Kanye West New Album Art is…Interesting

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is on a roll.  He debuted two new songs and announced the release date of his new album (June 18th). Hours after his performance on the season finale of Saturday Night Live Mr. West is now giving us the name of his latest LP – Yeezus.


Are you looking forward to it?

[LISTEN: Kanye West “New Slaves”]

Check out the lyrics to “Black Skinhead” which Kanye tweeted below:


  • Michael Thompson II

    Maybe I’ll buy it. Kanye just be on some emotional cry baby shit sometimes. But out of all seriousness, kanye is going to sell regardless. I’ll say 300 or more the first week. 300 at the LEAST!!

    • digitallife

      From the sounds of it that’s all this album is..Kanye ranting about inequality and ishh.

  • digitallife

    Heard his two new joints on SNL last night…Wack!! Sorry but trying to jack Rage Against the Machine’s style over depeche mode drums = LAME!! The “new slaves” joint was deep but had no replay flavor to it. He’s ventured too far into the preaching to the choir aspect of hip-hop. How are you going to critique folks in your music for buying expensive lifestyles they can’t afford when you were one of the primaries endorsers of that lifestyle..air yeezy’s cost how much?

    • right cant stand this nucca,

    • I agree with everything you said except the part about this song being deep. This was just another rant by Kanye. He just felt like making white people feel uncomfortable as he simultaneously emulates them.

  • 8Galaxy5

    The lyrics for both songs was weak.Im kinda disappointed,he is trying too hard.

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  • thehiphopgods

    Somewhere there are people who really feel this way,,,,,,,,Coming from Ye?,,,,,,,,Nah. Must be another one of many gimmicks from the Kanye camp,,,,,,,Nah.

  • Jon

    Dumb lyrics. 300 like the Romans?

    • Jay

      look it up dumbass before you talk shit cause i did and ye rite

      • Jon

        The 300 battle was Classical Sparta. Like a hundred years before Hellenic and Roman Sparta. They are different things. The 300 had nothing to do with Romans. And you say that you look it up? You most not be very intelligent.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I aint calling any human being YEEZUS, or JAY HOVA. Cats, are cool, cats are rich, cats make good music, But uhhhhhhh cats are still just cats.

  • yeezus?? blasphemy, in his new slave song he says F corporations, yet kanye is a walking comercial for everything materialistic smfh

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  • So he was a nigga in Paris a couple of years ago and now he’s a new slave? I stopped f’ing with dude a long time ago.

    • Guest

      You clearly missed the point of the song.

      • What was the point of the song?

      • greenhouse records

        niggas are not supposed to be able to vacation in paris.

      • Guest

        He’s saying black people aren’t “cotton-picking” slaves anymore. They’re slaves to material items. Shit you can’t take with you to the afterlife.

        The companies that own these businesses, the media, and your false idols are the new slave masters. They influence everything.

        Black people aren’t picking cotton. They’re working their ass off to earn money, just to turn around and give it back to the white man for overly priced shoes, clothes, cars, etc. They don’t need to own slaves to be a slave master. All one needs to do is make black people want. Want want want. So you’re a slave to these corporations and material objects.

        There’s always those people in the hood who got the latest Jordan on and be in the club “poppin’ bottles” and shit. Meanwhile at home, their baby have a dirty ass onsie on and their teen is 9 months pregnant before being in High School for 9 months.

  • Vic Sage

    ‘Fck LameYe..” Simply..”

    • DIEDMV

      Really???”LameYe”…That Was Gay As Shit Dawg

  • Conflict

    This new album cover looks like the “Watch The Throne” album cover balled up and destroyed. Wonder what he’s trying to say…

    • Tony G.

      ur reaching

      • Conflict

        Not reaching. It could be a melted down ‘Jesus piece’ like some people pointed out (and I honestly didn’t even think about that at the time) but it still looks like a f-ed up version of the watch the throne album cover. Either one would make sense considering how Kanye has been going on his rants over the past few months.

  • anemia716

    no, it looks more like a jesus piece pulled apart like a candy bar.

  • anemia716

    …wait, 300 was about Spartans, as in Sparta. haha not Rome.

    • Jay

      do your research they where called roman sparta at one point. learn to wiki shit before you talk shit

      • Jon

        Jay, you are even dumber than your idol. Stop bothering people with your stupidity.

      • anemia716

        this coming from the guy who’s using wiki as a source of credible info? not saying wiki is useless, but let’s be real.

        oh and Roman Sparita, has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sparta. nice try.

      • Weedras

        Spartans fall under the Greek empire…

  • It looks like a yeesus piece broken in half

  • Kanye ain’t never been a man of the people. Nigga need to stop frontin like he some kinda revolutionary.

    • Abrasive Angel

      Anyone can change. Kanye still spits truth every so often but this is one of those more often days.

      • Possible but highly unlikely.

      • Celz

        Let me know when he does actually change though.. Or change BACK rather..

  • hoeyuno

    ain’t nobody got time for that

  • s0rethumb

    Oh, this song ain’t gonna fly with the hipsters of Williamsburg at all. Kanye getting his East New York nerd on with this one. Kanye is the Hendricks meets Malcolm of our time…And with time will be loved in our community like a Curtis Mayfield. But it is difficult for society to catch up with genius.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      speak for yaself im well caught up lol

      • Ravi Singh

        i mean who’s he mad at now? his white step mom?

      • Ravi Singh

        and consumerism? isn’t this the guy that left hip hop to do an internship in paris w/ weird effeminate fashion designers? women? wait, did he marry assata shakur when i wasn’t looking? is kanye west suffering? and if so, from what brain damage from that car crash?

      • Celz

        Guilt from his Mom dying from plastic surgery he bought..

      • s0rethumb

        In time. Let this man get his Quincy Jones, Miles Davis on. What other anybody spoke truth to power like Kanye did during the Katrina fundraiser? Let him have his Armenian baby mama. Kanye too conscious and conscience at this point in his life.

    • Blasphemy.

      • s0rethumb

        see last post

    • Pierre Elliott

      No he isnt that smart.

    • Celz

      Kanye dropped more knowledge when he first came out.. He’s convinced more niccas to be new slaves than not..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    yo lol @ yeezy actually writing out the yellling part lol

    • Celz

      arghhghhhhhhh – Yea thats the scream I need for this track..

  • Troll_E_G

    He describing the bd’s with the 300 refernece

  • Ravi Singh

    wait, “new slaves”? ain’t his wife white?

    • Weedras

      she’s Armenian who are now a minority in Turkey, they’re more middle eastern than white…

  • Bigchris

    Under the red tape is a face (Yeezus??)

  • lop

    Listen to vanity slaves part 1 by kendrick and idols and role models by focus. People have been saying the new slaves thing in better ways for some time but i am glad Kanye has caught on so it can spread

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