D. Wade Surprises Teen Girl at H.S. Prom

(AllHipHop News) Superstar baller Dwyane Wade isn’t letting the pressure of defending his NBA Championship title get in the way of him tending to his fans.

This past Friday, D. Wade stopped by the senior prom of Archbishop F. Coleman Carroll High School senior Nicole Muxo. Muxo had original invited the fellow Miami resident to her prom via Twitter and even when she didn’t hear back she sent the address through a direct message.

The New York Daily News reports:

Wade said he decided to “go and make this a memorable moment for her.”

Wade danced with his date, took pictures and met her family. He said he couldn’t stay for long, but he still succeeded in making Muxo’s night.

Later that night, Wade tweeted, “I had a blast at Prom … Never be 2 scared to ask.”


Let the flood gates open for every high school kid who wants a celebrity to come to their school functions. Where was Twitter when we were growing up?

  • hoeyuno

    Her real date must of been mad as hell. Wade made one girls night and fucked up her dates night. homie had to sit down while his girl danced with a nba star all night..haha

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Pretty girl.

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  • Synista

    NBA player surrounded by white women !!!!!!!Better watch out D,you see what they did to Kobe!!!!!!!!!

  • eddieknucks

    I hope this ninja didn’t wear dem erkel pants. Him and Hardin foolin wit dat shit.


    I wonder if he…..nevermind

    • DreamZ

      its always one…..lol

    • DreamZ

      its always one person………lol

  • disqus_2Y9WuRSCAB

    how come when a younger person contact a old person they don’t get in trouble but when a old person contact a younger person threw the internet they get in trouble why it should work both ways and if i was him i wouldn’t had did it it was a waste of time they could had lie and said anything could happen they know you got money fool


      ay that’s some real shit tho homie real talk, if it was the other way around that nigga D Wade would be looking like a Predator 4real or at least they would make it out to look that way, and yes with him being in the 305 fools stay trying to set up jack moves im thinking that why he showed his face real quick and then threw up the deuces lmao