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Akon Ordered to Pay $5k Monthly Child Support

(AllHipHop News) Another day, another artist is ordered to cough up cash for their offspring. However, this time the artist in question wanted it.

Singer/producer/writer Akon filed a paternity test against one of his many baby mamas asking the court to establish custody, child support and legally recognize him as the two boys biological father.

After the tests proved that Akon was the father, he had to submit docs proving his monthly income — a whooping $40,000.

Based off of that the judge ordered him to pay $5,000/month for the two boys. That may not seem like much but considering that Mr. “Locked Up” has six other children the system didn’t want him going broke.

  • Why can’t these dudes stop braggin and take care of thier responsiblities? Especially if you are braggin about it in your songs and making it rain in the strip clubs. #embarrassing

    • PhilightAkademy

      Which he is clearly doing since he filed the paternity suit. Can you comprehend?

    • BossBeaux

      No its embarrassing that your ass didn’t read the article SMH

      • scullyson


    • Sean Taylor

      Hey dummy….Akon filed for the paternity test NOT the Mom.

      What’s embarrassing is you can’t comprehend. I bet you know who won American Idol though…huh?

  • andone

    okay lets say these kids are newborns… he’s paying out 60k a yr designated towards SUPPORTING two kids till they turn 18, thats roughly 1mill when its said and done… we all have seen ppl raise more kids wit way less, imo i think thats not too bad considering other entertainers who drop 5x’s that amount… also im sure thats not all he’ll do for those kids, they will still get many perks beyond the money… even tho they will have to live knowing that daddy doubted being ur father in the first place(or maybe his did that on purpose to let them know that mommy was a hoe?) its still a good deal not to mention that they might even have an inheritance comin as well… either way its on the books now so lets jus hope she will actually do the right thing with the payments, that akon continues to be involved in their lives and that they turn out to be good kids… nuff said!


    Wait so akon only makes 480,000 a year??? Lol
    I call BS.

    • andone

      the jew unit took care of that, as quoted in the article “the system didn’t want him going broke”… this ninja still spendin that gaga money!

  • hoeyuno

    I see the whole 7 wives thing isnt working out

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Damm, 5,000 a month aint bad for a Akon type his kids gone feel how he feels when he cashin his checks.

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  • Negro Peligro

    All dude make is 40k a month. That’s nothing. You can get a job and make that.

    • Tall Shon or T.S

      u r so stupid u can not get a 9 to 5 and make 40k a month a year yes but a month no. LOL

    • Celz

      Lmao you sound stupid.. No job pays 40k a month.. If you are an employee i.e. a doctor, athlete, performer, CEO, etc. you are skilled enough and obviously have enough money to start your own business.

    • Celz

      And he makes more than that.. If he owns a company that makes 10 mil he pays himself 500k.. He might only have 500k is bank account but guess who’s account gets the sale of the company.. Plus he probably charges ALL of his living expenses to the business so the 500K is closer to the allowance he gives himself than what he makes..

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  • Synista

    That’s pocket change,nigga could retire off lady GAGA anytime!!!!!!!!
    Niggas don’t breed’em if you can’t feed’em!!!!!!!!!!!
    abort’em if you can’t support’em,tired of supporting able bodied mofos and getting extorted by the irs …

  • his income is $40.000 a month? shit i thought it would be way more than that

    • wickedjones

      Thats probably what he pay his self. His corporation is where his money is tied up.

    • baller187

      thought so too,but lady gaga been slowd up

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