Hip-Hop Rumors: BenZino Betrays Stevie J! Admits To Sleeping With Joseline!

DAMN! Everybody knows that Joseline is the permanent “spare tire” of Stevie J! (I just found out a spare tire is a mistress.) Anyway, Benzino said admitted to smashing Joseline Hernandez on his new song “Animal.” He’s rapping in a Southern style now, but here we go. Anyway, that’s about all there is to that. I don’t watch “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” so I don’t know if Stevie and Zino are beefing or whatever. i know they used to be very cool and have done significant music together.

You can listen to the song if you want. This song apparently disses Stevie J, Joseline and Karli Redd, his ex.

Oh…I just watch some and he said he’s got a sex tape with Karli Redd! God help us…please don’t let to get released.

Zino got the last laugh!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Reality show loser shit.

    • Negro Peligro

      Yeah man they hitting auto tune corniness at this point.

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  • chippc

    Bruh if you watch the show, just say you watch the show. Stop frontin.

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  • BosstonMA$$

    Zino thirsty for some attention.

    On another note, what straight man wouldn’t smash that broad on sight if he had the chance?

  • Chris

    Everybody on that South sht. EVERYBODY. SMH.

    • brotha_man

      including fat joe. I guess NY (eastcoast) cats dont even like NY style. ASAP, WAKA, FAT JOE, now BENZINO

      • Chris

        For real. I’m used to each region having its own distinct style. That type of variety made things great. Now, everybody sounds like they’re from the South. SMH.

      • Weedras

        Waka is a southern artist though… was just born in BK…

  • restless

    benzino from the source? the kat that em boddied back in da day?

    • plsDontreply

      Benzino murdered em fuk you talkin about!

      • brotha_man

        hell no

      • restless

        haha thanx for my laugh of the day

      • plsDontreply

        Your welcome. Your all welcome!

      • BosstonMA$$

        You obviously never heard the song nail in the coffin

      • DJ7

        From a moral standpoint he handed him his hat b.u.t. “nigs” that were mesmerised by the saltines rapping ability, in true fashion, let what he said about our sistas go

      • plsDontreply


      • AES

        lol what he said when he was 14 or 15? yet every other rapper is calling black women bitches/hoz/etc…how is that not just as fuct?

    • acapwn

      lol wat?

  • BrotherMan21

    havent seen one episode… My life is a dam reality show

  • hoeyuno

    What the fucc did I just try to listen to.

  • ilovehiphop1972

    RIP Hip-Hop. Benzino just hung it.

  • plsDontreply

    after reading the comments… I had to listen, lol and I will be bumping this alllllll summer just to piss niggaz off!

    • brotha_man

      if u do say good bye to summer P*ssy cuz u aint getting none bumping benzino

      • ^This

      • DJ7

        This sh*t falls in line with what’s bumpin on the radio & clubs right now….wack….absolutely….stopping summer p*ssy ….doubt it….if anything it will generate conversation ….why?… small things amuse small minds & there’s plenty of that going around!! Besides, it’s from Love & Hip Hop, do you realize how many ppl claim to not watch the show but know everything about it!

      • I never watched it & if a chic were to offer me some Pu$$ after hearing me play that trash, I would have to pa$$, figuring there must be something wrong with her & that she was a dumb, nasty @$$!

        I be on some grimy BS, I’ll dig in the crate, pull out some old school:
        IE: Main Source – Hanging Out

        & front like it’s some exclusive, unrealeased, new ‘chet!

        “I’m just Hanginnnng OOoouuuTTTT!”

      • Guest


    • Guest

      you aint gonna piss noone off..ppl gonna just straight laugh at you down the block.

  • therealest1

    Wow, can we agree that this is worse than that Flavor Flav auto-tune song?

  • therealest1

    Too bad those Boston Bombers didn’t blow shit up anywhere close to Benzino to prevent that idiot from putting this shit out. TORTURE.

    • brotha_man

      wack comment

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      further proving your ignorance, you dumb fcuk.

    • BosstonMA$$

      Plus Zino ain’t out in Boston no more…

      • hoeyuno

        Eh Boston. you here that jaysaun track “3 letters”.???? shits ill

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  • brotha_man

    the monster that t-pain started…..f’ing auto tune

    • hinijusopowi

      мy co-worĸer’ѕ мoм мαĸeѕ $77 нoυrly oɴ тнe lαpтop. ѕнe нαѕ вeeɴ ғιred ғor 7 мoɴтнѕ вυт lαѕт мoɴтн нer pαy cнecĸ wαѕ $19861 jυѕт worĸιɴɢ oɴ тнe lαpтop ғor α ғew нoυrѕ. reαd мore oɴ тнιѕ ѕιтe Zap2­2­.c­o&shym&shy

    • DJ7

      Brought back….it was already out there B

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  • trlvman357

    This little no neck having whack ass nigga, I used to root for him during the last season now niggaz will do or say or make any kind of fucked up song to create some buzz.

    • therealest1

      He looks like a ghetto ninja turtle.

  • trlvman357

    It’s no way you fuckin da shit outta bitches with dat fucked up spin.

  • sayes23

    Shit go hard….She Wanna do it like some animals lmfaooooooo….


    Straight corny

  • I forgot how wack Benzino actually is!

    • hoeyuno

      He had a couple ok joints back in the day but this is straight garbagato. like did he listen to this shit before he released it??

      • therealest1

        Of course he didn’t listen to it, he’ll put out anything to gain a shred of relevance or a mere mention of his tainted name.

      • IDK know if he listened to it, but who ever gave him a high five & shouted “It’s a wrap! Another hit!” should be “E” beheaded by the Hip Hop Taliban.

        Benzino probably listened to it 100X before he released, but since when has an ear for music ever been one of his stronger qualities?

        WEEZY > Benzino

        This ‘chet is trash, in a sealed, solar heated ziploc bag, on a record breaking heatwave day, out in the sun, with no shade, at the hottest point, resting on bed of aluminum foil.

      • Matt Swan

        I’m with you on everything except the WEEZY>Benzino. At least Benz isn’t going around faking to be a blood, skater, or kissin other men. But BOTH are about as good as a hot douchebag

      • True, but it’s easier to get tired of Benzino’s ‘chet faster than Weezy’s.

        Eventually, the Source led Hip Hop off course more than Birdman & Weezy locking lips.

  • PL

    I opened my bedroom window and stared out into the night. The grass below my window was only slightly illuminated by the faint light created by the moon. I sighed as I extended my clench fist out into the cool night air. I looked first at my fist and then to the glowing white moon. It was as if it was yearning for what I had contained in my palm. There, tucked away and enclosed by my fingers, was my last f*ck. I held it in my fist for a moment or so before relaxing my fingers and opening my palm. Immediately it began to rise. The f*ck traveled upward, carried by the wind. That was it, my last f*ck was gone, no longer did I have anymore f*cks to give…


    This niggas gotta be 42 making dumb shit like this

    • disqus_1ck6OtxMW1

      that a compliment for him cuz he’s actually older then that, he’s 47, check his wiki my dude

      • COLDCASE187

        Nope it seems u got the time to that dickeater

      • Guest

        noone peepin benzinos wiki LOL

    • This dude is in his 50’s,he said it on his breakfast club interview. Lol

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Ole Ben-stinko is at it again. This dude couldn’t get decent numbers even though he had adverts on every other page in The Source Mag. I LOL @ this clown. Thanks for ruining a once great hip-hop magazine jerkface!

    • hoeyuno

      Cosign. that’s all this clown ever did to hip hop.

      • Well, in all fairness, he does make Soulja Boi sound like Big Pun!

    • therealest1

      Tell me about it, he did kill The Source. I haven’t touched one in several years. Don’t forget that Made Men album back in 1999 where it was heavily advertised in that publication. The nail in the coffin for The Source was the moment he used his and Dave Mays’ involvement to try to destroy Eminem back in 2003-04.

      • hoeyuno

        That shit coulda went either way for em. I mean If it was someone reputable who got a hold of that tape em coulda been vanilla ice 2. But ppls hate benzino so much that em got a pass on that shit.. and this was way before this everybody getting along shit.

      • therealest1

        True, but what favored Eminem was the fact he was widely accepted by all ethnic demographics by the time of that futile smear campaign. And you’re right about people hating Benzino, he just made it seem like a bitch move on his part to gain relevance in his career. But people pretty much didn’t think Eminem was racist anyways, just a bad time he went through in his life before the big time hit him.

      • Plus Em was at his lyrical apex / peak…while Benzino has been historically trash.

      • therealest1

        You ain’t lying.

  • Keith Brickz

    who the hell is stevie J

    • churchboy2

      One of Diddy’s original ‘Hitmen’ production team from Bad Boy’s golden era.

      • therealest1

        What a joke that guy became. I’m sure he was making good money producing hits for Bad Boy, I saw his name a lot in the credits that classic album, Life After Death. Now he’s doing this to eat? Save your money and make wise career choices people.

  • therealest1

    The fact this ass clown used Ric Flair’s name as a title in that other crappy song is a joke. Ric Flair should sue Benzino for blatantly being wack with using his name!

  • NutzInaHoeMouth

    benzino is a senior citizen

  • dominicancoke

    illseed u need to get your ass kicked cause love and hip hop has nothing to do with hiphop is a bunch of no names or has beens reading scripts and prolonging negative stereo types

    • trilltalk1

      i don’t watch that shit either, but fam your name is “dominicancoke”! you might be a part of the “prolonging negative stereo types” crew. so be easy with the judgemental shit.

      • dominicancoke

        My last name is coca im dead serious lol

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  • That ish has almost 8,000 plays! *Astonished*

  • SMH


  • ShaStud


  • digitallife

    Benzino needs to cut that ishh out..his son is actually nice as fk with the spit game why not just put lil man on?

  • MidWestFlyest

    I gotta give it to Benzino, at least he is consistent. Dude has been puttin out garbage for music for well over a decade and a half now (RSO,Made Men, Zino solo joints, etc.) To quote Em: “I never thought I would live to hear the worst rapper ever, but he quite possibly could be the worst rapper ever.”

  • disqus_QWoE4vqUbn

    Benzino I like the songs he can be 40 or 50 he still out here getting money

  • If you are a homo that likes men reply to me with:
    You’re trying to hard to be funny. But you really aint.

    • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga

      You’re trying to hard to be funny. But you really aint.

      • WHOA!dude? I think you misread my comment. Its okay if you are about that homo life I wont judge you though.

  • This nigga look like a more washed up version of Matt Barnes. These niggas gotta be down low fags because I dont see what the big fuss is about the amazon Joseline. That bitch is manly, I wouldnt touch that with a 10 foot pole smh

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  • Xhosa


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  • box5

    Always will respect zino more than somebody like a Jay-Z because, he’s one of the few brothas that have took some ownership of a Jewish biz the source! Gangsta Yell™

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  • baller187

    bitch is really a SPARE TIRE, anf the show washed up without ZINO