Drake don’t even understand the Big Tymers movement. It’s so obvious by that pic! SMH SMH

    • Celz

      Ok guys no drug deals from 10am-11:45am.. I have tennis lessons and shyt!

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  • OSBKE3000

    i see most everyone agrees .. how you not gona include an original ..

    u gona say Michael won those rings witout Scottie?

    you gon tell me Montana won those rings witout Rice?

    you can’t forget the originals the ones that did it in the first place

    yea big tymers is still rockin .. but they ain’t rockin right .. ya feel

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  • Charles Girard

    Mannie beats made the big tymers period…

  • youngplaya

    That nicca that shit is the definition of CORNY..gotdamn lol

    • Celz

      Drake look like Birdman just said “Fucc you nicca” and cosigned like “Okayyyyyyyyyyy”..

  • therealest1

    What the hell ever happened to normal sized white tees? Tall tees or t-skirts were so idiotic! Now they sure do wear them tight! I say its alright to wear them a little over sized, just not up to your knees.

  • therealest1

    Can we stop with the reformed, plugin new members, added members, or new incarnation group gimmicks? It will never be the same without the original members who were involved when their album first released.

    Like its a joke how TLC is coming out with a reality show showing them handpicking a new member to replace Left Eye if I’m not mistaken.

    There was speculation of a reformation of and a new incarnation of N.W.A after Eazy-E died. At first, they were going to get DJ Quik to replace Eazy-E, then it was Snoop Dogg. Thankfully that was scrapped. No incarnation can ever match the one that formed together to release Straight Outta Compton.
    After Mack 10 got the big boot out of Westside Connection back in 2008, there were rumors circulating The Game was going to replace him. Mack 10 was always wack even before he was beating on T-Boz while they were married, but its still not the same without him.

    I hope its not true that Redman has been added to Wu-Tang Clan. As much as I like Redman, it wouldn’t be a great fit because he’s always been identified as a skilled soloist.

    Please stop with these new incarnations of groups who fell apart or lost members.

    • Lamar Star

      Its crazy that all of the particular artist you mentioned are what made those certain groups. Left eye made TLC, ODD made Wu tang, Eazy E made NWA etc.

      • Linkz

        man with the Wu i have to respectful disagree everyone of the Wu made the Wu not just ODB just saying !

      • Guest

        where did you see he said ODB made wutang?

        ps i think redman in WUtang would be the most natural fit out of all replacements in any group

      • hoeyuno

        Agreed. I liked that cappadonna dude. he was a big part of the team after the Wu’s 2nd album.

      • Linkz

        Read his comment i dont know how you missed it

      • Guest

        bro ODB isnt even mentioned one time ..are you high? lolll

  • Herb_Bane

    What beef does drake have wit mannie fresh? he throwin up that finger on some corny ass follower shit..
    Riding wit the team and goin wit the crowd are two different things..

  • charlieboy

    fresh help start cash money!!!!!

    • Lamar Star

      Mannie Fresh’s sound was the underlying foundation of cash money. His sound is what made cash money what it was in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and after he left nobody wanted to hear them niggas so they had to re invent themselves. These three niggas are some damn clowns It would have made more since for them to call this project anyhting else but a Big tymerz album, and since the original big tymerz had more of a street apeal to the them I dont get where the hell Drake fits in the picture. SMH at these fudge packing ass clowns, and why cant Drake for once not look like such a fag in every picture he takes.

      • plsDontreply

        This nigga name Aubrey…

      • NEWSKULL


  • tellyourstoryfast

    yo, these grown babies, never will grow up. the root of their problems extend from years ago. handle ur biz in music stop with the subliminal messages for pics. Mannie beats made the group or sound.

  • tellyourstoryfast

    BIG dummy album, drezzy, no validation, wezzy nothing new, crow man dr suess rhymes.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Big Tymers album wont be the same without Mannie Fresh.It’s like a slap in the face

  • AK

    whoever buys this should be socked in the jaw

  • dominicancoke

    be honest if it was not for fresh’s beats cash money would be another local new orleans record label and wayne would of been working in a factory or selling crack cant respect this so called big tymers especially with a gay canadian singing thick eye brow rich jew


    Mannie aint a hater he is telling the truth there is no big tymers without him. Big tymeres werent just a group but a sound that he created and all you saying itz him hating can eat a dicc. Fucc them ymcmb bitches they all closet homos anyway

    • therealest1

      And bootleg ass Bloods too.

      Don’t forget, Cash Money also did Mannie Fresh dirty after he left although they did him dirty while he was there. While he was there, they underpaid him. If I can recall, they leaked a Lil Wayne song he did, and somehow it sabotaged his opportunity to sign a big production deal with Def Jam.

  • Linkz

    Drake will never be BG he need to stop it i know BG wasn’t in BT but thats what came to mind when i saw this pic wdf lmao

  • call it.. Big Timers. Just spell it right. lol

  • Guest

    no fresh= no big tymers. hes right call it w.e you want but its no big tymers album and fans will not cop this YM complication bullshit album by tryna pass it off as a classic group album..foh

  • hoeyuno

    Nah it’s like premier doing a gangstarr album and replacing guru with somebody.. the big tymers albums were pretty tight tho..

  • trlvman357

    Niggaz alway crying about haters but they always sending shouts out to em with the middle fingers. If you really got haters then why do you think about them every picture you take. Hip Hop has be hijacked by weak ass niggaz and bitches. That shit is a slap in the face to Mannie Fresh.

  • trlvman357

    You can get so paid and hid behind your money and security and portray whatever life you want to.

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    drake is in the right position all wayne and bird brain need to do is unzip and insert

  • RickyRo

    Baby + Mannie Fresh = Hot Garbage

    Baby + Wayne + Drake = ‘BIG TYME’ GARBAGE

  • BulldogCG

    Mannie put em on the map. It would be a huge punk move, but thats how they do. Business I guess, but now “business” is an excuse to be fake as hell and do what you want.

    • Doe Boy

      I be stayin that all the time…err time sumbody do a bitch move nigga be like that bizzness tho…


    MANNIE FRESH put big tymers on the map..
    ..bump that, MANNIE FRESH put cashmoney on the map.

  • fff

    I wanna rip that middle finger off and stick it in that corny ass drakes ass until he says im sorry mr mannie fresh.

    • not_a_troll


  • Can’t ever get the proper respect/credit. Fresh put on for Cash Money. There ain’t no loyalty amonst thieves. #LoyaltyOverRoyalty #GetRightOrGetLeft YMCMWHO?

  • disqus_FhwiYnML7m

    Ronald Wayne